Money Money Money

It seems that there is a whole lot of illogical things happening recently.

The COE has dropped from the high of over $50K to $41K within months but suddenly, PAP government says must curb car growth.

Now, how could we curb car growth when PAP allows population to grow steadily up to 6.9 million and beyond while our MRT system keeps breaking down with overcrowding? If we cannot afford to keep increasing road networks and car population, then we should not be increasing population size by open the flood gate to foreigners in the first place!

Apparently the excuse of “curb of car growth” is really ill-conceived. The only consideration is that COE prices had dropped, signifying demand on cars have in fact, dropped due to various reasons. In their bid to maintain HIGH COE prices, they came up with such silly excuses.

Remember when they started the ERP system, they talk about no problem to have car ownership because what matters is car usage. That’s why ERP is utilized to control that. But now, car ownership becomes the problem?

On the other hand, ERP prices went up in such drastic ways. Frankly speaking, you can only do that much with ERP pricing when you keep increasing the population. No amount of ERP manipulation could solve congestion problems. The system will find its own equilibrium … when people are fed up with jams, they will avoid peak period or just give up driving totally. However, giving up driving may not be realistic in Singapore because of UNRELIABLE and even DANGEROUS public transport system which have regular breakdowns or delays in MRT (on average once per week!) or poorly trained and irresponsible drivers put on the buses by irresponsible bus companies who drive like jerking jerks.

Oh please don’t complain anymore, the more complains you have, they will use it as excuses to raise public transport fares!

So, at the end of the day, it is all about Money Money Money!


Goh Meng Seng



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23 Responses to “Money Money Money”

  • Better, Betterer, Betterest:

    Under Former CEO Saw Phaik Hwa, we only have lots of train breakdowns.

    Now under Desmond Quek, not only the train breakdown remains, we even have falsification of records. Is this the cultural issue that Desmond Quek is trying to solve? Or is this a new issue that was created under Desmond Quek leadership. With his bunch of army kakis bought into SMRT? Is this a reflection of the SAF culture?

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  • RDB:

    MONEY MONEY MONEY has always been PAP’s best friend when past tense Lee Kon You mooted paying the highest in the world not only for his politicians but also GLCs like SMRT CEO & Group President. The latest by his son as Official No’ 1 for Desmond Kuek a SAF Navy Lt. General with ZILCH daily high usage MRT System knowledge operations & maintenance. Let alone he knows the more important one of PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE. They thought after 10 years of Metro & DFS experience she will make a good CEO & Group President of SMRT. AND THEY ARE NONE OTHER than Official No. 1 and his lastest WiFEE in Termasick Holdings, the SPH’s good friend from school years.

    Such ingrained wide hierarchy governance is good management by monopolistic means is it?

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  • flabbergasted:

    the COE system is just a big money making scam, they have to keep prices high or higher.

    If they are serious about using it to control car population, bidding by dealers should be outlawed.

    Each prospective buyer must put in their own bids. In this way, buyers will no longer be at car dealers’ mercy and each will bid carefully and responsibly.

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  • Trust only myself:

    GMS didn’t hear what KBW said in parliament?
    They don’t need SMRT to make money because they have many other ways to make money……
    Those mentioned by GMS are only some of them…….

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  • Cremora:

    they ARE raising public transport fares….

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  • oxygen:

    GMS, IF IT WAS ALL ABOUT MONEY, MONEY & MONEY, it only means the peasants will only becomes poorer and poorer after each elections. What I dread more is their gutter politics reminiscent of the 2011 GE opening volley of war cry of SEX, SEX AND MORE SEX politics – the ECONOMY is neglected of attention – the peasants got no money to pay for COE & ERP and MRT ride is life-betting risks taking.

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  • C'est la vie:

    COE was introduced as a means for the Govt to control and manage the car population, just as million dollar salaries for the ministers in order to stave off the temptations and draw of corruptibility.

    ……….. and the Singlishians not only bought into it, but are still paying for it !!!

    A dense f**king lot they are indeed !!!

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  • Amos exposed PAP hypocrisy:

    PAP needs to keep COE prices high to build up its “war chest”for the next GE. It needs to “buy votes” big -time because not likely it can play the “LKY card” again and because of the Lee family and MRT (an more to come) scandals.

    Also prices of landed property going up so price of other private property will likely follow and behind this the price of HDB flats. PAP also needs to keep increasing the price of HDB flats so HDB has to pay SLA more for land. This will add billions more to the massive “hidden reserves” of SLA – also part (not all) of the PAP “war chest”.

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  • Rabble-rouser:

    Frankly, people who ‘buy’ cars [it's actually a 10-year operating lease] in S’pore are pretty damn stupid. By stupid I mean that ‘owning’ private cars are a wealth transfer mechanism transferring a decade of your wealth to the govt coffers. The COE is an upfront wealth transfer which shift 10-years of your savings &/or borrowings or both to the govt. In return, you’re given a 10 year operating lease with which you can use your vehicle. This is the most unique feature of Singapore system – no where in the world does this type of wealth transfer mechanism exists.
    The ERP mechanism is simply a Toll-Road mechanism. But erecting multiple ERP gantry along the same stretch of road is uniquely Singaporean. It is like a multiple collection toll booths along the same stretch of road – it could be more efficient to charge a single toll instead of erecting various ERP gantries along the same stretch of road.
    But the strategy could be to reduce the bite size of the toll (ERP) fees – taken over various ERP gantries, the cumulative tolls could be larger than the single toll fee. Car owners feed the govt.
    But people who opt to ‘buy’ cars in S’pore doesn’t deserve any sympathy nor pity here. I’m not surprise that many people end up unable to meet their CPF retirement minimum sum because they wasted their wealth ‘owning’ cars.
    A bit of sensible planning could alleviate the need for a car & alternative modes of transport could bypass the strong sentiment for a car.
    One, choose to stay within a walking distance to MRT stations or bus stops. Check your transport nodes & live within transport links & to amenities like schools, supermarkets & malls.
    Two, bicycle, e-bike or e-scooter could allow one to travel as rapidly as a car but without the hassle of finding a car-park lot & paying parking fees.
    Three, when a need for a car arises, rent it or use Ride-sharing apps (rather than taxis).
    I suspect that people who ‘buy’ cars do it more for face value than for financial reasons. It’s the, ‘Look at me! I have the money!’ but down the road, I won’t be surprise with today’s business disruptions & discontinuities, they may end up penniless after decades of splurging on cars, COEs, etc. A mate told me that he had seen his peers ie. high flying Bank Officers pre-1998 ACC end up working in food courts & in food selling operations today.
    Another mate who migrated to Perth had realized what a fool he had been ‘owning’ a car in S’pore. The cost of a car in Australia is no more than A$16,000 (approx S$16,200) on the roads for a basic model. Other than the CDB & certain touristy/popular areas, car parking is free. Other than a registration fee/3rd party insurance & of course, car maintenance costs, a car in…

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  • Ownself Check Ownself:

    This is a classic example of ownself check ownself and ownself praise ownself.
    Now ownself checkmate ownself.

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  • Refund Bonuses:

    Should Desmond Kwuek refund the generous million dollars bonuses given to him for a job well down at least for last year? This one year falsification of record should be backdated, like T. T. Durai backdate his salary increment at NKF.

    Durai was formally accused of having submitted false invoices between 2003 and 2004 to the NKF to make claims for various consultancy services which were never rendered. One invoice was for $20,000 and the other, $5,000. Durai was said to have misled the charity by using the false invoices “knowingly . . . with intent to deceive (the NKF)”.

    Anyone who uses a false or erroneous document, which to his knowledge is intended to mislead, is guilty of an offence under Section 6(c) of the Prevention of Corruption Act.

    Durai was released on bail of $100,000 which was posted by his wife.

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  • Rabble-rouser:

    - Cont’d -
    ..Australia is relatively cheap to operate. In fact, a car is much more convenient than taking public transportation unless there is an event going on & parking is scarce.
    For the future, there is a Technological Discontinuity coming! Electric Vehicles (EV) will replace Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) Vehicles within the next 2 decades. Although, it is still a long time to go from here but the discontinuities that will occur isn’t positive for present day ICE vehicles eg. fossil fuel cars. Charging stations will replace Petrol stations; EV Parts replacement workshops will replace automobile workshops in terms of smaller footprint & quicker turnaround; auto spare parts may be gone within a decade because there will be no replacement value nor need for ICE vehicles to be maintain as they will be discontinued & replaced by EVs.
    In addition, the technological breakthrough for Autonomous Vehicles (AV) could be a paradigm shift of sorts. In conjunction with Ride-sharing apps, people will no longer have a need for private vehicles. Smart Condos could either have a car-sharing facility or work with ride-sharing companies to provide private transportation needs. Some condos may even have zero-car parking if they are near to amenities & transport links.
    As the need for ICE vehicles wind down; AV/ridesharing phenomena goes mainstream, carpark space provisons in building residential homes could be reduce to maximize liveable space. Multi-storey carparks & adjoining carparks levels could be either reduced or totally eliminated from future building plans. And with less cars, less roads will be needed. So, will there be more space freed up & be available for housing? Can housing prices continue to go up?
    BOTTOM-LINE: The PAP have a hold over the people’s inner fears [Kiasuism (fear of losing out), Kia-boh bin (fear of loss of face), & Kiaboh (fear of loss of opportunity)]. That is why the immediate reaction to Zero Car Growth announcement drew out those who hold these values to quickly quenched their fears. Like the property buyers of S’pore properties – they are driven by pure fear instincts despite the clear signs that things will not be good – a price reset/adjustment will take place down the road.
    When S’pore educational system inculcate Kiasu, Kiasee, Kiaboh & Kia-boh-Bin values, it is not surprising that people in S’pore behave in this way. Meanwhile, the PAP are laughing all the way to the bank.

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  • asd:

    ya la . . what is new . .
    first time know that they prata here prata there meh ..
    say all can have a car . . say swiss burger standard .. say say say . ..
    take salary and diam diam say one after another .. .
    at the end of the day . . people fat wallet . . while you all prata also cannot afford .. .

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  • Ho Jinx Chun Sings:

    GMS, IF IT WAS ALL ABOUT MONEY, MONEY & MONEY, it only means the peasants will only becomes poorer and poorer after each elections. What I dread more is their gutter politics reminiscent of the 2011 GE opening volley of war cry of SEX, SEX AND MORE SEX politics – the ECONOMY is neglected of attention – the peasants got no money to pay for COE & ERP and MRT ride is life-betting risks taking.

    70% dun think so. The odds are against you.

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  • Cling on to high salaries:

    While other much larger countries and much larger population pay their ministers and PMs modest salaries, SG pay its ministers Enormous remuneration , several times higher than the world’smost powerful head of state! They say high salaries are necessary to attract talent and the most capable men , but the mess we have seen on public transport, high cost of everything and the dire economy and employment scene tell the opposite.
    Top public officers just cling on to their jobs, afraid of making mistakes and deflect away blame to save themselves. We have seen this in SMRT saga, MAS escape……….. It is now to reduce their salaries to a sensible level, so that step forward and make themselves accountable when serious problems occur under their charge!

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  • Real objective:

    Singaporeans should know by now that with every increase Govt announced begins with immediate effect while every decrease makes big headlines,ig talk, big wayang involving all plps earnest to score points for the rewards system big activation of plps in media, CC, ambassadors new PG PAP consider to be their brilliance to come out with such con even the ambassadors themselves bit oohoooooo the decrease is to be delay when? loss among the cesspool of shits.

    But wonderously. Cesspool population increase incessantly, three more jiao liao bee shits in bola 1 office, one extra to wayang with the other millionaire in every sub cesspool and a lot of paps to feed. Besides gorilla needs dols to throw around to get cover nrws and foreign praise for the billions paid for their gaebage. Roy kpkb and all kpkb cpf membrrs. All these needs dols to cover. So increase is absolutely nrcessary. Dont forget the bonises for the billionaires, the imdian chiefs. the dangling carrots for the dafts when they have erection on fearfulnanexiety of their contnuing millions and all opaque.

    Understand dafts. Very good isn’t kplb losing jobs kpkb utilities oncrease kpkp kpkb But you stop kpkb be hungrier be greeier be ferorcious. What shit advice. imbercile becoming Anarchist? as if terrorism is not enough the plps have to achieve first in this profession too otherwise why advocate more aggressive meaning violent behaviour. Shit. wise to get rid of such dangerous nfi imberciles.

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  • Own what car?:

    What’s the point owning a Merc, BMW or expensive cars if you have HDB label or Private-hire label on it?

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  • LIONS:

    Ah,lee ah long needs to COLLECT MORE MONEY from poor peasants in order to burn mire Hell-note$ for his old man?

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  • 鸟龙的人:


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  • AnT:

    The next generation of descendents of the familee and their cronies have come of age to getting their luxury cars.

    Can’t Singaporeans tell the whole COE is corrupt and manipulative?

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  • No money no honey!:

    There is nothing much here to indicate that they are serious in the indulgence in arts or philosophy or sports or matters of the refinement of the spirit, or cultivating the loftiness and free-play of the minds. Events smack of money and profit motives and tie-ups, down to the giveaway items, t-shirts and jerseys. Almost everything is measured with the returns it generate, and leads to and ends up in money.
    Central to everything is money. Children are packed off to schools to excel to get a good degree, hoping to land a good paying job or as an instrument to make money in business. Nobody hardly talk about sending a child to school to develop the breath and depth and scope of the mind of the child, to stir the inquisitiveness of the child to become innovators and thinkers and true scholars. Go get a degree and bring in the big bucks. Be a politician for good money maybe. Without money you are stunted, stuck. There is nobody to help elevate you in your interest or research.
    Without money you disappear, you do not get the best of attention.
    The atmosphere of easy friendliness is just not there. Neighbours don’t talk to each other. Observe the faces in the public areas, very stiff and self-absorbed and stress-like and calculating and a general air of impatience. Cut their car lane accidentally and you get a angry cold stare. It is difficult to get somebody to smile or to engage in a freewheeling easy banter. It is a stiff and calculating society.
    It was once said that we cannot be like a slow sampan. That summarize his thoughts and philosophy of life aptly. No time for smelling of roses and the butterflies. All that is a waste of time. We got to move faster and run faster towards money and more money, not to build up a wholesome self. At best we decorate and spruce up the places with scrubs and plants and flowers for economic touristic returns.
    It is all about hard economics over here.

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  • National woes:

    Money is not the root of all evil: it is undue money-consciousness which acts in unwholesome ways! Corrupted and corrupting

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  • Don't u know:

    PAP is a fantastic den of anti citizens world leader. The Asean Chair will give LHL and his MF cabinet big time to yelp here and yelp there yelling loudly to the leaders of Japan, Phillippines, Malaysia, Itc how to rule over their countries and become billionaires without having to corrupt, how to torture a boy if he ls disrespectful but more importantly how to breed a pack of polanpas to man the important ket institutions.

    Dont be alarmed to see more Asean sending their citizens to be foreign talents of PAP and how the state fund is used to invest thru gorilla games and to educate their children. That should be what the chair should be doing.

    PAP is great it build world oriented leaders and get foreigners to kick the butts of daft Sinkies so LKY told ythe world press. Trump family g
    must be dishing out green cards at a most happy trumpy pace all the way to their Swiss bank. All are happy nepotists in arms.

    MFs polanpa nepotists

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