Why no statistics on Singaporeans returning to Singapore?

I refer to the article “Commentary: For many overseas Singaporeans thinking of returning, what weighs on their minds?” (Channel NewsAsia, Sep 23).

It states that “Indeed, many Singaporeans who have moved overseas are keen to explore coming back after living away for a few years, for a variety of reasons.

We have seen a steady stream of overseas Singaporeans keen to return to Singapore in recent years.”

As to “Research at Robert Walters found that 82 per cent of overseas Singaporean professionals in our database are open to a move back home, if they can find a suitable job opportunity. Banking and financial services, and sales and marketing were the top two sectors that returning Singaporeans are keen to work in” – why are there no statistics as to how many Singaporeans have actually returned to Singapore?


With regard to “Returning Singaporeans may find plentiful opportunities back here.

Being a key business hub, many multinational companies continue to set up offices in Singapore and looking to use Singapore as a regional base for Southeast Asia” – why is it that the labour statistics indicate that hardly any of the jobs growth in the last two and a half years to June this year – went to Singapore-born true-blue Singaporeans?

31,050 new PRs and 22,102 new citizens a year?

In this connection, we granted 31,050 new PRs and 22,102 new citizens last year.

How many new PRs & citizens granted?

If the rate of granting new PRs and new citizens in the first half of this year is about the same as last year’s – we may have granted about 15,525 new PRS (31,050 divided by 2) and 11,051 (22,102 divided by 2) new citizens up till June.

How many of the “jobs growth” to S’poreans?

If this is the case (estimate) – how many of the 4,000 locals’  employment growth in the first half of this year went to Singaporeans?

If 26% of new PRs working = 0 jobs growth to S’poreans?

To illustrate this with an example – if just 26 per cent of the estimated 15,525 new PRs granted were formerly foreigners with jobs – about 4,037 (15,525 × 26%) – perhaps very little of the 4,000 locals’ employment growth went to Singaporeans.

It has also been estimated that from 2015 to 2016 – very little of the 11,400 jobs growth to locals (37,300 foreigners’ jobs growth)  – actually went to Singapore born true-blue Singaporeans (61,005 new PRs and 42,917 new citizens granted in the same two-year period).

In respect of “Singapore is also likely to see continued demand for local IT and digital specialists, as companies focus on improving their IT infrastructure and service platforms for customers” – anecdotally, Singaporean PMETs in IT may have been the most affected by foreigners’ competition for their jobs.

“Information and Communications” highest unemployment rate

In this regard, according to a MOM report in 2016 – “Information and Communications” had the highest unemployment rate of 5.5 per cent among all the categories.

So, don’t you find it rather strange that we keep hearing the rhetoric that this sector has a lot of vacancies and demand particularly for PMETs is increasing?

As to “Singaporeans stand to gain from continual investments in the local economy. Following the implementation of the Fair Consideration Framework, we have seen from our in-depth market analysis and client feedback that employers are increasingly focused on hiring local talent” – why is it that the Government has replied to queries that they are unable to provide statistics as to how many of the jobs in the National Jobs Bank (Fair Consideration Framework), actually went to Singaporeans?

“Overseas Singaporeans enjoy a huge advantage within Singapore’s job market, even as competition remains stiff. Not only do they add to the numbers of people who can take up new jobs, Singaporeans with overseas working experience often bring with them a global mindset and an in-depth understanding of Singapore’s local work culture.”


Leong Sze Hian



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11 Responses to “Why no statistics on Singaporeans returning to Singapore?”

  • LIONS:

    Indeed,there are some sgs wanting to come back to their Motherland but not for the FAKE reasons given by msm.
    Talented sgs like Tan Wah Piow would like to come back to help sgs have a brighter better FUTURE but the PAP UN-neritocratic ones do not want such TALENTED SGS competing with them.

    Lee Ah Long n his daft policies are the reasons WHY good sgs left or had to leave SG in the first place.
    He is the main cause of many sgs’ misery.
    He shud just be humble n STEP DOWN IMMEDIATELY; a day longer means more TROUBLE from him.
    Even his relatives have got to leave SG ?

    Lee Ah Long shud look himself hard in the mirror together with his wife n see how UGLY sgs they truly are!

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  • Amos humiliate L*L and PAP:

    QUESTION: “How many of the jobs in the National Jobs Bank (Fair Consideration Framework), actually went to Singaporeans?”

    ANSWER: “It is not in its (PAP’s) best interest to provide (Singaporeans with) more information on foreigners in Singapore.”- DPM TCH

    “Overseas Singaporeans enjoy a huge advantage within Singapore’s job market, even as competition remains stiff. Not only do they add to the numbers of people who can take up new jobs, Singaporeans with overseas working experience often bring with them a global mindset and an in-depth understanding of Singapore’s local work culture.”

    This above is nice to hear but does not really apply. Local employers are focused mainly on cost. Ceteris paribus (other things being equal), it is always better to hire foreigners because without CPF they are significantly cheaper. Moreover, for males there is no disruptive reservist training.

    “What is “Singapore’s local work culture”? Work long hours for low pay. Do what you are told. Keep your global mindset to yourself.

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  • To Singaporeans:

    If PAP doesnt want to tell you, they dont report or just simply confuse us with dubious statistics or give some excuses like it takes XX man-years to get the number like they did to the late Elected Presidentoc Ong Teng Cheong.
    Mah Boh Tan said there were over 60,000 private units in the pipeline but he didnt tell us that majority were already sold and that many of this supply included demolished enbloc units that former owners were looking for new houses. In 2008-9, he stopped land sales and extended QC even when prices were increasing. He was in the the pocket of the rich developers and is now worth tens of million dollars. He is a disgrace enjoying his wealth – he would never be investigated for obvious reason.
    Khaw introduced “cooling measures” to deter ordinary people buying houses, and blatantly allowed property companies to exploit loopholes on QC and duties, among others. Now he is giving all kinds of excuses for the worsening transport problems – his statistics showed MRT has improved in performance! Can we believe him?
    Lawrence Wong, a PM’s stooge (the ears and mouthpiece of PM on 38 Oxley) reduced land sales since he becomes MND Minister.
    Property developers are bidding record prices for government land and local companies like CityDev are bidding record prices for enbloc.
    Prices are going up, new and resale, yet the statistics shows price decline except for the last quarter.
    If the government reports the property holding of the PM, GCT, PAP Ministers, Perm Secs, current and existing, we will know why Mah, Khaw and Wong are doing what they have been doing all these years, and we will see whether 70% would vote for PAP.

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  • C'est la vie:

    Those whom have left, did so for the very reasons/conditions that still exists and persists. So it’s unlikely they will see this side of Changi Airport, unless it’s to return to collect their CPF and renounce their citizenship, or just a short visit to see family and to remind themselves that they were right then and still right to have left.

    Those whom return, are the ones that need mothering from the “fathers of SG – the Govt” or are of the same calibre as that of the FT, or just simply couldn’t make it outside of SG, and the numbers here are probably so ruddy small, that it’d be embarrassing for the Govt to publish them …….. in fact, it’d reek of desperation.

    Outside looking in; SG looks bloody great; magnificent in fact ………. until you live it. Then again you’d be alright Jack, if you haven’t an opinion, low to nil maintenance and perfectly content to lead a “kiasi-ism” kinda existence !!!

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  • Rabble-rouser:

    Find it hard to believe any rationale overseas S’porean would want to return to S’pore for good. Short of saying that this CNA article is actually fake news – the reasons are:
    * S’pore had become a very expensive place to live in;
    * Housing & private car prices are simply out-of-this-world;
    * S’pore had become too congested with too many people;
    * There are too many 3rd world foreigners harbouring a Superior attitude causing simmering local resentment;
    * You can’t get a lot of things (tech stuff, novelties, etc) in S’pore unlike in the US, Japan, China, etc.
    * Fine foods like Beef steaks, wine, cheese, etc are very expensive in S’pore compared to Australia;
    * Dining out in S’pore is prohibitively expensive – food quality & quantity (small food portions) are limited; 10% service + 7% GST are outrageous especially when service is generally bad; &
    * The PAP govt pushes an inflationary cost policy (1st world costs) with a repressive wage mechanism (3rd world foreign labour inputs) – creating a high stress environment.
    Anyone with a brain wouldn’t want to return to S’pore.

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  • opposition dude:

    Overseas locals aren’t as daft as the 70% on the island. Why give up a good life overseas and balek kampung to fight with the hundreds of thousands of non Singaporeans for a job, right?

    The PAP is just continuing the dependence on alien labour despite trying to tell us their growth has not been increasing much. So what, in the first place there were far too many of them back in 2011!! And now in 2017 it’s reported there are 5.61 million people on the island so guess where most of this growth is from?

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  • Rabble-rouser:

    Such innuocous statement seemed somewhat questionable post-2017 after Donald Trump cancelled TPPA & China sidelined S’pore from their OBOR strategy.
    Trump’s tax reforms are on his next agenda which would knock the wind from the sails of S’pore’s Competitive Regional Hub. His tax reforms could send capital back to the US from offshore financial locations such as HK & S’pore. S’pore’s financial centre hub is being undermined by US geopolitical shifts as the US looks inwards. And China isn’t going to be S’pore’s ally in the new geopolitical alignment taking shape.
    Thailand (Eastern Economic Corridor) & Malaysia (Malacca Port/Coney Island Development) are China’s OBOR initiatives designed to bypass S’pore’s regional hub aspirations. Also, S’pore’s high cost of living is a deterrent to foreign investment.
    The problem of this article is the lack of ‘HARD DATA’ ie. statistics to back trends & statements. A lot of the stuff mentioned are probably motherhood statements designed to fool people. Fact is that the S’pore job market had closed ranks on locals. Civil Service/Stat Boards/GLCs reserved the good jobs for Meritocratic Scholars & their cronies; MNCs & SMEs preferred employing 3rd world foreigners for cost reasons.
    70% voted for this type of arrangement. Would overseas S’poreans be stupid enough to fall for this? You tell me?

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  • Kimberley Kim:

    SG expatriates in China will prefer to stay put in China. Housing and Cars are cheap. Come back eat in kopitiam and squeeze inside the MRT for what?

    Everywhere you see PRC in Singapore. No different when in China.

    In Chinatown food center, I cannot find Ampang Yong Tau Foo, Ice Kacang or Chengdo etc. The place really looks like any night market in China.

    Why Chinapore

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  • businesses (blind to loyalty):


    aiyoh. sinkie land. hub here hub there everything also want to be hub.

    when high cost especially in sinkie land, businesses (blind to loyalty) will start move out to the other cheaper hubs lor – when almost everything starts to get commoditized including competency, processes, etc.

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  • Bapak:

    Those who want to come back are those kena haigong by PAP. They should find out and tell us how many want to move out, especially just to draw out their CPF money totally.

    Frankly speaking, if you don’t do it now and fast the day will come your account will be zeroed by all their new schemes. Or when the whole systems collapse and someone run road.

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  • Lol:

    I will come back only for holidays and visiting lol

    Those who come back mostly they lost their job or can’t find a job in their profession and they didn’t want to be under employed because of losing face.

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