Mandatory Treatment Order being considered for M Ravi

M Ravi

Human rights activist Mr M Ravi is to be assessed  by an Institute of Mental Health (IMH) psychiatrist as to his suitability for a Mandatory Treatment Order (MTO), after he pleaded guilty to several charges on Monday (27 Nov) in the State Courts.

The charges which the 48-year-old pleaded guilty to are:

  • Voluntarily causing hurt to fellow lawyer and opposition politician Jeannette Chong-Aruldoss on 8 August.
  • Causing hurt through a rash act to lawyer Nakoorsha Abdul Kadir on 8 August.
  • Breaking into the office of his former employer, law firm Eugene Thuraisingam LLP in June.

Both Chong and Nakoorsha are partners at Eugene Thuraisingam LLP, the law firm from which Ravi was dismissed from in 8 June this year.

Eugene Thuraisingam LLP had employed Ravi as its head of knowledge management and strategic alliances after he was prohibited by the High Court from applying for a practising certificate for 2 years.

Four other charges, including two of causing annoyance to the public by shouting at tourists and temple staff at Sri Mariamman Temple on 31 July and 11 August this year, will be taken into consideration during sentencing.

Ravi, who is represented by lawyer Shashi Nathan will be back in court on 5 January 2018 for sentencing.


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14 Responses to “Mandatory Treatment Order being considered for M Ravi”

  • nathan:

    If the Mandatory Treatment Order comes to pass then Ravi can be detained in the IMH indefinetly at the mercy of psychiatry review after psychiatry reviews stretching for years until the panel of IMH doctors all agrees that Ravi is ready for release for outpatient treatment. I am sure Ravi is aware of the implication and will resist it best as he can in Court. The MOT is more feared than a normal jail sentence for those familiar with our criminal justice system.

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  • Ravi need help:

    Ravi need medical help..
    Health should come first for him..

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  • PAP is BEST:

    PAP best one. Fight PAP is sure lose one. Ravi sure lock up in IMH cannot come out like Amos. PAP chut pattern best one, you cannot win one. People think PAP only know how to use ISA is wrong one, got a lot of pattern you all never see before one like Malay President dont need vote sure win one. Vote PAP next election 90%, PAP best one.

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  • They r going to ruin his mind:

    There seems to be something very sinister behind all this. They are going to ruin his mind.

    Must watch video:

    Also, watch the following video on M. Ravi to see for yourselves if Ravi looked insane:

    Such is how malicious the PAP can be.

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  • Self-inflicted:

    Ravi did this to himself. He knew the consequences of not taking his meds.

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  • nathan:

    hahaha. I also need psychiatry evaluation and so do you and you and you to ascertain your mental state of mind. Who doesn’t need some psychoanalyst every now and then. How can we be so sure that government psychiatrists in IMH are not mad themselves or always true to their calling.

    In the early years, LKY decided on mass culling of drug addicts. Government doctors were used as witch-doctors to pronounce whether you are a drug addict and must be sent to the DRC treatment even when there is no evidence of drug taking or possession of drugs. How can I be a drug addict when my urine sample returned a negative by the Scientific Research Dept from GH.

    All these untrained government doctors are only interested in sending as many people to the DRC as possible to support the Government to fight the epidemic war aginst drugs at that time. They were handling thousands upon thousands arrested daily on the street they have no time to play the family doctor.

    They are looking for symptoms of a drug addict. Running nose, blood-shot eye, shivering and fever. God bless you, should you have these symptoms when your number is called to meet Dr Zhivago in Telok Paku.

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  • nathan:

    Amos Yee doesn’t appreciate how lucky he is to escape the clutches of the PAP government. He is now challenging the US audience that paedophile or sex with under-aged children are ok with their consent. Americans are furious with him. Everybody knows what will be the outcome if he is to such thing in Singapore. I think he wants to be famous too fast.

    Almost impossible for Ravi to get off the hook now but there are alternatives for him. Don’t fight the case. Plead guilty at the earliest opportunity. Impress the Judge after serving a jail term he will seek medical treatment overseas for his mental condition.

    This is a reasonable plea bargain.

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  • rukidding:

    I suspect his Mental issue was further “aggreviated” by some “outside interference”…..if KIM’s brother could be “silenced”…who’s to say that our dear RAVI’s mind cannot be “messed up” by “someone from outside” ?

    White may not necessarily be white ! Looks can “deceive”

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  • Harder Truths:

    Ravi – you gave the pappies the excuse they need to lock you up for good.

    I thought you are smarter than this but it seems I am mistaken.
    You did a stupid thing and pappies have you by the balls.

    Now you will be locked up in IMH forever or kept at home on medication as a useless vegetable.

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  • vtgybnhumji:

    High chances Ravi will not be able to contest in the next GE with this case and state of mind. Is a waste that such talented kind people ended up to this, what will happen to those that require his legal help and the opposition supporters?

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  • No confidence after Amos:

    Many of the senior professionals have no faith in PAP after its nepotic seizure and its ISA tactical wipe out of good thinking men and women. What PAP attracted are people who are willing to plp for personal advancement. Men who are willong to plp are men of extreme greed, bereft of human dignity and integrity. What can expect frm plps are real risk to national security, justice and human value. We have seen thru many of our contempories who act more than they think. Of course they are still rigging in plenty with nothing to offer except plps and a hung pike of decoratives which only signify how proficient is their art of plps. Sitting at the same table during offickal dinner is first an experience of how despicable the plps at their ultra best, next is revulsive feeling and more a desperate disgust at the loss of human dignity just for the decoratives perhaps token for employment of fellow plps crown with mutual petting of each other despicable bowed back thru years of plping.

    After Amos encounter with the phychiatric munsters, many have eerie feeling of the deadly danger of plp of such professional yo nation building. As one stiff backboned professor commented during a graduation to his graduating students that professional contribution of vale only begin with himan value and untradeable human dignity and how much one holds to one’s integrity. Professional bootlicking os a sure evident of greed and expectation od hugh rewards with knowledgeless bootlicking at the expence of clients and a national risk in public service.

    Singapore is revealing the expected results of exyreme plpism aggravated woth nepotism over its last five decade except for the first decade of its existence when a few founder menbers are real men with patroitic inclination but collapsed utterly with greed intensified nepotists.

    When citizens are intimidated to the extent that they fear for their welfare, however intensive nepotic indoctrination will still failed. Daft is just the arrogant evalution of a nepotist who see success in their con game but nation is a never dying nation as history has shown
    This to many with religious hope call it karma whoch entail the devine punitive acts following the devine eradication of inhuman evil. This is oerhaps why it has become an internation mandarory act to swear pn one’s own faith before assuming a oublic office.

    Singapore is still a young counyry and the recent calling for greed is a sign of stupodity in human thinking and thd logic of life which leads to the consideration that Greed is the prime evil in the human world and well proven by historical records particcularly with dynasty, kingdom and modern tyranny headed by Nacism. Nepotism is evil.

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  • nathan:

    I was thinking about what a friend had said I was hoping it was a lie, thinking about what a friend had said I was hoping it was a lie.

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  • nathan:

    Mad or not mad, the government must always get their pound of flesh one way or other. And not always necessary for justice sake if you are a known heavyweight critic of their politics and policy.

    If you plead insanity in the Criminal Court. The DPP will get government psychiatrists from the Institute of Mental Health(IMH) to certify you are of sound mind and is fit to stand trial.

    The G will say you are insane when you are not so you would serve a longer sentence in IMH than a normal jail sentence decided by the sitting judge.

    Remember when you sentence to prison through the due process there is a fixed period you serve and 1\3 remission of the fixed sentence.

    There will be no fixed ROD for in as a stay-in patience courtesy of the G and no remission only extended stay decided by IMH panel of doctors in an annual review if doctors are of the opinion you are still sick in the head, review after review, year after year.

    Lee Kuan Yew said it all when he said we can’t have crooks and criminals and what have you. smarter than our people in the police and the entire criminal justice system.

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  • Hairy Porter:

    He is mentally-ill,definitely.Self-torture,self-sabotage,self-humiliation,all signs of mental sickness.
    Mental illness could lead to suicide,mind you.When he punches others,he is actually punching himself,destroying himself.If he breaks things,he is really breaking himself,destroying himself.
    Mental illness is self-destruction for no reasons.
    Maybe it is bad karma,he having destroyed human or animal lives selfishly in this life or in a previous life or lives,subjecting others to mental suffering.Must repent sincerely or he might kill himself for no reason.
    Saw a white-haired woman in Yishun,her face very agitated,screaming”Jesus Christ!Jesus Christ!”at the top of her voice at Northpoint,in front of shocked shoppers.She was also mentally ill.
    Only Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva can help in mental illness.

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