Sure can fix or not?

LTA and SMRT announced that in the month of December, train services at selected stations will either be closed for a full day or end early but start later over the weekends and i am puzzled with this decision of theirs.

Since they can argue that most of tbe singaporeans are going for holidays in December so it shall be the right time to disrupt train services as they need more time to do maintenance works, since that’s the case, why not just close tbe entire EWNSL for the whole of December?

By allowing slightly more time to do up the maintenance work, its not going to help much, what we need now is a thorough maintenance work to be done on our MRT network so that in January when the crowds are back, we wouldn’t face such chaotic situations again! And furthermore, isn’t our government implementing a boost in public transport efficiency to accomodate to the 0% car and motorbike growth? Shouldn’t they use December as an opportunity to shut down the entire EWNSL network to allow the maintenance team to concentrate and focus on the maintenance work?

Why still allow the train services to run when urgent works are required to avoid such disruptions? Is SMRT still over concerned about money than the commuters?





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12 Responses to “Sure can fix or not?”

  • I don't know what to do.:

    They are at a lost and don’t know what to do. With the ZERO knowledge on rail system from the TOP that cannot give a definite solution. Yet they have the cheek to collect million of dollars.

    Please resign and give other with the knowledge to run the system.

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  • N.Jungne:

    It is a “no 3, no 4 proposal”, needs a total collapse of Train Station to aid its closure

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  • C'est la vie:

    For the record, MRT began their services on 7 November 1987.

    Three decades on and it would seem this SGovt has not kept up with the times and “load” it’s carrying.

    The Minister of Transport wants more time.

    The entire Govt is fully supportive of Khaw, in his “efforts” and “past record”.

    Who is this Govt “working” for, and in the absence of accountability, how long should a worthless/useless piece of “shit” minister stay in his designated “station” ???

    Questions I’m sure, answered in the same fashion as did the greatest statesmen the world has ever had the privilege to witness, “we decide what is right. Never mind what the people think”.

    So there, we can all now understand how it works and will always work in SG !!!

    Looks like, every commuter will just have to put up with the crap service and shit efficiency of the MRT then !!!

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  • Amos exposed PAP hypocrisy:

    Ken is right. Why not close the EWNSL for the whole of December? SMRT can still make some money from its bus operations. Anyway, Desmond’s million $ salary is not dependent on MRT fares. The reason it will not happen is obvious. If what Ken suggested is followed, Desmond and KBW will no longer have a valid excuse for train breakdowns after service resumes. Such breakowns will confirm beyond doubt that both are, like their big boss who is ony good at raising taxes, basically INCOMPETENT.

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  • Not feasible:

    People still have to go to work Ok! Some families n children still need to go places . Not everyone can afford to go holidaying abroad too.
    Then is the MOT ready n able to put more buses on the roads to cater for the closure of EWNSLines?
    There’ll be traffic jams n chaos all over.
    Trying to solve one problem by creating another isnt helpful at all!

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  • NotMyProblem:

    How come suddenly SMRT can get maintenance staff to do the work now? They fired so many of them!

    Is LTA using taxpayers’ money to subsidise the shuttle bus services?

    SMRT is private company. Profit they keep….???

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  • nathan:

    Sure can fix. But only for a day only for another old faultline or another unexplainable tech glitch to play up.

    You see Khaw has been over ambitious and confident. He has bitten more than he can chew with over building and over extending the Mrt lines criss-crossing each other in all directions all over the tiny Red Dot at a furious pace to prove God knows what.

    The Mrt has now grown into a uncontrollable monster with a will of its own hell-bent on defying its master for over working and over burdening her.

    Simple as that.

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  • opposition dude:

    Let’s be frank, the train system will NEVER be fixed since the number of third world people keeps being increased year after year. If these monkeys think that with both the Circle Line and Downtown Line fully operational means that the NSEW will be less crowded they are dead wrong. Not when you keep letting in 100k non Singaporeans per year that’s for sure.

    But don’t tell these book smart scholar geniuses what to do, they enjoy doing the same shit over and over and making the same mistakes after all. All they will do is sneer at your common sense suggestion.

    And they hav changed the sleepers and upgraded the trains over the years but so what, the disruptions just keep on coming. Deep seated cultural issues you know. And isn’t it funny how management can’t solve these deep seated cultural issues? Don’t dare to fire the cannot give a damn alien or new citizen is it?

    It’s actually a good thing that Singaporeans do not want to work for SMRT in maintenance. They want cheap want good right, well they got them cheap but as we can all see, they aren’t very good leh!

    Let all these non Singaporeans and new citizens make the MRT extremely unreliable!

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  • RDB:

    AND,AFTER THEIR GRAND PLAN TO SOLVE THE HUGE BREAKDOWNS THEY HAVE CREATED..AND THE SAME BREAKDOWNS STILL HAPPEN.. WHAT WILL pm3 lEE hSIEN looNG SAY THEN?.. “OH! I FORGOT TO AND NOW ADD THAT IT IS ACTUALLY A MUCH MUCH LARGER PROBLEM ISSUE THAN I THOUGHT IT WAS”!!! BUT HE THEN MUST ADD.. “i MUST NOW RESIGN just like Zimbabwe’s 93 yrs old President Robert Mugabe. And just take a retirement of at least 7.5 Million British pounds for life. With me and my wiFEE paid some 112000 salary per month too. But then I am not yet 93 lah. So must wait till then to make some 90% of you chaps as daft as the Zimbabweins before I do step done. But my pa lived to only 91. And I have prostate cancer relapse this year 2017. So I must stay on until I can take no more. Ha Ha!”

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  • pap selected INDIAN president:

    sure CANNOT fix.

    because it is designed for 3m pop with stretch to 4m as design limit.

    at 5.5m it now starts to break, even causing injuries. wait till 6.9m then cannot rule out casualties. and they are talking 10.0m. WTF.

    70% sheep needs to wake up. these pap Ljs and pap Cbs all S$m they pay each other. see any of them daily mrt to work or play? NO. even 3rd world malaysian S$8 cow R-R in penang. is it any wonder why so many malaysians are here. see NSF avoider puthu. look at army corp. these are malaysians own land rejects them. no where to go. only 70% sheep allows them in. now 70% sheep serves those they vote into the country. so ffffing stupid.

    has any sane local born looked at how malaysian S$8 cow speak? ffff. he is so ffffing fake. WTF.

    then look at how malaysian puthu speak. this one 100% fake. ah neh already great faker. some more malaysian ah neh. some more NSF avoider. WTF.

    also look at that malaysian woman army corps. what good has she done for Singapore? aren’t we having too many of these malaysia failures in our own government? WHY? because they fake yes sir yes sir so ffffing well clown cannot afford not to keep them. so in the end, 70% sheep suffers. so ffffing stupid the 70% sheep. WTF.

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  • Not easy:

    The SMRT ageing and complex system maintenance is not going to be easy to fix.
    Unless more competent and expensive resources are recruited to tackle it,the piecemeal effort is not going to solve it.
    Need Political will to address this monster problem…

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  • Sheep!!!:

    Sad to say but i think no Singaporean has the knowledge to run a rail system properly. It’s VERY obvious now.

    Singaporeans are lousy engineers. Or we do not have good people who are interested to go into engineering.
    That’s why today we do not have our own technologies nor our own products.

    Even our own MRT we don’t know how to repair!!! What a disgrace!
    Situation is so bad that even if the govt wakes up and starts developing our own engineers, it may take a generation a least to see improvement.

    Too bad the sheep fail to realize this.

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