Deferral of fare decrease means overall – commuters worse off?

I refer to the article “Discount for commuters who enter stations before 7.45am on weekdays; all other fares unchanged” (Straits Times, Oct 30).

It states that “Commuters can pay up to 50 cents less in transport fares if they enter any of the 157 MRT stations before 7.45am on weekdays.

As to “The discounted fares before the morning peak period will amount to a fare adjustment quantum of -2.2 per cent. The balance -3.2 per cent quantum, which was allowable under this year’s fare formula, will be rolled over to the 2018 Fare Review Exercise” – does it mean that the -3.2 reduction would have resulted in a reduction in fares for practically everybody?

If this is the case – why are we deferring it to next year’s fare review exercise?

Is it fair to do this to commuters?

With regard to “The lower pre-peak fares will translate to a combined reduction of about $40.1 million a year in fare revenue for public transport operators” – will the net effect of the deferral of the “-3.2 per cent” mean that the transport operators may actually be making more or less money?

In respect of “About 300,000 rail commuters already travel before the morning peak and stand to benefit from lower fares. We hope that the lower morning pre-peak fares will encourage more rail commuters to make the shift to morning pre-peak travel.

Commuters currently get free rides if they tap out of 18 MRT stations within the city centre before 7.45am” – how many of these 300,000 may be worse off as it is now a reduction, instead of the current free rides?

As to “This has resulted in a a sustained 7 per cent shift of rail trips out of the morning peak hours, since it was introduced in June 2013. The peak period is between 7.45am and 9am.

The new off-peak discount will apply to all stations and when a commuter taps in before 7.45am. The discount will be 50 cents or the fare for the rail leg of their trip – whichever is lower.

Previously, free travel was only available if commuters tapped out before 7.45am at those 18 stations.

This new initiative was a result of the PTC reviewing the free pre-peak travel at the 18 stations and the off-peak pass, which allows unlimited travel outside peak periods of 6.30am to 9am and 5pm to 7.30pm on bus and train networks.

These two trials will end in December this year” – does it mean that some people (how many) may be worse off, in view of the ending of the trial?

With regard to “Under the new initiative, a commuter who taps into Beauty World station before 7.45am to travel to Tan Kah Kee station, will see his fares reduced from $0.87 to $0.37.

A student with concession fares, who also travels between the same stations at the same time and pays 42 cents, will pay nothing for his ride from Dec 29” – instead of giving us so many numbers and examples – why not just tell us the bottom line in absolute revenue projections – are the transport operators or commuters better or worse off in totality?


Leong Sze Hian



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7 Responses to “Deferral of fare decrease means overall – commuters worse off?”

  • opposition dude:

    “are the transport operators or commuters better or worse off in totality?”

    Only those who tap in before 7.45am at an MRT station. We can assume it’s at least 100k commuters. Those who travel before 7.45am would know how crowded the trains are and so would have a better estimate on how many commuters would have the 50 cent discount.

    So in this sense commuters who tap out at CBD stations currently would no longer have free rides but pay 50 cents less. Whether or not it results in an overall revenue increase or decrease for SMRT is unknown since we do not know how many currently tap out before 7.45am in the CBD nor how many tap in before 7.45am at all the stations.

    I welcome the discount though. After a few straight yars of continually increasing transport fares we now at least get small discounts for 2 to 3 years running. Since everyone knows just how reliable the trains are these days with the frequent disruptions we wait and see if this fare discount exercise will be used as an excuse for lower revenue and hence cannot afford to replace this and that in future.

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  • TheyThinkTheyOwnSG!:

    So here we go again…
    Never fails!

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  • Amos exposed PAP hypocrisy:

    “No need for public inquiry into MRT flooding because cause is known to be “maintenance lapses”" KBW

    What a STUPID, SELF-SERVING statement? And what caused the “maintenance lapses”? It can only be due to “MANAGEMENT LAPSES”. Senior management was not checking that maintenance work claimed to be done were actually done. SMRT has the “civil servant attitude/behaivour” – stay in air-con office seating on expensive designer office chair just push paper and send email. Going further, what caused the “management lapses”? The lack of responsibility and accountability is the public sector, including GLCs. This includes the Cabinet and its over-paid PAP ministers. Drilling down further why is this the case, because Singaporeans have been TERRORISED into silence by the arrogant self-serving SOB LKY and PAP. Singaporeans have become SPINELESS and refuse to admit they are being screwed by PAP.

    SOLUTION: “No need” to vote for PAP at the next GE. Throw out the arrogant, self-serving, greedy, incompetent and pro-alien PAP. Bury it with the SOB LKY.

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  • William C:

    157 MRT stations

    Has been away for too long. Never realized we have 157 MRT stations now.

    I remember former MOT Mr Liu. When the Circle Line was opened, he said the congestion will cease because there are more exit points now.

    He did not realized more exit points also mean more entry points. It will bring more people in the MRT system – overloaded !

    Does our military trained SMRT CEO knows what is Transport Management. How many exit and entry points are needed to keep the an equilibrium human traffic in the system at a moment?

    Can I volunteer for this CEO job? Volunteer means no accountability. If my formula or model goes wrong, I can rescue myself too.

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  • Whites luck too good:

    Whites party luck too good.

    Even though train tunnel flooded but within 1 or 2 weeks Malaysia also flood. In comparison to flood conditions of Penang and other parts of Malaysia where thousands of homes affected plus some demise , chicken feet man.

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  • Harder Truths:

    There is a fare decrease when I see it in my farecard. Not before.
    Maybe we should also defer the pappy pay?
    What do you think good people?

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  • C'est la vie:

    Most all embracing Govt’s practice simple and plain English in order that their plans/policies are readily and easily comprehended by the populace, leaving no room for doubt or misinterpretation.

    However, in SG ……………………

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