One of the best commentaries ever in our newspapers!

I refer to Chua Mui Hoong’s article “PAP should be wary of being too intrusive” (Sunday Times, Nov 26).

It states that “The report added: “All 82 PAP MPs, “where possible”, will also be advisers in the 58 unions, two affiliated associations and 62 professional associations and guilds under NTUC, it said. Currently, there are 71 PAP MPs who are advisers to unions.”

The decision to bring professional organisations under the NTUC umbrella was made a few years ago. It was a way to reach out to PMEs (professionals, managers and executives) in the workforce and those who worked for non-unionised, smaller companies.

The NTUC U Associate Programme as it is called, started in 2011. It now includes associations in sectors from finance, human resource, project management, marketing, engineering, psychotherapists and administrative professionals.

There are clear benefits for professional organisations to hook up with NTUC, which can offer its partners career and skills progression programmes and leadership training. Professionals are workers after all and benefit from being part of the union network.

But extending that link beyond NTUC to the PAP is a different matter. In one fell swoop, these professional organisations now risk being viewed as partisan bodies, aligned with a particular political party. This may not be a desirable position for a professionals’ organisation, especially those that also serve as accreditation bodies.

To be sure, some organisations will welcome the access to government resources and attention that this association with PAP MPs brings. Others finding it hard to recruit leaders may also welcome it. At least one also said it had asked to have a PAP MP as advisor to lead it.

Some professional organisations are also members of regional or global confederations. Appointing PAP MPs or ministers as “advisors” to these organisations may complicate their regional ties, just as the Football of Association of Singapore (FAS) ran into problems in 2015 with the global football governing body FIFA for its politically-appointed leaders. FAS then changed its constitution and held elections for its council members. Not complying would make it ineligible to take part in international competitions.

Quite apart from potentially complicating these professional organisations’ institutional links, the move to appoint PAP MPs to these bodies also speaks poorly of talent management in Singapore.

Is Singapore so starved of talent that the same group of 82 PAP MPs have to perform so many roles?

They are MPs; serve on Government Parliamentary Committees; act as grassroots advisors to the People’s Association network of organisations; advise trade unions; advise or lead national sports associations; run town councils; and many hold full-time jobs.

So what would explain the move to add to PAP MPs’ responsibilities and appoint them as advisors to professional associations?

If the decision was motivated by a wish to extend the PAP’s strong guiding hand beyond workers’ unions to white-collar professionals’ bodies, then I think PAP leaders may have misread the national mood.

Whether worker or professional, the mood among voters these days is for a less intrusive and more inclusive government. A soft touch and gentle support will be appreciated.

Trying to lock professional bodies within the PAP’s strong embrace may not.”

After reading the above – I feel that our Press Freedom Ranking of 151st in the world may not be justified.

What are your thoughts on this?


Leong Sze Hian




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18 Responses to “One of the best commentaries ever in our newspapers!”

  • Python 5:

    I would savour immensely to see CMH gets arrested without trial by the ISD.

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  • Python 5:

    same goes for that Kishore Manbuhani.

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  • No Joke Lah!:

    Most of them are absent from Parliament Sittings after being voted in as MPs.

    Do you think they deserve to be re-elected?

    Now you ask them to participate in union activities?

    Are you sure they will show face?

    Maybe for D & D , durain sessions and ‘wayang’ activities only.

    Vote them out if they continue to ‘AWOL from Parliamentary Sessions’; they are suppose to represent us in Parliament and yet they are nowhere to be seen or do they simply sign in and sign out to show face!

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  • Tancho:

    The law professionals shd also join NTUC and have mp as advisor! Maybe Tancho, has he joined back the pappies? Funny, now he suddenly can talk?

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  • To Mr Leong:

    Do you really believe her?
    It may be just her cameleon nature, to say the obvious once in a while. The whole world knows that, even the late LKY admitted that.
    Or is it that she feels for her colleagues who have been axed recently that touches her conscience – quite unlikely, a person DNA cant change that fast, maybe only verbally or for show like our reserved President Halimah, and Tony Tan, now advisor to GIC the company he was to check on when he was the President.

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  • nathan:

    This PAP mother hen is very protective of PAP interests. Made no mistakes about her. She is simply warning PAP not to be too kapoh about the well-being of the people if there is nothing for the PAP to gain and everything to lose due to mis-steps or inadvertent fumblings of MPs over extending their roles. This hardcore mouthpiece of the PAP will remain so till her dying days.

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  • C'est la vie:

    One swallow does not a summer make.

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  • Peter Sau Si Futt:

    MPs are wanted on advisory boards so businesses get first hand knowledge of policy changes, implementations, where business opportunities may lie.

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  • JacobAbraham:

    @ To Mr. Leong “Do you really believe her?”

    Yes, agree. Once in a while you must show some
    (make believe) independent view. So you will not be relegated to 152 or lower!!

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  • YA BOH:

    CMH’s bizarre comment is too clever by half. LSH’s is too moronic by half. Too free, ya boh.

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  • Harder Truths:

    Everyone globally knows $G is a failed communist state.

    All societies, associations and organisations in a communist state are the property of the ruling party. There is no such thing as independence for any such entity.

    So there is nothing new here. $G is what it is. Calling a horse a dog or an Indian a Malay is part of the elitist mentality but does not affect the way the rest of the world sees $G for what it is.

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  • opposition dude:

    “After reading the above – I feel that our Press Freedom Ranking of 151st in the world may not be justified.”

    Agreed, it should be way below 151.

    Who doesn’t know that PAP die die must control everything? If not they will have an itch that can’t be scratched and they won’t like it one single bit.

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  • pap selected INDIAN president:

    1st, such a small country need 82 pap Ljs and pap Cbs all doing nothing for citizens. why need so many?

    2nd, pap groupthink as it exists is already very serious. is it for the better or for the worse if every nook and cranny in small island nation to be infiltrated by useless pap Ljs and pap Cbs?

    3rd, has anyone noticed the state of our sports TODAY? Mr J Schooling is an exception. because his parents took care of him. not any pap Lj or pap Cb. truth be told, if Mr J Schooling was ever under any pap MF or pap CS (CS is the pap Cb who sucks c) not a chance Mr J Schooling can make it.

    look at our table tennis. look at our badminton. look at our football. as long as pap has a hand, they shall be like newspapers the states times, ranked very low the INTERNATIONAL pole.

    F1 is an exception. because of the S$m pap pays via taxpayer money without taxpayer permission. F1 is a daylight example of how the rich powerful abuse power and other people’s money for their own enjoyment. FFFF. F1 is the good example of how citizens’ money is used for the benefit of the pap connected few at the expense of the pap unconnected many. and 70% sheeps says it is okay. WTF.

    last, every pap Lj or pap Cb who fails in an election guaranteed a job in NTUC. so fail saved. no wonder not a SINGLE talent TODAY in pap. WTF.

    pap all liars. how can 82 of them agree INSIDE is not within 200m? where did they learn their england?

    another example of pap liars. ic says INDIAN. mind you, ic, a national registration system institutionalized by founding fathers. mendaki says INDIAN. when mendaki pushes pap pig which pap calls goat to sinda what does it confirm? INDIAN. papa is INDIAN. is clown Chinese or malay? pap says Chinese. why? because his papa lky is Chinese. but papa is INDIAN is now malay? where is the logic? even she herself has lamented about her INDIANness. so how come suddenly for an election reserved for the malay race and INDIAN is selected? WTF.

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  • RDB:

    Called a spade by any other name it is still a spade. And a Poison Ivy by any other name is still a a Poison Ivy?

    Every PAP MP has always voted for PAP or just abstain or absent. And always voted against any Opposition proposal. If that isn’t a partisan PAP political Pariahment what is it? As their MPs always voted for PAP policies etc only. 70% of his papa’s daft still not know or simply don’t care. Dumb is dumb.

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  • God speed to hell:

    Weakness of human KIm nd is greed, it exceeds all virtues and evil.. in words of KHL, I have to buy them over, politics is using taxpayer monies to buy silence .. unionised professional insitutues, throw a couple of carrots to office bearers and they becomes cockroaches willingly enter the deep hole of suppression and abuse of powers, get brain washed with monies stuffed into mouth… our community and our branding has deteriotated below those in 3rd world country… all due to bolan civil servants and greedy professionals… god speed Sinkapore to hell.

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  • Singaporean migrated to USA:

    Well it’s still from 151th rank media when the writer uses words like ‘national mood’ ‘mood of the voters’ etc then try to sell the stuff like ‘less intrusive’ ‘more inclusive’ governance. The Singapore I know these things don’t exist and sheeps don’t have mood neither they have choice of style of governance.

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  • Root cause:

    The mystery on PAP success has been revealed by the nepotic successor to be Greed as he urged NTUC members to be more greedy, more hungry and more aggressive to STEAL the jobs from the foreigners. In all great religions, each warns their deciphers that the greatest sin of all sins is greed but PM of Singapore urged publicly Greed if they want jobs but citizens have to steal jobs from the foreigners has far greater implication than promoting greed.

    The rest follows.

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  • Indian is Malay:

    If Indian can be legally accepted as Malay, what else is not possible. If politicians can become instant millionaires and then go on th be billionaires and keep going on all legalized with the mandate given by the dafts, what else is not possible. Yes, what is not possible when enginneers, lawyers, educators, technocrats, docs, phychiatrist and religios mentors can throw away their human values, pride and integrity to plp, nothing is not possible. Nepotism can become democracy, what else cannot happens.

    Humans are humans. very adaptable with just changing the skin over them. Greed is legally not corruption. Human is greed by nature but corrution is human expolit and illegal so punishable by human laws but greed is human nature not legal punishable.

    Greed and laze are inseparable. laze and nfi are also inseparable. so jump on the plp bandwagon to richness by makimg the mandate holder sioko. afterall jobs needs to be stolen what so different is mandate from job. So dafts be hungry, be greedy but not enough if without plp skill.

    Dream on SINkies or SINners Sin on be greedy, hungrt and then steal
    to be legal not kpkb and be illegalized punishable by SINlaws.

    bullsjit or
    brilliant brainwork depends on plpism.

    GD Star Rating

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