Are we or are we not a democracy?

We are a democracy because:

… no by-election will be called when a minority Member of Parliament resigns to stand for election as the President

… the constitution has been amended such that, for the next presidential election – more than 99 per cent of the populace would not qualify to stand for election

… the speaker of Parliament can and has rejected written questions from Members of Parliament – to be asked in Parliament

…  we need to be aware that – “Seditious tendency 3.—(1)  A seditious tendency is a tendency —

(ato bring into hatred or contempt or to excite disaffection against the Government
– “(2)  Notwithstanding subsection (1), any act, speech, words, publication or other things shall not be deemed to be seditious by reason only that it has a tendency — (a) to show that the Government has been misled or mistaken in any of its measures” (Sedition Act)
…  we cannot write about an on going court case or police investigation? (Administration of Justice (Protection) Bill)
… we cannot write about anything that may be deemed as harassment? (Protection from Harassment Act)
… we cannot write about race, religion or nationalities or different classes of people?
– “(e) to promote feelings of ill-will and hostility between different races or classes of the population of Singapore” (Sedition Act)
… we cannot write about anything that may be deemed as defamatory? (Defamation Act)
… we may not write about or use Lee Kuan Yew’s name or image or likeness in such a way as may be construed as “(not) accorded dignity and respect” (Guidelines of the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY))
… we cannot write about anything that may be construed as in some way, be related to “any evidence given, or any documents presented to the (Select) committee (appointed by Parliament), or extracts“.
Leong Sze Hian
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19 Responses to “Are we or are we not a democracy?”

  • C'est la vie:

    SG will never and can never experience real democracy, because it clashes with the style of governance, practiced and perpetuated by the PAP, which in truth ……. leans more towards autocracy.

    Five decades and still counting ………. how does one, especially an entire Govt and nearly 6million red dotters change alter a “habit of a lifetime”.

    The answer is; you don’t because PAP are un-dislodgeable and the population are in-love with the PAP !!!

    So there ……. all’s well that ends well !!!

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  • Demonic:

    In an election, you are, in effect, picking the best man or woman(strongman) to lead the government. One day, such a one like the former authoritarian ruler emerges and you end up crying like retarded babies with no avail. Worst, may end up going the way of war nations.

    Currently, a worm as a leader from your democratic election is already a cautionary warning

    With a python conquering roads from up north, your next democratic leader may not even be a pathetic worm.

    He could be the child or seed of a powerful python!

    Really one party rule by then.

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  • opposition dude:

    Under PAP’s definition of the word we are definitely, surely, beyond a shadow of a doubt, a democracy.

    Because you know, using race to achieve a party’s means is democratic.

    Allowing wayang debates in parliament over the questioning of a nation’s leader in regards to his father’s house is democratic.

    Making the opposition look bad and yourselves as angels also is democratic

    Not being accountable and transparent also democratic

    Maybe the word that should be used is instead, papmocratic. Or rather, PAP more critics!

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  • N.Jungne:

    Yes a LANMOcracy in the making.

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    DEMOCRACY….according to the terms of “AnimalFarm” where Pigs learn how to walk on Two legs declaring Four legs are Good but Two legs are Better…and NOT forgetting that the F…..g Two legged Pig gets TWO eggs for his “char kway teow” and the Four legs only one or NONE at all!!!

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  • rukidding:

    Its “Demoncrazy”…..not democracy !

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  • No basic freedoms no democracy:

    Without basic freedoms (free speech, freedom to assemble and an independent judiciary) Singapore is not a democracy. Without basic freedoms, elections cannot be considered free and fair. Therefore, PAP is running an illegitimate government over the last 5 decades. Do not believe PAP spin that Singapore is a democracy. The Singapore Consitution is a farce. It is not worth the paper it is written on. PAP has been running a police state in Singapore over the last 5 decades. The US judge who gave Amos Yee asylum made it clear.

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  • Rabble-rouser:

    Singapore isn’t a Democratic Nation – just a Pseudo Democracy Facade which covers up for a State-Cartel-Crony Capitalistic-Authoritarian-Elitist-Aristocratic-Political Elite system of government. Any 7 of the terms described S’pore in it’s current state of govt & economy. Go figure!
    The Electorate are social engineered to conform to familiar voting pattern eg. vote for PAP. Many of our voters are New Citizens converts (re: M’sian minorities who were given govt scholarship, bursaries, public sector jobs, HDB housing, etc – now extended to other foreigners) or are beholden to the PAP for their livelihood eg. jobs, licence, permits, business links, etc.
    Over 50 years of PAP one-party rule have taken away much of people’s liberties & even the basic right to speak out. What’s left is a PATHETIC LIVELIHOOD to live out a BO-BIAN existence – stripped off all rights & liberties to pursue & challenge for a better life. Bluntly, it is an INSECT type of livelihood eg Born-Survive-Die-&-then-Repeat.
    Singapore as a whole is the Paramount State. The Paramount State either owns a controlling interest in the enterprise, or it controls the surplus (profits), labor rules, etc. via taxation and regulation or for S’pore’s case, all for themselves.
    The problem with equating S’pore with the State is the people community are a completely different order from the centralized state, which is operated and controlled by a self-serving political elite that institutionalizes the political system benefiting themselves at the expense of the many.
    The alienation of the community [re: THE AVERAGE WORKER] from the output of his/her labor [WAGE REPRESSION, CPF WITHHOLDING]. This alienation is not just a loss of ownership; it’s also a loss of agency and a psychological alienation from the entire mode of production. The workers’ alienation from the output of their labor [FRUITS OF THEIR OWN EFFORT] doesn’t vanish just because the state owns the means of production; rather, the “capitalist” elite is replaced by a political elite [MINISTER, TOP CIVIL SERVANTS] and a state-managerial class [MERITOCRATIC SCHOLARS, GLC/SWF TOP MANAGEMENT.
    S'pore is a state-cartel mechanism which uses State ownership/control to operate a debt-based/CPF funded state-cartel finance-capitalism Economy.
    In a state-cartel economy, the system optimizes corporate profits [profit maximization, profiteering, Corporate Medicine (re: the high cost of medical/healthcare)], influence [crony economy, rentier economy] and agency profits [worker's levies, HDB levy, etc].

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  • Maxchewy:

    Since when was Singapore a democracy? Never!
    What we have here is an authoritarian regime passing off as a democracy to other nations they do business with!
    Our Govt leaders don’t give a damn whether we like their authoritarian rule or not. They carry on to ensure they maintain their dictatorial regime, collect their million $$ salaries and bonuses and are treated as VIPs everywhere they go and do. The Loong has got the whole S’pore in his hands!

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  • Rabble-rouser:

    - CONT’D -
    Despite the profits, influence & agency optimization, the state-cartel economy enrich themselves at the expense of those actually producing goods and services which the world needs [re:the SMEs which compete in the real economy] leading to a poorer domestic economy overall – lower consumption figures & downtrading of goods & service re: going for cheaper options, poorer quality &/or buying less overall, abstaining.
    It is because the state-cartel will always be INEFFICIENT re: has greater debts due to more headcount (less worker efficient/poor labour productivity/bureaucratic structure) & a top-heavy management (empire builders, political influence appointments, corporate passengers, political connections, not capability in getting jobs, etc) & probably greater fringe benefits & company expenditure due to privilege & executive expectations.
    The only way state-cartel economies like S’pore can prop up their vast spending is by inflating even vaster debt, cost of living expenses and housing bubbles via financialization [inflating monumental bubbles of debt to keep the delusions of sustainability aloft re: your increasing housing debt, car hire loans & revolving credit card debts, etc THE CONSPICIOUS CONSUMPTION CLASS/WEALTH SHOW-OFF] & through cost-push price increases. It is because state-cartel elite-run systems need to exploit financialization [increasing debt levels] to keep the state-cartel mechanism ticking & the economy from imploding.
    Once you understand this, you would realized that corporate & household debt to GDP will be among the highest in the world. That is why state-cartel eg. S’pore and their financialization process [links in low interest rate-high assumed debt levels-overinflated property prices]- are intrinsically unstable and unsustainable. The S’pore Economy will be facing huge problems going forward. The state-cartel system can’t sustain in the long-run unless S’pore can be reformed to a market-driven economy & the Educational System revamped to a more creative & innovative curriculum. Be warned!

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  • Xi:

    People are stupid, especially money face and pragmatic asians. Give them a rigged education and jobs, they are contented sheep eager to eat out of hands of wolves.

    Whether western loose mouth sheep or Asian loose tail sheep, democracy gets you what you deserve – wolves.

    If so, why bother with democracy( proven failure)?

    The other option is Chinese Supremacy

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  • LIONS:

    * LEE-jia-pore * is more a LEE-MORE-CRAZY.
    Its gahMEN are meritoCRAP$.
    And,LKY left behind a LEE-ga$y.
    And their mission statement is YOU DIE YOUR BUSINESS.
    Their objective is to make SGS WORK TILL THEY DROP DEAD.

    this is the real PAP.

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  • 民间有高手:



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  • Perspective:

    A true Democracy protects the rights of the people; a Fake Democracy takes away the rights of the people and puts a stranglehold on the nation. Is SG a true or fake democracy? The answer is self-evident.

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  • SupremeChina:

    Those who want to ascend the ladder of heavenly power( and yes he accumulation of wealth obviously and total wealth if possible if not, $hared wealth and power also can lah) will fight for democracy. It also allow the stupid people to think that by given a choice to choose who should rule or set the vision(dictate) for their lives, their lives would be better(tempt them with lusty baits and heavenly hope of the religious kind).

    Are your lives really better or are you treated like money making machines or slaving unendingly for crumbs with the vast majority unable to retire or grow old and retarded and physically wasted while those who grace the corridors of power, democratically or otherwise, are having premium steaks for breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner and supper and all they basically do is to spit saliva at your faces?

    Are you not confirmed born stupid? Vote for what?

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  • 亜李爸爸:

    Ha ha, PAP said Singapore is a democratic country, has the world see the true face of Singaporean leaders? Aren’t their ruling is no better than N. Korea? They can forced Singaporeans to accept their thuggery ruling, but they cannot force the real democratic countries to believe in them.

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  • Ownself Masturbate Ownself:

    Ha ha, PAP said Singapore is a democratic country, has the world see the true face of Singaporean leaders? Aren’t their ruling is no better than N. Korea? They can forced Singaporeans to accept their thuggery ruling, but they cannot force the real democratic countries to believe in them.

    But they are right.
    English allows for arguments and debates. It is why lawyers have a job.
    Language is based on interpretation and its not exact like science.

    For example, ‘Ownself Masturbate ownself’ may sound oxymoron. But think again. Masturbation can be outsourced. Meaning to say, here is my punchline, You need not just Masturbate by yourself!! Yeah! Someone can masturbate you.
    Masturbation is not an individual sport only. Its also a team event.

    Back to the main topic, Is SG a Democracy?
    It can be argued both ways because the design of language ALLOWS for interpretation of the sentence in all possible ways, limited only by human imagination.

    This World Economic Forum video educates you Why Authoritarian ruled countries are not as Creative and innovative. This also means, they can be creative and innovative BUT! have NOT BEEN more creative than the West.

    Even China intellectuals know why China is unable to lead the West in terms of Technology and Science. This also means China May Take over in future unknown. But they have not been able to do so. You all can see how i use language to educate you about the abmiguity of language allowing for all possible interpretations limited by your imagination.

    Singaporeans top in maths and science but academic result is not real world performance because if it is, Hyperloop would have been a native singaporean scholar’s invention. Any dixk can invent but i am talking about the Best World Tip top inventions. the Scholar system has been absolutely debunked by the World’s Brightest brains who usually are not scholars.

    Some speak in tongue. Some hear voices.

    Whatever you believe becomes the truth in you. Nothwithstanding the Truth.

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  • It's called Authoritarianism:

    The proper system to describe Singapore system is Authoritarianism.

    It’s the most Apt.

    Another term is Nanny state. I dare not call it a Police State.

    A system of absolute control.

    Lee way or the highway.

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  • U are pharked for a reason:

    If they wanted Democracy, no one could have stopped them.

    So, this article is barking on the wrong tree.

    The author does not understand Singaporeans.

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