HDB: No change in ‘single parent’ policy – who suffers (children)?

I refer to the article “MND rejects petition to reform public housing policies for single parents” (Straits Times, Nov 30).

It states that “A parliamentary petition by an MP, on behalf of seven single parents, calling for a reform of the public housing policy for single parents has been turned down.

Nee Soon GRC MP Louis Ng wants the authorities to recognise unmarried parents and their children as a family nucleus, so that they can be eligible for public housing schemes.

The ministry, which oversees public housing, said it has no intention to amend the law and introduce exemptions for unmarried and divorced parents.”

So, does it mean that none of the seven single parents’ appeal for public housing was successful?

As to “It said the Government is committed to housing the nation, and ensuring the well-being of children.

But achieving this goals does not require special legislative exemptions for single parents, it said, adding that the Housing Board already exercises flexibility in appropriate cases” – how many appeals and how many did it “approve” as it “already exercises flexibility in appropriate cases”?

With regard to “HDB can also make changes at policy level, which does not require changing the law, the ministry said.

The petition by the single parents wants housing rules to be more inclusive instead of granting case-by-case exceptions, at a time when divorce rates are climbing.

There were 7,614 divorces and annulments last year, up by 1.2 per cent from 2015. In 2015, 863 babies were born to unwed mothers, down from the 1,099 born in 2010” – since more than 80 per cent live in public housing – does it mean that as many as 6,970 (80% of 8,713) families may be affected by the “no change” in policy, in just the last year?

How many affected families are there historically – tens of thousands?

In respect of “The Association of Women for Action and Research (Aware), which submitted a statement supporting the petition, also made several suggestions.

These included letting divorced parents rent public housing or buy subsidised housing immediately after the matrimonial flat is sold.

Currently, divorced parents who own a HDB flat have to wait 30 months before they can rent from the HDB.

Divorcees also face a three-year debarment, during which only one party can own a subsidised HDB flat.

The petitioners also wanted to remove debarment periods, which prevent divorced parents from renting from the HDB or owning subsidised flats” – does the MND know the plight of those affected – having to wait as long as 5.5 years for public housing – 2.5 years debarment and 3 years for the BTO flat to be built?

As to “In its reply, MND also said it is mindful “not to undermine the prevailing social norm of parenthood within marriage” when helping unmarried parents.

It added: “A range of government agencies work together to ensure that no child is without adequate housing, regardless of whether his or her parents are single or married”” – can the statistics be disclosed as to how many were actually helped?

What is the criteria to qualify to be helped?

“He plans to file a parliamentary question on the criteria single parents need to fulfill before their applications or appeals for public housing are approved.

“This would provide single parents with some assurance at least, that if they meet these conditions they’ll get housing. Now, there’s some uncertainty over this,” he said.”


Leong Sze Hian



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5 Responses to “HDB: No change in ‘single parent’ policy – who suffers (children)?”

  • LIONS:

    Blinking PAPigs only good at screwing own citizens.
    I say PRs shud not be allowed to buy HDBs.

    Malaysian-chinese PRs holding senior posts in civil service !

    Mnisters n Perm Secs simply okay recommendations n spending most of their time counting money?

    Fark the farking PAPigs.

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  • So what?:

    Who cares if she’s the most powerful woman in SG or the whole world?…what did she ever do for the good of others with that stupid title?
    Powerful? Parachuted into that position by her hubby im guessing.
    losing billions$ without being accountable..
    holding on to that title n earning $billions annually…
    Profits without conscience.

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  • William C:

    If 7/10 think voting for a dead man over what can PAP do in the future, who do you think these single and unmarried locals will vote?

    They will continue to vote PAP hoping the policy can change, or worry their votes are not confidential.

    They will believe they plight will get worse without their PAP MP.

    We deserve the government we wanted

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  • Serves 70% right:

    Singaporeans deserve the government they voted for. Unless they were part of the 30%, they have no justification for complaint.

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  • pap selected INDIAN president:

    Blinking PAPigs only good at screwing own citizens.
    I say PRs shud not be allowed to buy HDBs.

    Malaysian-chinese PRs holding senior posts in civil service !

    Mnisters n Perm Secs simply okay recommendations n spending most of their time counting money?

    Fark the farking PAPigs.

    yes, very well said. we agree fully PRs cannot be allowed public housing.

    1st, these PRs no NSF NSR. giving them public housing rights is same as giving them a free ride. it is wrong to do so.

    2nd, these PRs are economic parasites. they cannot be allowed to crowd out local born from public housing.

    3rd, a digression. PRs cannot be allowed to have access to our top tier schools such as NYGH HCI RGSS RI. it used to irk us no end where we see these malaysians in NYGH HCI. these malaysians are all free riders. no value to Singaporeans. just costs only. need examples. look at S$8 cow boon huan. look at forked tongue NSF avoider puthu. look at that Cb of all Cbs army kor. all malaysia rejects costing Singaporeans much benefiting Singaporeans NIL KOSONG.

    PRs are not citizens. so cannot lump them together with local born. it is wrong to do so. because local born males must NSF NSR. these PR Ljs all NSF avoiders and all bringing harm to our once great island nation.

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