Singapore Sovereign Wealth Funds More To Gambling Than A Business Model?

Singapore Sovereign wealth Funds more to Gambling than a business model?

Every time when you open the news, Temasek or GIC invested millions and billions, just pour hoping the value of investment might go up or earn a better return, just another Fund manager companies. Than on the sides of the coins, we saw the news, China is investing billions in India , Africa and Malaysia on infrastructures projects like nuclear plants, habours , rails, roads and minings ,pouring not only monies but by expertise also.

This method help the Chinese make a great improvement in their technologists and countries cordially accept china as one of their valuable allies and trading partners.

A book ” China’s Rise in Africa” by Dominik kopinski, Andrezej Polus and Ian Taylor; it tells China’s huge investment in Africa; minning, infrastructures , manufacturing and credit lines. In 2005 total trade comes to 30b of which 14b import and 10b export. China export mostly machineries and manufacturing products while import mostly raw materials. But the important part the Chinese companies given the prefential treatments in every avenues of tenders and business deals. A windfall for China. The benefits does not stop here. They gain expertise. For example China lack of offshore oil drillings expertise so what they did was to join contract with western partners thus they gain huge knowledge through these methods. No wonder how China improve by leap and bounds. On the otherhands We learn how to build more concrete jungles and more flats and bring more foreign slaves. No wonder we are going into the third world. How ingenous were the Chinese! Why were we not like that?

A mother crab keep harping at its children, why do you walk sideways instead of a straight line. Lol. We have leaders who asked us to follow china’s example, yet they are the biggest hypocrates. You see how stupid they are! They placed huge bets on equities expecting returns and just hope like gambling hoping the share will rise. Lol. They never see seem to learn the 2008′s debacle 40b being
wipe out! God knows are they telling us the truth.They are biggest daft the ironical parts they are being paid huge salaries and performed like a retard persons. They are only good at churning infrastructures scams, fixed the oppositions and make Singaporean more daft.

Readers, they have so many think tanks, like lky, Rajaratnam and ISI ,all of them I believed they are useless because I believed the emperor does not like criticism. Thus our downfall will be because the government does not want criticism.


Aziz Kassim



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13 Responses to “Singapore Sovereign Wealth Funds More To Gambling Than A Business Model?”

  • Amos humiliate L*L and PAP:

    Tony Tan invested billions in UBS and lost billions. Ho Ching invested billions in Merrill Lynch and Barclays and lost billions. Both were NOT held accountable. Why? Is this “meritocracy”?

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  • Lan Tua Kee:

    Investing is considered a form of gambling, technically speaking, though of course investors prefer to call it calculated risks. This is psychology and not the truth.

    Nevertheless,technically, there is gambling elements.

    Over long time, gamblers are destines to lose money.

    Nine wins can be wiped out in jist one gamble.

    Lan Tua Kee

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  • Good DEAL!:

    Using our monies to gamble, lose is our monies, win is mine!
    Why not, it’s a good deal!!!!

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  • Good DEAL!:

    Using our monies to gamble, lose is your monies, win is mine!
    Why not, it’s a good deal!!!!

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  • Maxchewy:

    Why do you think they opened up not one but two huge Casinoes?
    Because gambling is in their blood. What is casino gambling compared to GIC’s and Temasek’s humongous gambles or politely, investments?
    As an aside, many are unaware of the mad racing gambling scene going on in Singapore. There are races and races from all over the world 3-4x a week. Wed, Fri, Sat Sun…the public can bet on at the many racing outlets as well as online.From
    Singapore, MY, HK, Macau, South Africa. Europe, Aus, etc. the other day I was shocked to find 3 Centres Sing, MY and Aus opened for business daytime and continued nighttime (go eat dinner first) in Europe and South Africa. And our 2 casinos opened 24/7 anytime any day. Indeed we are a gambling city to rival Macau and Las Vegas!
    When you see 2 or more Chinese gathered….there is gambling going on!

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  • N.Jungne:

    Thanks Aziz Kassim, this Comical AhLee is very desperate now, sending non-other than a “Paper General” to the western part of China (he thinks he is Ong Teng Cheong).


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  • rukidding:

    Does the current generation even know that the Emperor Dowager was once a “screw up” CEO that saw the “belly up” of a USA MNC, Mickopolis ???

    How “comfortable” are you with this same CEO “managing” your “forced to loan $$$” to her Tumbalek and Tumasick company,….”protected” by his “abusing of authority” , Naked Emperor ?

    Dafts will soon “part away their $$$ and their personal rights” to a Pimp and prostitute managed Party

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  • Patriot of Temesak:

    Lie Con You considers himself Brilliant beyond IMAGINATION when in actual fact he is a TOP GRADE snake-oil salesman selling his concoction to a bunch of silly sheep..Today we are paying the price for his Brilliant Illusion sending Billions to his FamiLee & Cronies while the old retire to cleaning, sweeping and collecting cardboards as a Form-of-Excercise

    Welcome to SingaporeINc not a country but an ILLUSION created by a Coward & Traitor during WW2

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  • C'est la vie:

    For starters, having an Engineer as Chief Investor/Controller/Manager/Executive/Secretary/Auditor/General Dogsbody of one’s sovereign wealth; is more than a big gamble, it’s going in blind all guns blazing ………. and it’s al under “national security” in the event of economic espionage, so no bugger knows who, what, where and how bloody much !!!

    It’s absolutely amazing that this has continued as it has, in its current concealment circumstances, with no “real” definitive objection, or even concern.

    First world country, flourishing metropolis, mega reserves ……. my ass !!! Nobody even knows what she bloody rakes in, and yet she’s there, in all the photo ops, when the party line is that Ho has nowt to do with the Govt, all tarted up in her organic 2 piece washed silk pyjamas !!!

    Seriously, with no objections, no concerns ……… why shouldn’t she lord over the “manor” and all of its reserves !!!

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  • LIONS:

    GIC should be known as the GOVT INVESTMENT COCKS.

    When they lose BIG TIME,they keep quiet till some foreign agencies like Bloomberg reveals it?

    meanwhile,they will hide the losses under some fanciful LONG-TERM INVESTMENTS/RESERVES ACCOUNTS n hope for the losses to break even at
    principal? they can even forget to account for OPPORTUNITY COSTS OR INTERESTS forgone???

    at the same time,they REPORT THE TINY profitable deals n claim GLORY via HIGH KPI and pay themselves big bonuses!

    any COCK-UP idiot can work for GIC.

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  • asd:

    Win take salary + bonus ..

    Lose take salary ..

    Never mind the result . .

    Accountability is just resign lor . .

    Fat wallet liao what . .

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  • Calling A Deer A Horse:

    LHL, a paper general surrounds himself with paper generals, all with zero experience in the real world. The only experience they have is spending taxpayers’ money. They will shout a deer is a horse in unison because Tua PehKong LHL pays them so well. Obscenely overpaid incompetent paper generals led by an equally incompetent paper general, only good at “talking soldiers on paper”.

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  • oxygen:

    @ Aziz Kassim

    EXACTLY RIGHT, the Chinese CNOOC bought into joint venture with Roc Oil, Horizon Oil and Oil Australia in offshore oil project to gain transfer technology.

    CNOOC starts first production from Beibu Gulf platform


    Aziz Kassim: For example China lack of offshore oil drillings expertise so what they did was to join contract with western partners thus they gain huge knowledge through these methods. No wonder how China improve by leap and bounds. On the otherhands We learn how to build more concrete jungles and more flats and bring more foreign slaves. No wonder we are going into the third world. How ingenous were the Chinese! Why were we not like that?

    Our SWF – Pavilion Energy, a unit of Teamsek Holding bought into gas project off the Tanzanian coast in 2013 and it is WHITE ELEPHANT. They paid over US$1.288 billion and first gas is expected to come onstream by 2020 allowing for Final Investment Decision (FID) and off-shore production platform construction of 7 years.

    TO DATE, IT DOES NOT EVEN REACH FID yet, so I believe this one is another BLACK HOLE in which US$1.288 billion disappeared forever.

    PAPpys are prone to these kind of accidents in investing. Paladin Energy Ltd, an Australian uranium produce which GIC is a substantial shareholder (though denied by PAPpy) is hanging in the balance of survival and collapse now. Another X hundred of millions is gone.

    Now the Chinese Sovereign wealth funds have CHANGED DIRECTION as a result of changing global conditions.

    “Given the falling returns and aggregating investment risks, a rational response and sustainable approach for CIC would be to diversify away from the public market’s stocks and bonds and grow our alternative investments,” wrote Xuedong at the time.”

    Norwegian SWF also changed direction because of changed global environment.

    Norway’s sovereign wealth fund proposes big portfolio changes.

    THE WORLD HAS CHANGED BUT OUR SWFs all DIAM DIAM DIAM stuck with a lot of highly vulnerable investments.


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