10 most dangerous spots in Johor for Singaporeans

Many Singaporeans love visiting Malaysia, Johor state in particular, because of its proximity to Singapore and its lower currency value.

However, crime remains a problem in Johor, with a 2013 survey ranking Johor as the 4th most dangerous place in the world after Guatamala City (Guatamala), Caracas (Venezuela) and Johannesburg (South Africa).

For those who are still intent on going, here is a useful top 10 list of the most dangerous spots in Johor.

Larkin Bus Terminal

A stone’s throw away from JB central, and a busy place with many people. This terminal has buses available where it can take you to Thailand Hatyai. Pickpockets are aplenty here.

Taman Johor Jaya

North side of JB got lots of shopping malls, eateries and hypermarts. But there have been cases of snatch theft, where masked motorists await to scoop valuables before making a quick dash.

Taman Sentosa

A 47-year-old woman lost her handbag, which was snatched by a motorcycle robber. She lost about S$2000. Few days later, a similar case happened, and again it was a woman, who suffered limb and head injuries.

Taman Pelangi

This area has lots of shopping, restaurants and night clubs. Cars have been known to be stolen.

Petrol station near customs

Robbers have also stationed themselves there, to prey on your valuables. So be extra careful.

Taman Universiti

Be careful when you stop at a red light junction. Some robbers will fly past, smash your window and rob you on the spot.

Stulang Laut

This district near the sea also got some fine restaurants. Just last month, a 44-year-old Chinese woman was robbed by two motor robbers. While struggling, a sharp object was thrusted into her back. She lost her life.

Taman Century

A 31-year-old woman was robbed while sitting inside a bus! She was dragged down and robbed of her handbag! She suffered some injuries.

Taman Molek

It is not safe here, where manholes and wiring have been stolen as they are made of copper and can be resold for a price. Some robberies have also been recorded.

Taman Sri Tebrau, Jalan Keris

This is a popular spot for Singaporeans. A Singaporean couple went there for bak kut teh, but lost their Honda car within 15 minutes!





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