Less Shops In The New Estate, Strong Influenced By The Developers?

Less shops in the new estate: strong influence by the Developers?

Many times we hear , ” I prefer old estates, very convenient as there are so many shops”.

Have we ever analyse why is that so? Miles of concrete jungles but not even a shop? We have to shops at the nearest shopping centres which were developed by a private developers . It just defy intelligent, HDB could make a killing by developing retail shops below the empty ground floor. By why they refused to do so? It is a common knowledge most of the PAP MPs work for private companies. It is also a common knowledge, most of the grassroot leaders are big towkays.

In US, lobbying is a multi billion dollar indusrtry. At the end of the day, it is the consumer who pay the price.

In our case, it is so incovenient , the price not competive and less varities. It is a winning case for the developer as they can command high price for their units.

Were the presents of many MPs in private industry and towkays control grassroots result in this senseless inconvenient ?

High time the government should wake up to the effects of having these lobbyists. It is the future of Singapore as commercial entities only care for profits.


Aziz Kassim



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11 Responses to “Less Shops In The New Estate, Strong Influenced By The Developers?”

  • MarBowling:

    Mr Aziz has spoken the Hard Truths faced by dwellers of new HDB estates! They have to walk or travel to those mega malls controlled by those MF Reits that are under MapleTree which in turn are under the Management of TH! In the nearby older estates, soon those small provisions shops and stalls have to fold up and turn to collecting cardboards to earn some pocket money to survive. Grass-looters and grass-eaters are heavily involved in runnning those MF Reits blood and $ $ucking machinery and setup!

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  • opposition dude:

    No lah, it’s the design of the flats that limits the number of shops that can be built at the void deck.

    You see all those flats in Ang Mo kio and Clementi that have a row of provision shops under them. A row can yield something like 2 kopitiams, a provision shop, a confectionary and perhaps a salon or 2.

    Compare and contrast to those flats built in Jurong West for example. I see a lot of pillars at the void deck and the block is built like a tower unlike those in the older estates. Another building has to be built to house the provision shops and other amenities for residents. So it’s basically taking all the void deck space and combining it some distance away.

    So all those tower like flats which are built today are the norm already, no more of those rectangular types that we used to play football at the void decks. I miss those days.

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  • Amos exposed PAP hypocrisy:

    PAP always looks after its “friends” by giving them opportunity to make money from Singaporeans.

    In Singapore, “lobbying” means sucking up to the arrogant, self-serving, greedy, incompetent and pro-alien PAP.

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  • rukidding:

    Everything “they” do….there is always a “$” consideration to “them and their cronies”.

    Everything which “they” ask from you ….there is always a reasoning along “voluntary basis and service for the country”….and you have to “bear with it” !

    How many “dis-agree” with me ????

    Yet,….70% “asked for it” ?????….or rather…to be more “accurate”….about 40% are those “dumb ass” that belonged to the HDB dweller class of Middle incomers ???

    The balance 30% from “landed Pte Ptx” owners….I have nothing to say about them and their interest….but these 40% HDB type dwellers????..seriously,….I cannot comprehen their thinking !

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  • Harder Truths:

    The pappies do not give a shit what any citizen thinks or does anymore.
    They have won the game – no need to pretend anymore.

    They have

    enough voters for re-election, maybe even more than 70% next time.
    more rules and regulations to keep opposition unable to contest.
    the civil service
    the presidency
    all your f*** housing and livelihoods
    an island of 70% ballsless citizens

    So tell me – why should they worry?

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  • Boh Kia See:

    The PAP is planning to rule forever. Hence Kee Chui said that whoever becomes PM, thre will not be any disruption.

    This implies that PAP will always be in power. So should the election results turn against them–then they will declare a state of emergency and have the election results annulled.

    With a compliant President in place, there really is nothing to stop them from doing it.

    It is time for Singaporeans to know that they have installed a Government that could turn rogue at any time they choose. No citizen can do a thing about it.

    Think about the alternatives as the future for Singapore is bleak.

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  • Al:

    HDB new new dat time in late 60s some

    Flat got sell tikam tikam n sweets.may b

    Now sg may b starting all over again.where

    Flat b come shops.

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  • plus all other issues:

    //Have we ever analyse why is that so? Miles of concrete jungles but not even a shop?//

    aiyoh. divert traffic to malls (centralized) lar. admin (more streamlined) to collect individual shop rents (plus all other issues) is indirectly transferred to mall owners in the form of property tax and tax on profit lar, sublet fees or whatever rent-seeking fees you want to call it lar. you think the white idiots care so much leh – they have tonnes of talented white doggies (scholars ?) helping them to market concepts which will benefit the white idiots more than you lar.

    besides, can explain that malls are privately owned (high rent, if any, subject to so-called market forces). whereas rents from heartland units must be ‘reasonable’ (so-called from garment with consideration on social factor when it comes to pricing rent).

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  • N.Jungne:

    Probably these WHITES never heard of Mr Lim Kim San and his self-sufficient township. Everyone do not have to go down to Orchard Road, while they can buy their items in their own respective estates. Now these WHITES want to make Orcho Loot great again, yes more ponding please.

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  • Rabble-rouser:

    @ Aziz Kassim:
    You are definitely correct with your observations! Far flung non-matured new HDB estates generally suffer from a lack of amenities; expensive food & kopi-tiam & very, very poor choices ie. either take it or leave.
    I’ve read horror stories like basic breakfast char-bee hoon costs $4.50 a packet in places like Punggol New Town but in a matured estate – it costs only $1.20 a packet. The problem is that in the New Towns – market stalls & kopi-tiam are subjected to HDB’s market competitive bidding process. Most market stalls & kopi-tiams in New Towns end up with a gung-ho highest bidder who then passes the cost to the consumer. The consumer in the far flung non-matured estates have no choice but to pay. And there is hardly any competition.
    In the matured estates, certain hawkers were still under the old HDB rental system which is far lower than the present-day competitive bidding system. And that is why when you go to old estates like Bukit Merah, Toa Payoh – the hawker food there are still affordable.
    Also, the Wet market system is also the same. Many wet markets in Matured HDB estates sell their stuff much cheaper than those in the non-matured HDB estates (if there’re wet markets anymore?). Major Supermarkets in S’pore are a price cartel re: NTUC Fairprice/Giant/Sheng Siong. The stuff that they sell are priced at par with each other. The problem is the high rental in S’pore! There is clear evidence of market collusion; price profiteering by retailers/distributors [Baby Milk Formula sold at high price for a very long time until MP Tin Pei Ling had a baby/found out the high price & KPKB in Parliament] & a price cartel among the big retail giants re: Telco services, Supermarkets & Consumer Electronics chains.
    Link: http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/competition-commission-looks-into-rising-cost-of-infant-milk-powder-mps-express-concern
    Now NTUC Fairprice sourced their house brand baby formula milk & imports directly a low-cost alternative AUSTRALIA’S OWN. If MP Tin Pei Ling never had a baby, S’porean parents would continue to pay through their nose for baby formula milk!

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  • Pap tactics create anger:

    One of the pap tactics is to make singaporeans angry with each other, such as the tray return system. The 70% who voted for them are the one adopted the return trays. They would insist the other 30% who may or may not adopted return trays to follow them. This cause friction resulting in ill feeling among Singaporeans and divides causing status of the voting remain the same benefiting pap.

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