Khaw should not assume Singaporeans are fools, stop engaging in propaganda

MOT Minister Khaw is politically finished: the amount of nonsense coming out of his mouth makes him a national disgrace.

Khaw, a former PPS to LKY, is like the man himself: one who never admitted to mistake. And when Khaw does, he has to put his foot in his mouth. For example:

But Khaw is worse than LKY because he will continue flipping the prata until both sides are burnt.

In a parliamentary exchange with WP MP Low on SMRT role in generating profits for the government, Khaw said he disagreed. His argument was “there are easier ways to make money. You don’t have to use SMRT to make money”.

Singaporeans of course already know the easier ways of making money from us such as through CPF Act amendments or via the COE scheme. But just because the government has already made billions from citizens does not mean that it would not make more money through SMRT. Greed is insatiable, Khaw should know.

Khaw should have known this:

To claim otherwise amounts to intellectual dishonesty.

Hopefully, Khaw will start to respect citizens and not assume people can be easily fooled.


Phillip Ang






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9 Responses to “Khaw should not assume Singaporeans are fools, stop engaging in propaganda”

  • PAP has the mandate:

    Surely, the accident with two trains collided has raised the serious safety issues. The CEO, the board of MRT and Khaw should resign immediately….this is a joke when the million dollars clowns have no accountability, no responsibility and no transparency. A new team should be in place.

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  • PAP is BEST:

    The MRT maintanence crews volunteered for the job. Khaw don’t need to resign. All not his fault, PAP is best one, cannot wrong. Vote PAP, next election 90%, Make Singapore Great Again.

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  • Amos exposed PAP hypocrisy:

    I attended a public event many years ago where KBW then a Perm Sec was one of the guest. He made a short speech, Then it was Q&A time. After seeing how he answer questions I told a friend with me that I KBW is a person that cannot be trusted. He was arrogant and condescending. He got the LKY/PAP “sickness”.

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  • Amos exposed PAP hypocrisy:

    Have you heard? MRT not only breaking down often. Now even have accident. A train hit another one stalled on the tracks.

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  • MarBowling:

    It seems that the post PPS(Puki Private Secretary) to the Pee-M is earmarked for vast fortune, fame and unaccountability.

    Some great examples of PPS:

    Khaw BW aka $8Cow aka Hart Hou Seah Sump(speaks like an Angel But with a Heart of a Snake)PPS to Lee Kayu.
    Demon Quack(LJ General EX Indian Chief of Defence Force)PPS to Mai Hum.
    Heng Sweet Cake(current Minister of Finance)
    Lam Chuan Leong(kaki Lang of the FAMILEE)
    Tan Jee Say(has backbone when he showed his LOONG Middle Finger at Woody who was his Pee-M)

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  • Amos exposed PAP hypocrisy:

    Breakdowns, flooding and now accident with 2 persons seriously hurt. MRT is PAP’s nemesis. It “took down” a PAP Minister (LTY) at the last GE. He fell on his sword and took the hit for PAP. A the next GE I would not be surprised if PAP throw the its Chairman (and the Transport Minister) under the bus so PAP does not take a hit at the polls for the the worsening situation at MRT.

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  • opposition dude:

    Looks like heaven is on our side. Still fresh from the flooding now 2 trains collided. This makes it the second train collision on the east west line, there was one at Clementi back in the 90s.

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  • LIONS:



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  • Selfish Sinkie Syndrome:

    He don’t need to “assume” that Singaporeans are fools, because 69.9% Sinkies simply ARE fools.

    Don’t think so? You wait for next GE, then you see the result again for yourself lor.

    Last time 2011 also like tat, then 2015 also like tat. Spineless Aunty and Uncles Sinkies only complain and complain but no balls to make change in choice, so they always become morons once the cheapo free packet of bee hoon gets distributed by the elites during GE.

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