Singapore will be doomed by PM Lee’s population policy shortcut

Singapore will soon be doomed, no thanks to PAP insisting on growing the population to generate economic ‘growth’.

Through the use of propaganda and a … complicit rubber-stamping Pariahment, the PAP has been able to hoodwink a majority of gullible citizens.

According to government statistics (below, 2004 figures inserted), Singapore’s population increased by 1.2 million – a whopping 28% – from 2006 to 2016. Population In Brief 2016.

If generating economic growth is as simple as increasing the population, we might as well employ any Ah Kow or Ahmad.

Is it so difficult for Singaporeans to understand why our infrastructures are breaking down or already broken?

Or that a minister was probably lying to himself when he said MRT reliability has improved 3 times?

What does it take for Singaporeans to understand that a government which takes shortcuts to generate economic growth will eventually doom all of us?


Phillip Ang

* The author blogs at LikeDatOsoCanMeh.



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22 Responses to “Singapore will be doomed by PM Lee’s population policy shortcut”

  • Singapore Fooled n Fooled Agai:

    Mr Phillip Ang, how many of the citizens are local born vs converted new citizens from 2004 to 2016?
    2014 is 3057.1 m
    2016 is 3408.9 m

    I can safely say around 400,000 to 500,000 are newly converted citizens as tens of thousands native Singaporeans would have migrated to overseas

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    The PONZI Scam must be kept ALIVE to FEED the Pyramid at “ALL COST” regardless!!!

    If and SHOULD it IMPLODE you don’t need a Tsunami or Nuclear Bomb to Sink Singapore…it will be EXACTLY the same as WHAT HAPPENED @ NicollHighway Collapse only on a BIGGER SCALE!!!

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  • Power:

    Don’t lie. You want to be rich and successful too. So the bigger the market or the pie, naturally for those who go through the school system, the better.

    You want to be the next in line.

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  • wadtodo:

    wadtodo … with 70% daft sinkies, wadtodo.

    Just let singkingpoor sink lah.

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  • opposition dude:

    “What does it take for Singaporeans to understand that a government which takes shortcuts to generate economic growth will eventually doom all of us?”

    At the rate we are going, nothing seems to be the answer.

    We can only hope that the majority of voters will wake up in the next GE.

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  • oxygen:

    SINCE PRESENT TENSE TOOK OVER, the population base increased 35% or slightly under 3.3% annually on the average.

    Did we achieve the same rate of GDP growth per annum?

    It is much lower, particularly in recent years. Tharman Shanmugaratnum have confessed, the foreign population influx policy is BOTH POLITICALLY AND ECONOMICALLY STUPID.

    Now we are trapped with an overload of foreign low-productivity passengers of convenience who filled roles which :

    - we CAN’T retrench them without grinding the economy to an immediate halt


    - we retrench them, more unemployment, higher risks of social disturbances and unrest as desperate foreigners are not AFRAID TO DIE in disobeying our laws


    - if we get rid of all, jobs, and foreigners by revoking their PRs, we also cut out a chunk of our economy no longer relevant to the changing global economic landscape.


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  • oxygen:

    @ Power

    YOURS IS DUMB ECONOMICs if you assert Phillip Ang lies here. Of the factors of production, HUMAN CONSUMES ALMOST AS MUCH AS THEY PRODUCES – that is why you spend most of your income and saves very little. Capital and innovations produces far in terms of productivity outcomes and they are also self-fortifying of accumulated wealth.

    When you bring in more foreigners – you get more people eating-and-sh*ting, and when they DON’T CONTRIBUTE to production in relative proportion, IT IS A DRAIN ON OUR PAST SAVINGS (CPF) that must be spent on infrastructures like MRT, healthcare, education and social amenities.


    And I might add here that Phillip Ang is DEAD RIGHT on the spot. You are GROSSLY NAIVE of economic basics of first principle.

    Power: Don’t lie. You want to be rich and successful too. So the bigger the market or the pie, naturally for those who go through the school system, the better.

    You want to be the next in line.

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  • gonglee:

    Pinky and gang are dumb ! What happens when the population gets to 7m ? Will it stop at 7 m ? Clearly NO as the people taken in will reproduce . The increase will be the difference between the “COE expired” (COE here means certificate of existence) and the “newly came out of hole” . In the past when we did not take in people indiscrimately , it was already difficult to get jobs and during recessions , people were laid off . How are Pinky and gang going to find jobs for the big population when recession strikes again ? How are people going to pay for the expensive HDB flats if they are laid off ? The purpose of the govt is to ensure that the citizens are sheltered and fed satisfactorily . Beautiful buildings which are good to look at are of no use to citizens if the two basic items – food/lodging are not ensured in the long term .

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  • Meritocracy vs loyalty:


    Due to the fact, generally Singaporeans DO NOT help fellow Singaporeans as most got “brain washed” in MERITOCRACY propaganda system.

    However, MOST foreigners and PR and even new citizens do not have such mind set and beliefs. They tend to be biased and have MORE empathy towards their own kind or nationality.

    But alas, only if more locals are interested in politics, our hope for better future as a true blue Singaporeans are being taken away by PAP elites !

    Please step out of our own political comfort zone and vote for a balanced powered political arena !

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  • With Me, For Me, For MyFamiLee:

    The spurs are not stuck in the hides of all the PAP MPs and Ministers! Life is too good… so much money, grab until hands also tired. Every time go to Parliament, much catch some sleep there.

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  • RDB:

    Vote in SDP and it must include Dr. Chee Soon Juan too! PAP has been modifying his written ideas to benefit. And too many fools don’t know due to LHL’s control of the MSM. He has now made Singapore into a divide and rule selfish country. By the way he goes, Singaporeans will definitely be at the very bottom of the economic ladder surely.

    And so you must damn who damns you at large to save yourselves. Economic growth by population is a ponzi scheme per Joseph Carmie of the Globalist! Just Google for it. Or go to this link:

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  • Uncle Lim:

    Call me any names you like but the stark reality is that the real Singapore identity is irretrievably gone.

    Don’t pin your hopes on a change anymore. We had had hoped in the past two elections.

    With more new citizens, the writing on the wall has never been more compelling.

    For me, it’s too late but the younger generation should start thinking SERIOUSLY about migrating before doors are shut.

    A friend’s children sold off their 5 room Pigeon Hole and bought a bungalow in Australia with a garage and big backyard.

    The best part is they told me the rote learning, constant tests and pressure cooker school system are over for their own kids.

    SG is now a rojak country WITHOUT direction and a de facto dictatorship.

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    Don’t lie. You want to be rich and successful too. So the bigger the market or the pie, naturally for those who go through the school system, the better.

    You want to be the next in line.

    Spot on. 3 cheers for you.

    Only those who are lazy and unmotivated to work hard will get lay off.

    Then they will whine that foreigners are biased when they themselves are lazy and unmotivated to network and connect with foreigners.

    Majullah S$1 to RM 3.13
    Majullah PAP to Eternality

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  • kf:

    Power, which planet are you from ? It is because we are trying to accommodate more foreigners that we need to pay more for water price increase. The water price increase is supposed to offset at least the government payouts for water desalination infrastructure. The foreigners, which are not in yet, are not paying for this infrastructure. Also once they leave, they don’t pay for the maintenance. Nobody is saying that water saving isn’t a virtue but you need to rethink what has been fed to us. I hope you are not a PR or foreigner trying to bring in different arguments.

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  • what you mean?:

    Phillip, what do you mean ‘will be doomed’?
    Singapore already doomed, the speed is increasingly faster as the days pass!!

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  • aggyar:

    Let in so many foreigners, see lah! Let in AGENTS OF INFLUENCE now!!

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  • Harder Truths:

    There is a reason for the unstoppable influx. It is to create debt from the new influx to pay back the debt from the prior influx and so forth.
    Debt created by the pappies to finance all sorts of projects and investments that need to be paid back. This island is running on a certified Ponzi scheme as most everyone here is aware.

    All major banks are in trouble from Non-Performing Assets that cannot be paid back by energy companies and limited borrowing. Think Venezuela. The debt must be repaid somehow – raising the home energy bill is one way. Taxation is another. All these will increase as time goes on when the pappies get more and more desperate.

    The money creation by MAS since 2000 has devalued the $G dollar by at least 1/3 (i.e. $1 in 2000 = $0.33 in 2017) from OECD figures. There will be more in the future that means our cost of living will rise faster until a possible huperinflation.

    Some say we have lots of reserves – I disagree. Just look at the current account deficit and government debt to GDP (120%) from OECD figures. Our ‘reserves’ – if they exist – will not go far to prop up the economy if it fails. They are meant for the pappies to bail out the banks and big players as much as possible. You and I will not get anything.

    Part of the reserves cannot be used – they are invested and therefore not liquid. Another part of the reserves are needed to bail out the banks and the government if there is an $G dollar crash. and this year the economy is showing a deflation. Another part of the reserves is to prop up the $G dollar index otherwise it will fall against the pegged basket of currencies $G uses as an exchange rate.

    I can go on .. but there is no point.

    The creation of more and more debt will reach a tipping point. Regardless of the influx sometime in the near future the bank debt, housing debt and asset bubbles will pop. Without these goodies the pappies are finished. So is everyone else.

    So be prepared – the landing will be hard.

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  • LIONS:

    oredy ‘dooming’,many common tru blu sgs are ‘down-grading’ all round when the scholars get richer n richer whilst JOBLESS FTs come here n get a better living than their sg hosts.

    lee ah long is daft n ill-qualified to be PM.
    sgs are better off without him.
    the sooner h is gone,the better it will be for sgs.

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  • gvbhunik:

    The only way to change things is by PAP policies against the PAP. If one day the new foreigners citizens were to form political parties, going for protests on streets/little India style, exploiting the system and committing crimes. Only these can change, creating fear and destroying PAP.

    True blue Singaporeans are just only a minor group, that either die, leaving SG for good, being powerless and extinct already to do anything.

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  • kopi kia:

    this daft sg believes blindly and wholly in his old man’s idea of filling up the population gap with ALIENS juat as he mus have wholly believed in his old man’s STOP AT 2 POLICY back then?

    so,he has zero idea of his own and yet trying so hard outwardly to show that he is not his old man’s son.

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  • Change We Must:

    LHL is not a PM material. His father is one of the members to built Singapore. But his son will be one of the members to destroy Singapore. Soon our money will be devalued and Singapore will collapse if he continue as Singapore PM.Run with your CPF now before it is too late.

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  • He works for...:

    By his recent Labour Day address to NTUC, he already telling uou that he and his men create jobs for his foreigners and if you want a share of ot you have to be more hungry more greedy and more aggressive to steal from his foreign import.

    It was such a blatantly truthful confession that he is not working for Singaporeans becos if he is why should we need to steal the job pap govt created.

    See he said so loud like his dead father and the woody ESM still around that if anyone defame a PAP MPs and Ministers they should sue to maintain their integrity. If not then what are said must be true and the member ministers must resign. But pm didn’t abide his own words and decided to waste parliament time to talk about his private feud with his siblings and declare the matter closed and he was exonerated.
    He sobbed abt not taking his siblings go courtvas itvwould hurt the image of his father and TCH self acclaimed his father in Parliament and vehemently offended CSM who immediately clarified that he is not his father and objected to TCH to speak for singaporeans so CSM is well taken by TCH and CSM also spoke for many likeminded Singaporeans who pride themselves to have stiffer Spine). Doesn’t PM Lee realized that the allegations by siblings are graver than by a no blood related indibidual. Singaporeans are still wondering why he didn’t sue?

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