Keep up the good work, SMRT

SMRT, I used to get very angry with the train service especially for NSL in past few months.

It always took 1hr 30 mins to reach to my destination which actually supposed to take exactly 1hr.

However, it’s been 3 days that the trains have been going smoothly with no break down and reach to the destination within an hour in NSL.

Appreciate your work! Keep the good work up!


* Facebook post by Nami.



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14 Responses to “Keep up the good work, SMRT”

  • Si MI Rojak Trains:

    With people like you, Si Mi Rojak Trains contented to break down every ten days.

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  • opposition dude:

    Yeah 3 days no give problem start to praise them. A week goes by with no issues might as well raise Kuek’s pay by 100% too.

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  • 陈大婶:

    好 !只要NSL没事,其它就不关你屁事。

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  • C'est la vie:

    An absolute numpty, this Nami.

    Why don’t you send them some flowers and signalling boards, eh !!!

    It’s their bloody job, don’t you get it. It’s what they are paid to do, to transport you from A to B, or C, safely, comfortably, efficiently and on time.

    Is it too much to expect.

    Once again, in case you missed it earlier ……. It’s their bloody job !!!

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  • Theyre Not deserving:

    Nami, plse dun praise them so fast.
    Wait for mayb 6mnths n if all’s smooth sailing then …
    Or else kbw ‘s head will swell again…and we all know everytime he comes out to talk , there will be a big train disruption
    ..very sway mouth that one!.
    In any case he’s paid millions$ to do a good job in the 1st place , so no thanks needed…
    These miws have become too complacent…many things are going wrong lately..

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  • What do u get?:

    The ppl at the top still keep their jobs n their mil$ salaries, whether the train system runs smoothly or not..
    They dun take trains to work or their children to school , so they dun feel the pain , the stress n the inconveniences caused by breakdowns.
    Does the smrt give citizens anything back for train disruptions? NO. …

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  • smart ball carrier:

    ONLY THREE DAYS! of running “breakdown-free” and already ure singing high praises – it certainly does not take much to please you does it?

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  • ITE Only:


    This benchmark …. a bit too low on the low side ?

    If one’s DTV spoilt and send for servicing. After that they would guarantee the problem rectify will not failed for at least 3 to 6 months.

    Is it just me or the comment sounds like a sarcasm ?

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  • 陈芬兰:


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  • achievement on a cosmic scale:

    //ONLY THREE DAYS! of running “breakdown-free” and already ure singing high praises – it certainly does not take much to please you does it?//

    aiyoh. don’t like that lar.

    the white idiotic gang is trying to condition the brain cells of sinkies that 3 days without breakdowns is a grand achievement on a cosmic scale and a ‘international standard’.

    don’t know which foreign university train consultant & expert they are going to commission this time to help them roti-prata spin the whole matter.

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  • PAP cannot Win:

    Wow. In appreciation of 3 days of no disruption. 3 days feel elated. Low threshold.

    If its 3 weeks, i m not surprise writer jump sky high.

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  • PAP has the mandate:

    LOL……as usual, abit of goodie, happy like fiack….LOL

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  • F...........:

    Why the court dare not charge the miniSTir? The police got no balls to prepare the charge sheet?

    Only charge the kachang puteh

    Director! Most housing agents also called directors because they direct tenants to your house, right?

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  • minime:

    Sounds like paid PAP troll praising thin air.

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