Gentle reminder on TRE’s appeal for assistance

This is a gentle reminder that today (30th Sept) will be the last day the POSB account volunteered by our kind reader will be used to receive goodwill donations for our appeal, as agreed between our reader Ms Ten and TR Emeritus (TRE).

For those who have yet, but would like to contribute to our in-house techie’s medical expenses via a local bank account, please use the following:

Singapore POSB Account

Payee: Ten Leu-Jiun

A/C No: 193-*****-0 (redacted as cut-ff date has been reached)

* Cut-off date for this account to receive donations is 6 pm on Sunday, 1st October 2017. An updated amount will be released once all the accounts have been tallied and verified.

While the POSB account may no longer be used to accept any donations after the cut-off date stated above, those wishing to make a donation may continue to choose from the following options:

1. Online payment via PayPal to TRE’s official account with the online form located here. TRE will forward all donations into this account to our techie for the month of October 2017.

2. Via a remittance service (common in China Town) or Telegraphic Transfer to the following oversea bank account:

Bank of China (China)

Payee: BangQin Pan

A/C No: 4563 5176 0330 2970 066

Bank of China

TRE is hoping to raise SGD$10,000, about 50% of the estimated SGD$20,485 (RMB$100,000) required by our techie for his wife’s medical treatments. Currently, it is estimated that about USD$1,500 has been donated (as of 27th Sept).

Please consider making a donation to help a fellow Singaporean whom have worked tirelessly over the years keeping the TRE platform in shape and online.

Thank you Ms Ten for volunteering the POSB account and all our readers for your kind assistance and continued support.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


[email protected]





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7 Responses to “Gentle reminder on TRE’s appeal for assistance”

  • Lao Liang:


    Just contributed S$100 to TLJ’s POSB account.

    Best wishes to Andrew and wife

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  • PAP Bao Jiak:

    Now you know why I always say those visiting alternative media are mostly free loaders and cheapskates.

    10 days and only donated 1k, what a freaking shame!

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  • Miserable turnout rate at HLP:

    Result speaks for itself.
    To think somebody not happy with what i commented earlier.

    I read somewhere rukidding committed thousands right ?
    And Mr Zhen He ever mentioned his Aussie fund investment every year contribute 10 to 20 % returns. What is 1000 ?

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  • Patriot of Temesak:

    What happened why only $1000 what about the ones directly or through other means???

    Mod: As far as I know, its about SGD$1000 from all the published accounts, China Bank has no deposit and only PayPal and POSB are counted. However, this may not be the final figure as the latest figures are not available.

    Updated: It should be USD$1500 approximately.

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  • oxygen:

    @ Miserable turnout rate at HLP:

    ARE YOU ONE OF THE FREELOADERS spoke of by another TRE readers – ALWAYS waiting for all others to contribute EXCEPT YOURSELF?

    : those visiting alternative media are mostly free loaders and cheapskates.

    It is a question of SOLIDARITY and PROPORTIONALITY.

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  • Miserable turnout rate at HLP:

    Looks like the above a good indicator of next GE results.

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  • PAP.Guarantee.Win.All:

    PAP Bao Jiak:
    Now you know why I always say those visiting alternative media are mostly free loaders and cheapskates.

    10 days and only donated 1k, what a freaking shame!

    Yes, you were spot on.

    When opposition supporters do not get any bone from their leaders, they will be abandoned and left to face the consequences themselves.

    Read my post here.

    No readers here dare to come out and say loud loud that they are not leechers and freeloaders.

    href=”#comment-1790974″>TRE will be closed before next GE.

    Yipee hurray….. PAP Guarantee Win GE2020.

    Majullah S$1 to RM 3.12
    Majullah PAP to Eternality 钱。进。PAP

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