Article 14 of Singapore Constitution guarantees freedom of speech, expression, assembly and association

Photo: TOC

Function 8 and Community Action Network (CAN) are deeply troubled and saddened by the arrest of artist Seelan Palay outside Parliament House on Sunday, 1 Oct 2017. He has been released on police bail since yesterday and is subjected to severe restrictions including restrictions on travels.

Seelan Palay was merely practising his profession as an artist when he demonstrated how a free mind cannot be constrained by space such as Hong Lim Park. The video at TOC illustrates his free spiritedness when he started his performance in the muddy park of Hong Lim and walked along South Bridge Road to his destinations at City Hall (now National Gallery) and Parliament House where he was arrested.

All along the way, there was no agitated crowd or violence. Artist Seelan Palay’s demeanour throughout his journey was that of a serious art practitioner. He did not indulge in words except to briefly explain his art and answer questions posed to him by police officers.

Article 14 of our Constitution guarantees freedom of speech, expression, assembly and association. We do not see any harm or damage that can be caused to Singapore by artist Seelan Palay’s performance. Indeed his artistic performance contributes to the making of Singapore as a city of art and culture. His performance definitely does not warrant his arrest.

Further, bystanders watching artist Seelan Palay’s performance and ultimate arrest were intimidated and harassed by police officers who demanded their personal identity card particulars. This is totally illegal and should cease immediately as Singapore is not at war or under a state of emergency.

We call upon the Singapore police to cease harassment and intimidation of activists and release artist Seelan Palay from all restrictions.


^ Joint statement by Function 8 and Community Action Network on the arrest of activist.



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14 Responses to “Article 14 of Singapore Constitution guarantees freedom of speech, expression, assembly and association”

  • a bunch of silly kids:

    Our police officers stand out as the most unprofessional police officers in the world. They do not even understand the law they are suppose to uphold or enforce.

    You could see in the following video how embarrassingly ignorant and unprofessional the Singapore police officers are. (Speakers Cornered)

    They are unable to ask or to understand what purpose it served blocking the passage of way in a public place of someone who has not committed an offence. Actually, the police themselves were the ones who committed an offence by obstructing the free passage of way of a person without justification.

    When challenged to arrest and to state under what charge she was to be arrested for, or otherwise to allow her the right to passage of way in a public place, you could see their silly faces and how they were at a loss for an answer. Yet, the Singapore police commanders are the highest paid police officers in the world. Everything in silly Singapore is scholar this and scholar that. And they were supposedly scholar commanders, yet had no ability to think whatsoever, let alone think sense.

    Could we help to make this video get viral and hopefully get to the attention of the police all over the world and see how they would mock the Singapore police for their unprofessionalism and derisive, even childish behavior? Any police constable in the world (your low ranking private), or even any ordinary citizen in the world will be able to tell you that you either act (if there was an offence committed) or you step aside and leave the person or persons moving in a free public space alone. Not behaving like a bunch of overgrown silly kids.

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  • LIONS:

    Are we a POLICE STATE now?

    Whete is justice n equality?
    Where is progress n prosperity?
    Where is CITIZEN RIGHTS?


    all in the dumps?!

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  • pap Selected INDIAN president:

    what did lky son the clown prince brother Mr LHY and sister Dr LWL say about lky son the clown prince?

    for a Chinese family to have siblings openly tell the truth it means the rot is very deep already. very deep.

    we all knew lky lied. so when lky said he would turn from his grave to right any wrong, we didn’t believe. true enough, with grandson run road to USA, 2nd son run road to HK, we still don’t see lky turning anywhere. LIAR, as always.

    how can a pig be a goat? well, pap says. as long as pap points at anything and calls it so, it shall be so. because black is white. white is black. an INDIAN is a malay. because pap points and says so. WTF.

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  • Only Ants:

    do you think they will be employed or stay employed if they do or show otherwise?

    Were they unprofessional by nature or nurtured into one?

    a bunch of silly kids:

    Our police officers stand out as the most unprofessional police officers in the world. They do not even understand the law they are suppose to uphold or enforce.

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  • aura of aristocratic supremacy:

    //All along the way, there was no agitated crowd or violence.//

    just put it this way lar. the white idiots are just not comfortable that their dynastic nakedness is highlighted for all to see. else how would they maintain the mystical aura of aristocratic supremacy.

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  • Patriot of Temesak:

    When ATTACK dogs are well fed the Pigs way will STAY lah!!!

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  • Get What You Voted, Stupid:

    It is meaningless to talk about Constitution when it does not have any bite and the whole parliament is full of PAP stooges, to allow them to change and talkcock to whatever suits them.

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  • C'est la vie:

    For further and all future deliberation and clarification on Article 14 ………. please refer to Judge Samuel B Cole.

    For the definition of law, Charles Dickens will be your man, whom historically and unforgettably said, “the law is an ass” !!!

    Where and how does SG fit into the above where Article 14 and the law is concern. It doesn’t ………. SG and the law it purports to uphold is an oxymoron !!!

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  • rcdftvybghnuj:

    One day they might even remove this freedom of speech law/amend it to at Honglim park with permit only, spying and forcing us to use singpass when accessing to the internet. Then game over for freedom of speech for good, hahah!

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  • 陈大婶:

    阿龙!你是全世界最高薪。是共产,是民主,说嘛!何必当小三,什么都要。是警察?是公安?阿龙你说吧 。

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  • Amos Crushed Lee Dictatorship:

    the pappies are easy to lure and trap since they are so obsessed with people challgenign their authority

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  • Harder Truths:

    I went to a well known bookstore and asked for the Singapore Constitution because I could not find it where I expected it to be.

    They showed me where it was kept – in the ‘FICTION’ section.

    Stupid me. I should have known.

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  • jaywalker:

    All of these actions point to a need to protect their uselessness (and their salaries). They have nothing to show for the money they get. So they have to shut everybody up.

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  • PAP.Guarantee.Win.GE2020:

    Dear Readers,
    Do not be fooled by western power funded institution call for more freedom.

    Freedom cannot bring food to your table nor can it filled your stomach when you are hungry.

    Freedom on the other hand will 100% crash SG near expired 99 year lease HDB property.

    Once SG property crash, our SGD will also crash and become S$3 to RM 1.

    When SGD crash, all the good lives you had below will be gone.

    1. your sweet young mistress in JB and Batam will dump you.
    2. you can no longer buy big house in JB and Batam.
    4. you can no longer afford to flirt with SYT in Chinatown, Geylang, Golden Mile etc.
    3. and upkeeping your JB and Batam mistress will become too expensive.

    Vote PAP, you get SGD 1 to RM 3.09 and you continue enjoying your good lives with sweet young mistress.

    Vote Opposition and your good lives with sweet young mistress will be ruined.
    (usually opposition supporters are made up of freeloaders and leechers which till today no one dare to rebut me..hahaha)

    All the freeloaders and leechers simply dumped JBJ, Roy and Chee when they are down and had no more use to the freeloaders and leechers

    Oh, the freeloaders and leechers also dump tremeritus when it call for donation…. hahaha

    Therefore, be grateful to PAP for importing plane load of foreigners into SG.

    Foreigners are hardworking and they will replaced the lazy / unmotivated Singaporeans freeloaders and leechers

    Majullah S$1 to RM 3.09
    Majullah$PAP 钱$进$PAP

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