PAP’s ‘clean wage’ system = highest-paid $30-million president with at least 120 months’ bonuses

Former president S R Nathan was the highest-paid jaga and servant of Singapore from 1999 to 2011.

Nathan was also the highest-paid president in the world. For unknown reasons, the PAP government paid Nathan about 3% higher than the PM for a figurehead role (see image below).

But after losing a GRC in 2011, PAP quickly corrected this honest mistake by reducing the total Privy Purse to a fixed 14 months’ pay.

From available information, Singaporeans should be able to arrive at this conclusion: Nathan received tens of millions from taxpayers, including an obscenely huge amount of bonuses during his 12- year presidency.

From archived records, Nathan’s bonus in his first year of presidency was already 6.98 months. (President’s and PM’s bonus sama sama, see image below)

PM Goh received 6.98 months’ bonus in 1999, despite the 1997 AFC.

Before his role was taken over by the unlucky Tony Tan in 2011, Nathan’s pay had increased by more than 100% since 1999 to $4.267 million. (see edited image below)

Nathan earned about $30 million during his 12 -year tenure

Nathan’s salary ranged from slightly more than $1.7 million in 1999 to $4.267 million during his 12-year tenure, averaging almost $3 million annually. A very conservative estimate: at least $30 million.

Nathan’s total bonuses = more than 120 months

Nathan started off with a 6.98 bonus in 1999 and at his peak, he was getting about 19 months in bonus. An extremely conservative estimate puts his average bonus at more than 10 months’. Total bonuses earned by Nathan = more than 120 months.


When PAP politicians talk about having a clean wage system, they may be referring to cleaning out government coffers with a self-rewarding pay formula.

If not, how could a former figurehead president be paid more than $30 million, inclusive of 120 months’ bonuses?

Bonus excludes 13-month pay.


Phillip Ang





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26 Responses to “PAP’s ‘clean wage’ system = highest-paid $30-million president with at least 120 months’ bonuses”

  • C'est la vie:

    To be paid such a grotesque amount of money for absolutely sweet fa is obscene, under any circumstance.

    Such a scam-scheme is not limited to the President, all Ministers are similarly, overly renumerated too.

    Even if SG is “rich” by hearsay, it is still a gross dereliction of duty and commonsense to simply throw it in the direction of irrelevance and incompetence.

    In order to stop/prevent a “train wreck” from happening/occurring, one needs to ensure that “brakes” are fitted !!!

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  • Titiana Ann Xavier:

    PAP’s ‘clean wage’ system is nothing short of organised looting and legalised plunder. The complete capitulation of the 70% to the interests of fascist PAP elites has contributed much to the growing unfairness and inequality afflicting our society. S R Nathan reaped while the malleable masses were made to weep. The PAP ‘clean wage’ system will collapse under its own unsustainability.

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  • opposition dude:

    That’s why these days the monkeys have not even dared to utter the words “wage increase” from 2011 until today.

    They know they aren’t worth that money, the frequent train disruptions alone prove that. Add in failing HDB lifts, Hep C and train coverups, flagged AGO audits for 2 years running and you can see just how good these good for nothings really are.

    They finally cut their obscene pay when they lost their oh so precious GRC. You want their pay to come down some more then you need to make them lose a lot more GRCs next time. Losing another GRC is water off a duck’s back to them since they would still have more than 10 of them so losing a minister and 4 more coat hangers is sup sup sui to them.

    Everyone knows it’s just the high pay keeping the party together. You really have to give credit to the dead founder when he jacked their pay up back in the 90s with the excuse of paying top dollar for top talent.

    Now with all the f**kups we see so often we are paying top dollar for shit talent which has, not surprisingly, kept very quiet on the issue of their pay!

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  • Trust only myself:

    And now is the turn of president select (not even Malay) to earn her $30 millions starting from now… keeping quiet.
    How stupid can Singaporeans be……no place to hide my face.

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  • Harder Truths:


    …All the main parts of the body – hands, legs, stomach, eyes, penis etc- went to the brain and said “You are not that good … so one of us will do your job to run the place and be the LEEder”. The brain said “No way – I am best qualified”.

    So they argued and argued…

    Then suddenly a voice from down behind said ” Guys! I want to be the LEEder!”. It was the arsehole speaking.

    Everyone laughed and laughed. “YOU!!. Please lah. No way.”

    The arsehole got offended and went on strike. The whole body became constipated.

    The eyes could not see clearly. The legs and hands were all weak. The brain could not function. The other body parts were also in bad shape.

    So finally they agreed. “Arsehole” they said, “you can be the LEEder from now on”.

    Forsooth – and so it was from that day onwards the arsehole become the LEEder.. the king… the emperor of all his superiors who ere much more talented and cleverer.

    Moral of the story.

    You don;t have to be rich or cleaver or good or lucky to be the LEEder – JUST AN ARSEHOLE.


    GD Star Rating
  • MarBowling:

    The MasterMind(MM) behind the obscene $millions salary for himself and all his so-called World Class Ministers including the Tua Pek Gong Pre$ident is Lee Kayu. Btw wonder how much is he getting now down THERE? Must be Many many times with countless zeros more than his previous last drawn pay as MP for Tanjong Pagar GRC.

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  • LIONS:

    SinCity is BIGGER than USA n so DONALD get paid less;in fact,DON just ask for a token $1?

    Thats why the peasants need to Pay And Pay as the greedy PIG& collect more n more $…. for THEMSELVES?!

    The politician$ here are greedy n self-serving.

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  • nathan:

    No wonder Halimah can’t wait to ‘serve the people’ to be a ‘Reserved and Walkover President. Same goes for all PAP ministers, MPs and the top echelon in the Civil Serpent service. And serving the daft people is easy in Singapore. Via thy mouths. A pat on the back, plenty of condescension, a big Wayang with much publicity for serving rendered to the people. They get paid millions for doing the job they are supposed almost for nothing.

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  • Im Halimah also jiak liao bee:

    These PAPIGS and their Cronies are cleaning up the Treasury, LEEgally, of cos.
    How else to explain paying themselves these obscene pay checks and asking our old folks to exercise and collect card boards.
    Ownself reward ownself, never mind what the people say.
    Let them KPKB, just move on.
    And you daft 70% gets a high every time they throw peanuts at you.

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  • Great Asia:

    All the fat cats, and the feudal lord is the fatest cat. Ha ha ha!

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  • well:

    Most private companies including MNC wont be paying more than 10 months of bonuses. PAP made it so easy for them to get up to 16 months with GDP growth.

    Singaporean wage has been stagnant and there is no job security….. and mostly waiting to be replaced by incoming FTs.

    Not sure why Singaporeans can accept such crap and continue to vote them overwhelming.

    Just need to believe Singaporeans are daft, naive and dumb and kiasi.

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  • Pay And Pay Us:

    A couple of decades down the road, our next generation would be cursing and questioning – “How could our grandparents and parents be so STUPID to agree to such obscene salaries? How are our leaders different from the corrupted countries’ ? The blind trust in one man and one party was utter stupidity and scary!”

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  • Underestimated:

    That president’s pay was $6 million at least, according to published information.

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  • Where is Rule of Law?:

    Anyone who uses a false or erroneous document, which to his knowledge is intended to mislead, is guilty of an offence under Section 6(c) of the Prevention of Corruption Act.

    How come Desmond Quek can suka suka tell the culprits to own up without being penalised? This is our National Transport Company, not his grandfather’s company. Did he get the permission and approval of Transport Minster?

    Ultimately, how this issue is dealt with is a reflection of Lee Hsien Loong’s leadership. As majority of ordinary Singaporeans commute via public transport daily, LHL is expected to look into this issue personally, seriously, and express his views and have direct oversight of it. Furthermore, LHL made an promise to get our infrastructures right. With his wife in charge of TH, parent company of SMRT, there is no excuse for him to feign ignorance and keep his hands off it.

    Desmond Quek is outright ignoring the rule of law, and allow the culprits to avoid punishment if they own up. Either SMRT is completely clueless about it and is begging the culprit to own up to avoid looking like idiots on a wild goose chase, or it could be just a wayang, to help their own kakis go scot free.

    Sad to see that such blatant cheating will go unpunished. The culprits are not cheating SMRT, they are cheating the people of Singapore, the ordinary class taking public trains, and causing inconvenience to them, disrupting their journeys. CEO should not be given the power to pardon the culprits. Cheating a GLC is cheating the government. This is no private matter like LKY’s house and should not be settled privately.

    His great father believed in the rule of law, now our rule of law is being threatened. Will LHL step in and restore the rule of law or will he turn a blind eye?

    GD Star Rating
  • Dr Tan Tai Wei:

    LKY claimed that he wasn’t perturbed even when, in those former days, when as PM, he was talking with CEOs whose pay was hundreds of times more than his (but many have perceptively noted since then, eg., how much profitability Lee & Lee benefited all those years, on account of “goodwill”, its being his wife’s law firm). We wonder, if he wasn’t perturbed, why he would feel the need to mention it. Be that as it may, he seemed to have met it with vengeance, starting this system which pegs the pay of Ministers to the top pay of earners, such that, irrespective of the variability of remuneration of actual top earners (eg., bonuses and commissions, etc., of individual performers vary depending, say, on market conditions or demonstrated abilities), Ministers continue to get top pay, pegged on the pay of whoever replace the fallen at the top! To do this, LKY seemed to have to push aside the likes of “old guards” like Jek Yuan Tong. Remember Jek, after having to step down as Minister, questioning in Parliament the several huge Ministerial pay increases since he stepped down? LKY became furious, and challenged Jek not to absent himself at the next sitting, where he presumably planned to give him a proper rebuttal. Jek was absent at that sitting, where Rajaratnam assassinated Jek’s character, accusing him of hypocrisy, saying that Jek had “pocketed” the first increase in Ministerial salary whilst still Minister. It was so bad in taste that even Goh Chok Tong stood up to say all that was “unnecessary”. We wonder what LKY would have said had Jek unwisely appeared!
    Those presently at the helm should note this. LKY began all this in his declining years at the onset of old age when personalities do suffer uncharacteristic changes. Money really motivates the truly wise and committed? David Marshall, when old but not yet senile, said to all this huge pay, “What do you want it for? You can’t eat it!” Haven’t they learnt the law of marginal utility? The more you have, the less value it has (or should have, if you are really wise) for you. Then why not be prepared to serve for less, and be more with the people you claim to care? Or are we being led, and hoping to be inspired by stupid persons?

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  • LIONS:

    Screw lee AR$E long!

    GD Star Rating
  • 鸟龙的人:


    GD Star Rating
  • Maxchewy:

    Robber Barons! That’s what our top civil servants are.
    The higher your rank, the more millions you Sapoo from the tax-payers! Shameful and shameless and unconscionable. But are they really happy? You bet your life they are….awashed and drowned by their humongous cash entitlements. First class travel all the time and staying at 6* hotel suites when on holiday when abroad.
    But why? Because they can, under the Loong’s dictatorial regime. This must stop one day!

    GD Star Rating
  • asd:

    robbery done in the open daylight ..

    yet all do not care . ..

    GD Star Rating
  • RDB:

    And then LKY died. So SR Nathan also died followed. after they are all mortals too. So how they are now enjoying those multi-million $s in where? “The love for money is the root of all evil” said who? His initials are JC son of God in Holy Trinity!

    GD Star Rating
  • Dead Duck!:

    Pay And Pay Us:
    A couple of decades down the road, our next generation would be cursing and questioning – “How could our grandparents and parents be so STUPID to agree to such obscene salaries? How are our leaders different from the corrupted countries’ ? The blind trust in one man and one party was utter stupidity and scary!”

    Only to blame yourself why we still vote them in NOT the one man or the party?

    GD Star Rating
  • Amos exposed PAP hypocrisy:

    Not bad pay for a collaborator. But he is not the only one. Didn’t the arrogant, self serving SOB LKY also collaborated? He got even a lot more. Bill Gates is right. “Life is not fair. Get use to it.” But also try to do something out it. At the next GE vote for REGIME CHANGE.

    GD Star Rating
  • pap selected INDIAN president:

    Titiana Ann Xavier:
    PAP’s ‘clean wage’ system is nothing short of organised looting and legalised plunder.

    very well said. agree. it is legalised looting. by ownself check ownself system. imagine. the judges can say when inside is NOT within 200m. imagine again. reserved presidency for malay. we disagree but we accept since it is done via constitution change. yet an INDIAN is selected. this one we cannot accept as an INDIAN is not a malay whatever religion is involved.

    pap system is such a pig can be a goat so also an INDIAN can be a malay. WTF.

    GD Star Rating
  • The Rot Start From The Top:

    ‘Clean Wage System’? and holding the key of the state reserve without the slightest hint on the quantum of the content is. Only the husband and wife knows, and these two people can do anything they like, nobody has the right to question. Such system is considered ‘Clean Wage’?

    GD Star Rating
  • Eric:

    If I recalled correctly the one and only Minister Mentor was also paid such high salaries & bonuses. The post was eventually scrapped with the review on ministeral salaries after the loss of one GRC in GE 2011.

    GD Star Rating
  • DavidLKSee:

    (1) Latest Definition:
    MIW = Monkeys In White [previously, Men In White]

    (2) “Monkey Politics” in Singapore:
    Cunningly-Clever PAP say:
    Pay PEANUTS, and you’ll get CORRUPT Monkeys!
    Not-Daft S’pore Voters say:
    Pay BIG BANANAS, but still get INCOMPETENT* Chimpanzees!!!

    [ * Excellent Example of an Obscenely-Overpaid but Incredibly Incompetent PAP Govt:
    — that Whole Bunch of “Paper-Scholar Ministers” & “Paper-General Bureaucrats” running the PAP-self proclaimed “First-Class Public Tranportation” (aka SMRT) ]

    (3) “Monkey Antics” of PAP Political Elites:
    You Scratch My Back, I Scratch Yours.
    You Cover My Backside, I Cover Yours.

    GD Star Rating

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