Top 10 issues of 2017?

Are these the Top 10 issues in 2017?

“‘Very Strange’ 3Q Labour Report? – record 258,700 jobs lost? (Dec 13)

Raise taxes to increase spending: $31b Budget surpluses 1997-2016?” (Nov 19)

Billions from HDB flats, resale levy, etc? (Dec 12)

Khazanah’s returns: 9.3% p.a. – CPF?” (Nov 30)

Increase in healthcare spending, but still the same funding?” (Dec 7)

ComCare: $130m (no increase) in economic downturn, rising unemployment?” (Dec 10)

Gambling reaches record high, but 151st media said … ?” (Nov 24)

How many investigated for “illegal public assembly”?” (Nov 30)

MOE needs to (unfairly) protect itself from competition?” (Nov 29)

Football is round like our head?” (Dec 19)

What are your thoughts on the above and any other issues?


Leong Sze Hian




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5 Responses to “Top 10 issues of 2017?”

  • Biggest issue:

    Dear Mr Leong,

    Happy New Year and thank you for standing up for us.

    The biggest issue to me is that things are falling apart in Sg. Besides all those corruption cases, shocked to hear even a relatively new RSW ceiling caved in injuring 4 people. SMRT breakdown on the first working day of 2018.

    Corruption will continue to exist as many people are sick of seeing the grinning emperor and his court jesters earning millions and screwing the peasants, by allowing the whole wide world to snatch our rice bowls. No other country will allow foreigners to blatantly come into their country with no thoughts for the well-being of its citizens.

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  • rukidding:

    I tot every year end sure got a very proud CNA coming out with a SPECIAL PROGRAMME to recapitulate major events of Singapore in 2017.

    Did I actually missed this programme,…or was it “not featured” ???

    Was there too many “controversy ” such that this year …too shy to feature ??

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  • paku:

    Indian can become Malay!

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  • Greeds beget skunks 1:

    It is a universal truth that greeds attract and skunks attract more skunks. Can a person who think that a party filled with greeds, cowards and plp mentality can provide the essential tool of check and balances in democracy be an honest and man of integrity? Can a man who get to be instant multimillionaires by politically self gratification process understand real work, basic human values and cares and concern beyond nepotic circle? Would a rational man with dedication and abide by his words believe in a man would not corrupt if he is paid sufficiently? For a greedy man, even he is paid millions, he will look for more and more. The greed of man cannot be suppressed by bribing with millions as his greed multiply and sky becomes his appetite.

    In no country, a national leader even with the average intelligence will have the cow sense not to exhort the population to be hungrier. greedier and aggressive than the foreigners so that they can steal the jobs from the foreigners. By exhorting so he exposes a mentality of pro goreigners and short changes the citizenry meaning he has violated the oath of office to serve the citizenry which he has sworn on his faith. By violating his oath he exhibits that he is lying to his faith. A man who loes to his own faith cannot be expected to have dedication, honesty and integrity.

    To ignore the citizenry and operates on its own whimses and his interest with the help of a bureaucracy of plps who are more concerned sharpening their polanpa skill so as to be richly rewarded is like a farmers using harmful chemicals to accelerate growth rate and protection from insects with no concern of the health of the consumers.

    Under such environment, deterioation sets in and citizens suffers. Why should the citizens elect a Govt with a mentality of pro foreigners than the citizens and the citizens has to resort to steal from the foreigners and the success will depend on whether he is hungrier, greedier and Greater aggressiveness.

    A minister said he paid only $8 for his heart surgery, hospitalization in first class ward and medication. Another minister said he paod the same rate like any citizen for his headt attck medical treatment. Who is telling the truth and who liesfades into silence and opacity. Auditors from private sector and AGO seem to be able to detect violations but are unable to detect the corruptive practice of Keppel Corp over a decade until Brazilian Govt exposing the commercial crime which costs the company a hefty fine of half a billion dollars fines imposed by brazil, British and Singapore. What is more disturbing is that no action was taken against the personnel involved and no charge was brought against the sloppy audit by the Company appointed auditors and AGO
    Such commercial crimes committed by the…

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  • Greeds beget skunks 2:

    are illogically and unjustly becomes the responsibility of the shareholders while the guilty ones got away with their unnaturally enormous bonuses. promotion and company awards. What makes it more unpalatable is that Keppel has been, is and most certainly manned by retired ministers, plps up for rewards for their plp venture. The words of LKY grandson and son of self exiled sibling rings more vlearly and louder with the no action from AGC and CPIB. The implication that any corruption exposed is now the onus of the shareholders and not the responsibility of the personnels and management and this will become the precedence in future cases. Why do the AGC and CPIB not taking any action on the prersonnels involved is a myth? Why such legal precedence is set? Presumably this will remain obscure until there are future similar cases or until there is a chance for independent inqury by Committee with members from the other political parties and political critics beside members from the ruling parties and its plps.

    Till then Singaporeans only sit, wonder and silent speculations. This is certainly not the way the citizens want to see when they offer the mandate to govern to the ruling party. The mandate definitely does not embrace self gratification and protection or demeaning any sector of the populationt rather the focus is towards the benefits, respect and concern for the citizens regardless of race, education or wealth.

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