Khaw must accept full responsibility and step down

In keeping with the PAP culture of claiming all the glory while avoiding any responsibility, Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan has yet again placed blame on everyone but himself in the latest incident of flooding in the MRT tunnel.

Mr Khaw pointed his finger at the SMRT staff and said that they had “failed us”.  As a result, the leader of the unit in charged of anti-flooding maintenance was removed and the team members will have their bonuses cut.

Such action would have sufficed if the incident was an isolated one. But breakdowns and other serious lapses of the train system are a common, even regular, occurrence that have gone on for years.

The breakdown of the Downtown Line 3 during its open house is just the most recent one in a multitude of train system malfunctions. Glass panels at train stations have shattered, the inside of train carriages have leaked during heavy rains, and brand new trains have even been found to have cracks in them.

In 2016, two SMRT workers were killed at the Pasir Ris Station. Investigations showed that the tragic accident occurred because safety procedures were not followed – for 14 years.

All this took place under Mr Khaw’s watch. Yet, the Transport Minister has managed to cast the blame on someone or something else on each and every occasion. Disciplinary action against staff members have been taken and fines imposed.

But as the minister-in-charge of such a shambolic system, Mr Khaw remains in his post and continues to enjoy the enormous salary that he clearly does not deserve.

SMRT CEO Mr Desmond Kuek blamed the woes that have plagued the system on “deep-seated cultural issues” within the company.

Such an observation is indicative that the problems extend well beyond employees of SMRT. It falls on the lap of the minister whose responsibility it is to change the organisation’s culture if it is found wanting.

The fact that he has failed to tend to this problem all these years signals Mr Khaw’s incompetence and lack of leadership. As Minister for Transport, the buck stops with him.

Until and unless there is demonstration of real leadership at the very top, one that accepts blame rather pushes it, there will be little motivation for the rank-and-file at SMRT to change its work culture, and the problems that beset our train system will continue, even worsen.

Clearly, it is time for Mr Khaw to stop apportioning blame for SMRT’s failure. He must take responsibility for the on-going fiasco not just in word but also in deed. He must step down.

Singapore Democrats



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16 Responses to “Khaw must accept full responsibility and step down”

  • LIONS:

    Clearly, it is time for Mr Khaw to stop apportioning blame for SMRT’s failure. He must take responsibility for the on-going fiasco not just in word but also in deed. He must step down.

    Singapore Democrats

    agreed.If you openly CLAIM GLORY,you shud be ‘man enough’ to take responsibility.

    in this instance,LUI TUCK YEW was a real man worth his Rear-Admiral TITLE.

    CONTRAST him to LG ‘QUACK’???

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  • Unlike US Pacific Fleet:

    SG have Top-Down Management but Bottom-Up Responsibility. Will only remove the leader of the ship but not leader of the fleet.

    ““bring in new leadership to 7th Fleet …. The new Seventh Fleet commander must help move his team forward, focusing on safe and effective operations.””

    Mr Khaw pointed his finger at the SMRT staff and said that they had “failed us”. As a result, the leader of the unit in charged of anti-flooding maintenance was removed and the team members will have their bonuses cut.

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  • jaywalker:

    This is better than the hara kiri that he recommended for Hougang MPs! The cabinet is a collection of useless MPs and Ministers.

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  • spot on!:

    When the American warship meet with an accident and about ten sailors died as a result, the top 2 commanders were sacked, and when Taiwan experienced a black-out, the minister willingly submitted his resignation!!
    That, my fellow Singaporeans is called taking full responsibility and accountability!! Not like the wayangs put up by the clowns a few days ago and telling us cock and bull about their system of responsibility and accountability, and after that lives go on and they still be HAPPY ( one of those happy days, he mentioned) looking at their cpf statements!!

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  • pakuqaz:

    millions salary and directorship
    does anyone this cow will
    resign. i dont think so.
    need balls for that.

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  • MarBowling:

    Think the DSon has adhered 101% to the pearls of wisdom his Big Daddy Lee Kayu has passed down to him: the Coverment cannot afford to ask ANY of the $millions World Class Minister to step down every time AN MISTAKE is made esp by the subordinates under their care! In no time, SinKapore would be in Deep Shit!

    The MOST $8Cow and his buddy CEO Demon Quack of SMRT could atone for their subordinates careless “honest mistakes” is to pacify angry commuters by admitting FOOL oops FULL Responsibility for all the frequent and never ending disruption and breakdown of train services and MOVE ON!

    Come GE 2020, everything will be forgotten and 69.9% or more will vote for the PAPigs again. HoLee shits!

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  • Selfish Sinkie Syndrome:

    He simply refuses to step down and give up his multi-millions free money, no matter what happens leh…..So what?

    He continues to give everyone his goony smile, just like his master Lee on top, with the same goony smile….inside their childish hearts he can still say to you all, “Neh neh neh nehh…. you cannot touch me”…hahahah!”

    So what can you do? Lan-Lan and suck your thumbs.

    2) As long as Pay-&-Pay in power, nothing you can do and all we can do is complain and sulk online (including myself here admittedly )

    Which leads us to No. 1. cause.

    1) As long as 69.9% Selfish Sinkies continue to be Sinkies with fixed mindsets claiming “no better alternative”, then they will still vote for Pay-&-Pay no matter what happens.

    All the opposition teams can continue to suck thumbs and complain until the cow comes home, also no use at all. Anger must translate into votes for change.

    Therefore, by now we should all realize that the only SOLUTION to kick out Pay-&-Pay and the whole MIW gang of deplorables. This requires opposition to win large number of seats in parliament and make real changes. Otherwise, all talk is just venting our anger and will not achieve anything practical.

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  • Patriot of Temesak:

    How do you tell a Pig to keep a PigPen CLEAN???

    WORSE!!! teaching a Pig to keep CLEAN…you will FRUSTRATE yourself and ANNOY the PIG!!!

    What MORE a COW who will defecate everywhere and ANYWHERE to be Responsible for his SHIT???

    Get the CrabCrawling over his BODY PM to StepDown and all the SHIT will follow WHEN the SHIT has hit the CEILING FAN!!!

    And…it won’t be LONG NOW!!!

    GD Star Rating
  • wjr:


    “Khaw Boon Wan: “The Auditor General’s findings confirm that something is very wrong at the AHPETC. They paint a picture of financial mismanagement, incompetence, and negligence in corporate governance. If an auditor makes such a finding on a listed company, it would immediately cause consternation among the shareholders and a call for the removal of the CEO and the board of directors.”

    “In Japan, the CEO and board of directors will call a press conference and take a deep bow, and in the good old days, they may even commit hara-kiri.”

    Mr Khaw, please walk your talk. Show us you are a man, and not really a cow, and you meant what you said.

    The day you do it and the shitty times reports it, the day I will give you a salute. I promise you, plain simple – no excuses, no empty promises, no tai chi, no million dollars talk.

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  • Bobo:

    LHL has neither question KBW and CEO of SMRT publicly for their failures nor demand them for service improvement, otherwise they will be asked to leave.
    Is PM also answerable?

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  • Fuk Mee Ha:

    He is ranked too important in the books of longan.

    I prophecise they will put someone in his place to take the heat and let him enjoy other roles.

    Yours Ms Tampon Ling
    aka Sgd Bagus Sedap

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  • SGD 1:3 MYR:

    Pah Si Buay Zao one lah!

    Any Malaysian in sg knows the power of sgd that its so lucrative that saliva will be gushing from the mouths.

    How lucrative?

    A bowl of Malaysia-taste wontan mee in SG costs $3 sgd. The exact same malaysia-taste wontan mee in MALAYSIA costs MYR 3.

    One may think that a 3sgd wontan mee in sg would cost MYR9 in malaysia. NO! you fools!

    Earning sgd in sg and returning to malaysia for retirement is a king’s retirement package.

    They only need to slog here for one third of your slog life to retire in malaysia.

    In other words, a bowl of wontan mee you pay in sgd gets you more than 3 bowls of exactly the same wontan mee if not better tasting and delicious.

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  • Rama Chandran Andrew:

    Ownself resign!

    GD Star Rating
  • Unique type of SG meriticracy:

    In St published on 3/11/2017 many had called form hen a kings of SMRT DK. What about KBW! Surely with millions of dollars in pay, he should shoulder the greatest responsibility when trains failed! Harakiri or resign, no other options if he is a man.Dont blame others , the buck stops at you and DK!

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  • billyma:

    Limpei PAP minister, how dare you lowly Singaporeans ask me to resign.
    We at PAP can easily replace you idiot native Singaporeans with foreigners anytime & any number we want.

    Just a couple of stroke of our pen we PAP can reduce you native Singaporeans to insignificant.

    Limpei says counts. So you native idiots just go shut your mouth.

    I’m Khaw boon wan who even that dishonorable son dares not touch me.

    GD Star Rating
  • Wijendra Don Endersiri:

    Mr Cow, Humbly accept responsibility and perform Hara-Kiri

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