Things always happen after Khaw opens his big mouth

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This morning (15 Nov), I was riding the MRT towards Joo Koon from Pioneer. I was at the front cabin of the train that almost reached Joo Koon MRT. At exactly 8.20 am, there was a loud bang, and a violent shaking threw everyone onto the floor. The lights also suddenly went out. I almost thought we were about to fall over.

From the pilot cabin, we could hear the Driver speaking on the radio. He spoke to the control center that the train behind had collided with the train behind.

A Bangladeshi or Indian man could not get up. He hit his head in the collision. A Caucasian man (possibly from Europe), rendered assistance.

I tried pressing the comms button, but there was no response. The Caucasian man spoke to the driver through the opening of the door, informing that there is an injured person on board.

An SMRT staff came from the other side to check on the casualty. He probably came from the rear of the train. We asked him if it was possible to open the train door to let the injured person out. The staff said that if the train door was opened, then all the train doors would be opened at the same time, which would endanger passengers walking on the electrified tracks. I asked him if it was possible to just open only a single door. He replied they cannot control it like that.

After a long time, the front door from the driver side was opened. 2 passengers helped the injured man to his feet and got him out first. The rest of us then followed outside. It was 8.50, half an hour since the collision.

At the control station of Joo Koon, people were forming a long queue. They were queuing to get the excuse sheet, as well as to cancel the overstay status, as they cannot tap out with their EZ Link cards.

To my dismay, I realized that the gantry of Joo Koon was still deducting fares. The one thing that never breaks down. I approached the staff, explained the fare deduction should be cancelled. She told me that she has no power to make such a decision, and just referred me to another staff. After approaching 3 staff, the male SMRT staff opened one gate with no fare deduction. I told him the fare waiver should be for the whole station, not just one gate, but he said this was the best he could do.

It was a bad experience, but I could say I was lucky enough to get away with just a few bumps. Others weren’t so lucky. This has already become the norm. And you can see the resilience of Singaporeans from the way we tap on our phones even as we were stuck on board.

I would like to thank Mr Khaw for such an experience, because every time he opens his big mouth, an incident is never far behind.


Chen GJ







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24 Responses to “Things always happen after Khaw opens his big mouth”

  • billyma:

    Expect khaw boon wan to tell Singaporeans that Singaporeans should never expect every ride to be perfect with so cheap fare.

    Singaporeans should just be happy that it’s just a small light knock so khaw boon wan will tell Singaporeans to stop whinning.

    It’s just a clear small incident so don’t expect lhl nor khaw boon wan to take the trouble to account & explain what is the he’ll is going on.

    In fact, we all hope khaw boon wan should just shut his gap.
    Everything his dirty mouth opened, things go from bad to worse.

    Khas boon wan should just go spend his hundreds of million like the rests of the PAP ministers.

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  • DavidLKSee:

    … WHY do the mouths of many PAP Obscenely-overpaid Muddle-headed Multi-million dollar Ministers look so much like a chicken’s backside ???

    … BECAUSE whenever they open their mouths, nothing but SHIT will come out !!!

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  • Disgusted!:

    You’re right Chen GJ.
    The more unbelieveable the things Khaw caws, the worse
    the “incident”. So this one was a real biggie. After all,
    he’d described getting rail reliability as a ‘war”, a reactive
    situation when it should be proactive.

    He talked of “constant changes” in leadership being useless.
    Hey 5 yrs is a long time to get things right. We’ve also seen
    that the lack of change in leadership – generally speaking -
    has not led to a better Spore. In fact, we’re seeing things

    Basically, he cawed a lot of BS. The trains have struck back.
    As the system has been doing for a while now. Will they learn?
    Years later, they still haven’t!

    Will they even have a COI now? Can they not hear the screaming
    for one? Even the trains know its badly needed. It takes guts
    to allow one’s failures to be exposed. Does the PAP have guts?

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  • LIONS:

    for that,he has been paid many times over.

    besides SAR,he helped make HOSPITAL FEES MUCH HIGHER.
    HE WENT HDB and we kena ponding in new flats after paying more?

    he goes to MOT,problems never decrease?

    khaw,you think you are ‘MIDAS TOUCH’ bozo,hell no!

    just take a deep breath n perk up your arse,pick up your balls and tell lee ah long his FT POLICY IS THE PROBLEM!

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  • PAP has the mandate:

    This is a serious safety breach and such thing should not happen as millions are spent on the COI. All millions wasted as no action has been taken since. Khaw should come resign or sack, along with his million dollars clowns in SMRT.

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  • Playing musical chairs:

    I think KBW is the jinx here..
    Every gov dept he was thrown at had issues.
    Better watch out where he is sent to next, should he be made to step down..
    yeh they always step down ,and continue with their mil$salary in some other ministry…never get sacked ya?

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  • kong lye kong kee:

    Boh pian lah… the 69.99% love white leh.

    They allow and love to be screwed.

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  • TUCK Wan:

    This Cow must go this time. No more excuses and blamed others .

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  • Amos exposed PAP hypocrisy:

    I am waiting for LHL and PAP to throw KBW under the bus.

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  • Loong Jiak Sai:

    Khaw’s negative karma is surely accumulating until he admits he’s incompetent and resigns. Being a Buddhist, he should know better never to lie or defy the Law of Cause and Effect. His mountain of excuses to fool the people will only continue to cause agony and inconveniences to all train commuters, and disastrous incidents are just waiting to happen.

    Cowardice PM Loong had better sacked Khaw and all the top men in SMRT before it’s too late. If FTs – Fake Talents were allowed to enter sg freely to steal the lunches from normal singaporeans, why can’t real Foreign Talents be allowed to take over those jiak liao bees?

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  • MarBowling:

    The Barn Owl has already shown its hands to Mai Hum who is now very Diam Diam licking his wounds.

    Now the Barn Owl also wants to show its hands to Minister $8Cow aka Fart Hou Seah Sump(speaks like an Angel but with a Heart of a Snake). He thought as a staunch Buddhist his Big CB Mouth will be protected and he can blame everyone(except himself)and anything under the sun for all recent and on-going train disruption and breakdown! Too bad, HoLee Cow. Karma and retribution are catching up on YOU, yes YOU!

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  • LTA - 1996 Promise ???:

    > In 1996 LTA “promised the Moon” . . .
    > LTA 1996 WhitePaper “A World Class Land Transport System”
    In reality, they gave us “a lemon” !
    { A lemon – something that is defective; breaks down a lot. }
    70% Wake up !

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  • Perspective:

    It happened as predicted but this is just a forewarning. “There is no perfect ride,” says the Khaw; but it could be your last ride. The affected MRT lines should be shut down until the problems are fixed. The safety and lives of passengers should not be compromised.

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  • opposition dude:

    H has got a suay chwee that much is cobfirmed. And now we are told the protection software was switched off on the train.

    Deep seated cultural issues indeed!

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  • SOF:

    He just opened his mouth to apologize for train collision. So expect more bad luck to come.

    He got $8 heart bypass, so he can recover quickly every time screw up like this happen. He give $10 plastic note to doctor can get back enough change plus 50 cents for nasi padang.

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  • How Many More Chances?:

    The middle bang just happened. Those bastards better get their act together before the big bang happens.

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  • rukidding:

    Will Khaw resign ?

    Will you dare “protest” at Hong Lim ?

    I think PAP knows that we all hve “lost our balls” !

    That is why,…I am sure….this incident will also be “ignored”, same,same like the SGH Hep,same, same like the little indian riot.

    Pap is “always right” !

    Who to blame ?

    Blame all of ourselves for giving them FULL control !

    Its time to VOTE IN MORE OPPOSITIONs …you people are Dafts !

    You DESERVED to be “treated” this way by Pappy !

    No MINISTER or SENIOR CIVIL SERVANTs woul d be having their “heads chopped”…the $$$$ and the absolute POWER they have would PROTECT them !

    Just sit and wait for Pappy to do a Neh,neh Poo, Poo onto you again !

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  • rukidding:

    Something is very wrong with Mr Khaw !

    Nobody wants to know nor is interested in “excuses” Lah !

    Excuse, after excuse. after excuse…..

    I am sorry Mr Khaw,….you definitely remind me of what we used to “labelled” soldiers with many excuses!…..the word is “Private soldier attitude” !!!!!

    It “boils” us even more when we see that you are “drawing millions in salary”…and yet you keep giving excuses ????

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  • Change We Must:

    Aiya, KBW volunteered for this job so as volunteer no need to be accountable. Nobody can sack me as I’m a volunteer. I have decided to carry on to draw my M$ salary until my retirement in the next election. This MOT job seems like a retirement place for dead woods that don’t need to do any high level thinking but still have M$ in the pocket.

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  • MarBowling:

    opposition dude:
    November 15, 2017 at 10:15 pm (Quote)
    H has got a suay chwee that much is cobfirmed. And now we are told the protection software was switched off on the train.
    Deep seated cultural issues indeed!

    Response: thought donkey years ago Shortarse Minister MarBok Tan As Minister of Transport promised all SinKaporean commuters that under his charge, they would enjoy World Class Transport System when everything is up and going! How come like? Looks more like World GLASS Transport System! Break here and there, crack here and there! Langa here and there! And think Minister $8Cow aka Fart Hou Seah Sump(speaks like an Angel but with a Heart of Snake)is damn RIGHT to put the BLAME of ALL recent and ongoing train disruption and breakdown on his predecessors(MarBok Tan, Raymond Lim and Lui Tuck Yew) esp Shortarse MarBok Tan!

    Btw yesterday only ONE train has its protection software switched off(bad luck, act of God or some itchy hidden hand?)causing it to Langa the backside of another train. Wonder what would happen when NOT if, the protection software of half of our total number of MOVING trains all over the shop are switched off? Who can guarantee this BIG BANG will not happen? Minister Hara-Kiri or Demon Quack?

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  • up yours:

    Tapping our fares okay.
    As long as we are allow to openly and publicly f*** him.
    Comes with the pay package.

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  • pap selected INDIAN president:

    below is cut and paste from a TRE article. it well summarizes the fake malaysian S$8 cow. all so true. so very true.

    These are the pointers for the Khaw Boon Wan Masterclass:

    - Look very sad and very sorry without having to say sorry

    - Speak slowly, appear like you are going to choke with emotion anytime

    - Wherever possible, remind people that it was an HONEST mistake and therefore they will find it hard to pin blame

    - Never own up personally – say somebody else let you down, somebody else made the HONEST mistake, somebody else was careless

    - Seize every opportunity to compare yourself with your predecessor, making the point that you have done much better – after all, the other guy is not around and cannot defend himself

    - Look tired and deprived of sleep (that’s actually easy, try not to sleep the night before your big speech)

    - Stress that you have been working really, really hard – for example, say that you have aged 5 years in 2 years on the job

    - If the Opposition dares to question you, look angry and hurt and imply they cannot throw stones because they also have skeletons in the closet

    - To signal that you are done, declare very solemnly LET’S MOVE ON – it always works because anyone who objects will look like he wants to find fault even though you have already honestly, sincerely, sorrowfully given your account

    they say 3 generations. the clown is the 3rd generation. kaput. that is why an INDIAN is a malay. where got hope if these clowns continue.

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  • jaywalker:

    Fellow Singaporeans, there is no escape from the MRT. There will be no more increase in COE from Feb 2018!
    So ENJOY!

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  • CNN:

    The problem at MRT is just the “tip of the iceberg”. It is because the breakdowns of this MRT GLC are obvious to the public. There are many other “GLCs”, like the universities, capitaland, SIA and other public works that are breaking but not obvious to the public. Singapore needs capable leaders to lead in the cabinet. We cannot understand how a retired military officers or former secretaries like Chan CS, Ong YK can do the work.

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