SMRT: Race(s) of maintenance team please

And that of their managers too please.

I’m asking because I’m hearing rumours that the members of the maintenance team are all members of a particular minority, while their managers are all of another race.

Whatever, race is important here.

Amid calls from various quarters for Singapore to ditch its long-standing Chinese-Malay-Indian-Others (CMIO) framework, a survey has shown that the model is still relevant as Singaporeans – including younger ones – still value the importance of race, its researchers say.

The survey, which involved about 2,000 Singaporeans and permanent residents, was conducted by Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) and Channel NewsAsia.

Source: Constructive, nation-build “newspaper” of Mediacorp

Race is so important in the S’pore fabric that we have a Malay “reserved” president whose i/c says “Indian”. That’s how important the PAP thinks racial identity is to S’poreans: Why PAP thinks we need a Malay president?
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21 Responses to “SMRT: Race(s) of maintenance team please”

  • Uncle Lim:

    And the majority of those in SPF belongs to a certain minority as well. But theClown’s Father didn’t trust them apparently because he had only a foreign police force to guard his home.

    No need to talk about race or clan as basically the root of the problem is FT with dubious qualifications. Even our kindergartens are staffed with FT with deplorable English teaching YOUR kids English.

    Thanks 70%.

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  • What I saw on TV:

    What I see on TV are quite a number of them are from Singapore minority race. I also see platoon of (maybe battleion) of India workers working on the track inspection late night after MRT operating hours.

    Some years ago, the straits times mentioned the name of maintenance deputy director is a minority race and the director is majority.

    In the old days, when IT infrastructure engineering and maintenance are performed mainly by Singaporean and Malaysian, we do not have major or frequent IT system breakdown unlike the past 10 years. Likewise the Lift, MRT breakdown. Also building defects like falling objects or glasses. To add on, we also have productivity, accident rates and other issues caused by workers. What sort of foreign workers SG import the past 10 years? All the issues just happened in the last 10 years without attributing factors?

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  • Amos exposed PAP hypocrisy:

    Nice Try CI. I am not buying your “spin”. You are playing the “race card”" to distract Singaporean to distract Singaporeans from the REAL underlying cause of the MRT problem – MISMANAGENT. The problem is due to to the stupidity and incompetence of the people running it. And this goes all the way to the “top”. “The rot always starts at the head”. Now I know the reason for the saying: “old soldiers never die, they just smell that way”. Cabinet, stat boards and GLCs are full of ex-SAF paper-generals. They all “STINK”.

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  • C'est la vie:

    The problem lies not in the racial aspect, placement nor composition within SG.

    Get real ……………… the Government is the real; incontestable and undeniable problem !!!

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  • asd:

    we need malay smrt . . sbs . . or even better MOT . .

    er .. or is it indian we need ????

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  • MarBowling:

    Every time there is report of major and serious rail track disruption or faults, we often see pictures of rail track crews comprising 70-80% Ah Nehs with the rest comprising other races! Supervisors are usually Chinese and Malay. Most Singaporean Chinese left the company donkey years ago. Don’t be mistaken that the Ah Nehs are low salary staff! No, because of the nature of their job – dangerous, dark and working in the wee hours, their pay are not so simple. After a couple of years working down there all night LOONG, with managers, Big Bosses busy sleeping and faicking also all night LOONG at home, while the whole lot just Ownself Work Ownself, thereafter Ownself check Ownself, follow by Ownself sign Ownself on the Record Book of Works DONE, these Ah Nehs then take a plane back to their hometown with a fat bank account living like a Maharajah! For donkey years, since Lady Cleopatra sacked most local engineers, supervisors and workers, the Ah Nehs have been laughing all the way to the Bank of Ah Neh! $8Cow aka Fart Hou Seah Sump(speaks like an Angel But with a Heart of a Snake) and Demon Quack, what do you think?

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  • Harder Truths:

    Be very careful talking about race

    Race politics is fundamental to any non-democratic ruling party. With race as an excuse all kinds of laws and justifications can be created without a real reason. So we must be careful not to play race politics if we expect democracy.

    To the MRTC saga – it is about putting incompetent and lazy FT of all races into the system and ruled by the incompetent pappies. Does not mean a white FT is better. Incompetence is not a racial bias – we are all children of immigrants of different races who worked hard to achieve our status.

    Racial profiling paints each race with qualities – xiz this race is cunning, that race is lazy and so on. And it is always painted bad – never good. Just remember that everyone here will be painted with at least one of these undesirable qualities related to their race if profiling becomes our way of dividing and judging ourselves.

    Some races may be present in certain disciplines more than others and this is common – this is more a liking or aptitude for the job and has no bearing on character or how the job is done.

    The hardworking and honest ones cannot survive in a system that is full of liars and backstabbers. Look at the healthcare and retail sectors – totally different races to what is in MRTC but the outcome is very much the same.

    So although it my be true that a few races were involved directly – the issue is the kind of people involved not the race. If the pappies – who are of all races and of no race – can screw up is it their race? If you screw up doe any reason is it because of your race? This is hat happens when people start playing with fire. There is no end and anything and everything can be blamed on race.

    Let us not play this race game. It a very dangerous way to go forward.

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  • opposition dude:

    No need lah, Kuek’s statement of deep seated cultural issues tells you all you need to know.

    That different mindsets of working have led to the frequent disruptions.

    That there is a good chance that the various maintenance crews are staffed by more non Singaporeans and/or new citizens than true blues.

    It seems like after the great breakdown of 2011 (or was it 2010?) SMRT was rushing too quickly to just recruit people into the maintenance teams without giving a thought if these jokers were up for the task. Now that this never ending cycle of disruptions is upon them they might just do the smart thing of actually making the effort to hire more true blues perhaps.

    Nah, who am I kidding! This is SMRT we are talking about! Something doesn’t work just do the same thing many more times!

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  • Monkey See Monkey Do:

    Race has never been an issue in Singapore for decades until now. After PAP created this minority reserve election wayang, the topic of race is now brought up on every occasion, every problem. Will we be seeing a once in 50 years race riot soon?

    Anyway, I only see one special race in SMRT, the “green” race which tends to dominate top leadership positions in government.

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  • rukidding:

    CI what “cock” are you talking ?

    If i/c says Indian and yet…this “bugger” can be “made and turned” to become a Malay and then be “qualified” and even “walkover” others….what were you thinking ?….and how can “RACE” become important anymore to Pappy ?

    Pappy has already “assumed” that we are “Daft” and “Bo Lan Par” much so that they dare even “insult” us and “no hue” !

    So,…even if Pappy were to tell you all those fellas are of Chinese race….you could be “lied” by them too !

    Essentially,…they have “lost their Integrity” !

    Essentially,…they are also “indirectly” telling you “neh neh Poo poo”…..”catch me if you can” !

    WTF re you kpkboo about !

    This place is better known as Stinkapura ,…the SIN City…and if “nothing is done to correct it soon”….it will definitely become “SINKAPURA”…and Sink and disappeared away !

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  • I'm Halimah also jiak Liao bee:

    All these talk about race would not have come about but for the PAPIGS playing the racist card in turning an Indian into a Malay with a stroke of the pen.
    And all for their desire to keep the skeletons in their cupboard.

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  • Mainstreet Citizen:

    There’s an video circulating on the social media showing Ivy-Singh Lim giving an interesting input on the SMRT fiasco and really, the ruling party government has been EXTREMELY self-serving in recent years, paying themselves and associates extremely obscene pay packages while skimming the salaries of the rank n file employees and a total failure to get the best and experienced technicians and engineers from Germany,Japan, Switzerland and Taiwan to do the job.
    Years of absolute power infested in one political party has breed an addictive form of corporate greed in the power obsessive politicians.

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  • William C:

    We should also reserved the next MOT for a Malay PM.

    We should also reserved the next SMRT CEO for a Malay General – do we have one? Nevermind. Indian also can as long as he is accepted by the Malay community.

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  • Bapak:

    They have a group of FTs from far away land “fakely reporting” to a SG paper soldier who knows nothing about what this group is doing so he got to be removed. Luckily no one go electrocuted. Congrats Sinkies!

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  • LIONS:

    a bad leader will just produce a bad team,whatever race.

    it is clear scholar-miws are not up to the tasks.

    thinking that scholars will always make good leaders is warped thinking!

    look at the govt leedershit?

    what kind of leader is there?

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  • Johor king:

    We need a malay pm so that he can get along with Malaysian pm!

    Also can get along with Johor king!

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  • Lye Khuen Way:

    For the sake of a stereotype logic to selecting train maintenance crew based on ethnicity, would those from South Asia or East Asia have better credentials?

    My simplistic opinion would be the East Asians, be they from Japan, Taiwan or The PRC. Why?

    Don’t these countries have far more advanced and efficient train systems as compared to to those, if any from South Asia?

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  • RDB:

    ALL PAP PMs say race unity. But in reality they divide and rule. so his papa’s made dafts are fine to the tune of 70% as at GE2015 for whatever their reason in support, doesn’t show that they are superficial spineless voters still think and feel like kids in their playgrounds.

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  • It is unfortunate:

    That race do play a part in performance.

    If I want to build a strong bastketball team, I would get majority black. For many other fields, I would get majority non black.

    So in Asia, if you want success, you rely majority north East Asians like PRC, Japanese, Korean, HK, Taiwan. Of course you get the people with relevant skills, qualifications and experience.

    Even in multiracial countries, after 100 or few hundred years, the differences ( but less) still remain.

    Of course, for multiracial nation, equal chances must be given to everyone.

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  • Change We Must:

    Now all MRT contractors so happy. No need to replace also must say need to replace. The MRT and LTA heads will follow what the contractors said, to be on the safe side. If they say no to the contractors and the train breakdown again, the one who say “No” will roll their heads. So you can see how professional are our MRT and LTA management. Everybody wants to be on the safe side now, after all there are lots of budget to get the train right. And the money of course is the “ah kong” money, our money and they can anyhow spend now, unlimited.

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  • Think:

    If u r in any engineering field. Imagine all tech and engineer changed to ah nare or any except chinese. U know the problem. Pay and pay take all credit and rewarss them self w million ,but they r not that smart as they think

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