Service disruption on TR Emeritus’ web server

Flooded Servers

TRE’s website was down for about 15 minutes today (5th Oct ) @ 2225 hours.

We wish to assure our readers that it wasn’t due to the ‘ponding’ of the data centre where our servers are located, but a database server which failed to boot up after a scheduled reboot.

As our databases are stored independently on that failed server, our web server was therefore unable to render any content as they are dynamically generated.

The problem has since been resolved by our in-house techie with a cable-tie (tic).

On a side note

Meanwhile, on the advise of some of our readers, we are seriously considering getting a few religious leaders to bless our servers to prevent future downtime and to also engage a foreign talent from Malaysia to manage our servers, replacing our ‘incompetent’ in-house techie, who is still struggling with his wife’s medical condition.

However, it is estimated that TRE would need about SGD$ 2 million a year in additional expenses to put in place the above recommendations.

Is there any of our readers with extra ‘peanuts’ to spare? :)


[email protected]



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5 Responses to “Service disruption on TR Emeritus’ web server”

  • N.Jungne:

    Namer mind lah, no cutting “Leibin” as Grand Opening by somebody.

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  • NotMyProblem:

    [email protected], you guys certainly learn a lot from LTA!! I supposed you haven’t do any decoupling yet (I don’t know what it is but that what LTA did). Cable tie already out dated together with de-bonding.

    The $8 hara kiri minister from Penang may charge you guys from learning from LTA. Get a reporter instead, but you need to pay as much as the Minister from Penang. I was told if the reporter was paid as much as the Minister, he can make LTA flies.

    If you intend to get religious leader to bless the place, get one will do. You know an Indian can be a Malay. So just get one leader to perform the blessing for all the others, just change the respective robe and head gear.

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  • NotMyProblem:

    Correction : “.. he can make (LTA) train flies.”

    Actually it was not flooding nor ponding. It was actually LTA testing a prototype amphibious train. It is part of OBOR project.

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  • SOF:


    Geopolitics and Finances

    ‘Turning Point Nations on the Stage’
    (No Longer with the Western Axis and flipping to the Eurasian Axis)


    The Singapore Govt has signed onto numerous Chinese-led non-USD platforms

    An increasing number of trade deals have come with Beijing

    They move slowly away from total US-UK alignment”

    - Dr Jim Willie

    Rest of article is worth a read into the rapidly accelerating erosion of the Petrodollar hegemony.

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  • Million Dollar:

    Can you do a break up why 2 million a year ‘additional expenses’ is needed?

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