More local PMETs in ‘jobs growth’, but no no. of jobs?

Since the 3-year average shows more PMET jobs growth went to locals – why is the actual number of PMET jobs growth not given?

I refer to the article “Parliament: Local PMETs facing brighter job prospects, says Lim Swee Say” (Straits Times, Nov 6).

It states that “The job front is perking up for professionals, managers, executives and technicians (PMETs), with a bigger share of them forming the local workforce.

The proportion of locals being added to the pool of PMETs has also grown while the real incomes of workers who are in full-time jobs have risen. Real income takes into account inflation.

Manpower Minister Lim Swee Say painted this optimistic picture in Parliament on Monday (Nov 6) when he gave an update on the outcome for workers of the Government’s efforts to transform the economy to be more innovative, productive and manpower-lean, and help PMET residents – comprising Singaporeans as well as permanent residents – adapt to changes.

Mr Lim gave figures to underline the positive changes.

This year, PMETs make up 56.1 per cent of the resident workforce, compared with 53.5 per cent in 2014.

This growth rate is higher than that of the previous three years, Mr Lim said.

Residents also make up a bigger proportion of the net employment growth for PMETs.”

As to “A three-year moving average shows that out of every four extra PMETs employed in the past three years, three were locals. Five years ago, the figure was lower: one local out of every two extra PMETs” – Why is it that there was no mention of the actual number of PMET jobs created in the last three years?

If we account for the estimated 90,000 new PRs and 60,000 new citizens granted in the last three years – how many of the jobs to locals went to Singaporeans?.

With regard to “In the first eight months of this year, these programmes (Adapt and Grow) to help workers adapt to rapid technological changes helped more than 16,000 workers land new jobs.

More than half of them (58 per cent) are PMETs, nearly three in 10 are older than 50, and around three in 10 were long-term unemployed who had been jobless for more than six months.

Of the PMET jobseekers who seek help from Workforce Singapore and Employment and Employability Institute, about 65 per cent are placed in jobs.

Recent schemes announced along these lines include the SkillsFuture Series to help working adults learn industry-relevant skills in eight areas related to the industry transformation maps.

There is also the Manpower Ministry’s Capability Transfer Programme, which will help companies bring in foreign experts to train locals in advanced skills that are not yet prevalent in Singapore” – All these piecemeal statistics may arguably by quite meaningless, from the overall perspective of how many of the “jobs growth” actually went to Singaporeans?


Leong Sze Hian



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7 Responses to “More local PMETs in ‘jobs growth’, but no no. of jobs?”

  • FT is king:

    No use leow lah … the daft 70% gave a blank cheque to the Emperor and His Royal Highness can do as he want. He can give jobs to FTs and what can you do?Just hope he still has a sliver of sympathy left for the peasants lah. Sob …

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  • Rabble-rouser:

    This situation in S’pore regarding jobs creation for the PMET class is totally unbelievable! At times, methinks that whomever is talking, writing & TKSS’ing [like Lim Swee Say]; he is simply way too detached from the real Global Economy developments.
    The Developed Economies [the US under President Trump; recently NZ under new PM Jacinda Ardern] are reining in immigration numbers [anti-immigration], banning foreign buying of properties (NZ) &/or re-shoring their industries [Broadcom] /flowing back capital [tax reforms/lowering tax rates]. These are all signs that Globalization is not only slowing but also ending. With China’s excluding S’pore from their OBOR masterplan – all the signs are not good for the S’pore Economy.
    Even the restructured TPP format [now called CPTPP] ie. excluded the US has had problems being ratified. Canada was a no-show [NAFTA re-negotiations in mind]; even NZ govt is having 2nd thoughts about it because the CPTPP would cause problems for its proposed ban on foreign ‘speculators’ buying New Zealand homes. And the labour standards in the agreement put pressure on countries such as Vietnam and Malaysia to improve workers’ rights.
    Even if CPTPP agreement is formally signed, it still has to pass the domestic legal procedures of each participating country to be implemented. For some countries, even if the leader signs an agreement, there is no guarantee it will be passed by its parliament. Australia with it’s hung parliament is a case in point.
    Even the S’pore-EU Free Trade Agreement ratification has been held up due to BREXIT. And everyone is looking to conclude their negotiated Trade Agreements with the US first before committing.
    With S’pore relationship with China being luke-warm at best; US President Trump certainly didn’t rate S’pore highly when he went on his Asian tour itinerary.
    In the sense, the next chapter for S’pore is somewhat uncertain & possibly bleak. With the next step of Globalization uncertain, S’pore’s domestic economy continues to be ravaged by Brick ‘N Mortar redundancy [retail malls vacancies up & ravaged by online retailers]; idle taxi fleets [cannibalized by Ride-share apps]; Print media continue to decline [ravaged by online competitors]; constant MRT breadowns [issues can't be resolved].
    And if new graduates in S’pore have to drive Uber/Grab for a living – then where’s the economic recovery?
    And if Developed Economies are ramping up their anti-immigration processes – the 3rd world labour would be flocking to the last open place – S’pore! But with China’s fraught relationship with S’pore & S’pore difficult situation with FTAs – what sort of job creation will S’pore have?

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  • his:

    My neighbour an ardent PAP supporter and told me last GE “What can oppositions do for you?” I told him your day will come, you will be replaced.

    2 months ago, suddenly very humble, smiling and even lost a lot of weight. I rarely talked to him.

    My mom told me he told my dad, he had been replaced by FT!!!

    Voted PAP all his life… isn’t this karma?

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  • opposition dude:

    Uncle Leong, creative accounting from the monkeys as usual.

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  • Taxi Uncle Lim Kopi:

    In USA/Europe, at 50 years old, you get a lot of respect as a veteran engineer and companies hire you as a consultant.

    In Singapore, at 50 years old, you go drive a taxi. No more engineering company wants to employ you.

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  • Harder Truths:

    $G is a third world island – make no mistake.

    The biased work policies, the despot master owning everything requiring us to work or starve – is this any more than a slave ownership?

    No-one can hope to achieve anything from his/her own merit. Everything is fixed in one direction only – they win we lose – always.

    let us not kid ourselves – we are already treated as disposable, if you die your business is nit a joke it is real.

    If you can – migrate; if not be prepared for a Happy North Korea.

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  • Reality:

    Reality is many of our Senior PMETs are still unemployed or underemployed.
    More need to be done for them.

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