Electricity up: Profits in the billions?

Are our electricity tariffs one of the highest in the world?

I refer to the article “Electricity tariffs up by 6.3% in next three months” (Straits Times, Dec 30).

It states that “Households will pay more for electricity in the new year, with tariffs rising by an average of 6.3 per cent.”

According to Singapore Power’s annual report 2016/2017 – its profit for the year ended 31 March 2017 was $948.8 million, an increase of 2.7 per cent over the previous year’s $923.5 million.

Singapore PowerAssets’ profit was $433.6 million.

What about the profits of the power generating companies – some of which have been sold to foreign companies?

So, in totality – how much profits are being made from providing electricity to the people?


Leong Sze Hian




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10 Responses to “Electricity up: Profits in the billions?”

  • 陈大婶:

    国淫企业,淫利肯定要非常高。就如,光要火车企业,研究电信行业,OMG,淫利多么好。垄断市场,要插上一脚。明白吗 ?

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  • Samuel S:

    We will get no answer from this PAP government although they said they are transparent and claim they have high degree of integrity!

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  • Singapore Fooled Again n Again:

    Since the allowing of other electricity service providers other than the once monopoly Singapore Power, have we not hear that other competing providers are able to offer the same power supply at around 25% cheaper than what Singapore Power charged?

    And these service providers still making profit out of such steep discount of 25%. Just do your maths and see how much Singapore Power have ripped off all the households and commercial and industrial users over the last few decades. How many tens to hundred of billions dollars ripped off to feed the once and still a sizeable moonpoly

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  • GoodLuck:

    Singapore democracy no longer represents the people.

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  • unsurpassed ability to think:

    Our scholar administrators are brilliant, like they like to claim they are. Their ability to think intelligently is unsurpassed.

    One such is to allow our essential services to be at the mercy of a monopoly, and be hostage to their price, and inefficiency, as ALL monopolies or anyone or any entity without competitive pressure inherently has to be.

    Perhaps they have some intelligent reasons as to why they have allowed such crucial monopolistic services to be in private hands, and to allow them to reap guaranteed profits from Singaporeans at the mercy of their services.

    Alas, they always remain silent when questioned or challenged. So we never know the justifications for their decisions, even when they pay themselves top dollars for making those stupid decisions.

    It doesn’t help that our msm editors and reporters never have that ability to ask.

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  • asd:

    growth by taxing people .. what else can they do ?

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  • 鸟龙的人:


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  • seem like super intelligent:

    //Our scholar administrators are brilliant, like they like to claim they are. Their ability to think intelligently is unsurpassed.//

    brilliant, very good. but brilliant in thinking of ways to squeeze more out of you so that they can get more themselves in the overall net effect ? then what is the use of such brilliance as far as the general public is concerned if one is not part of their circle.

    as for thinking intelligently, 151th media will always ensure that even the white idiotic half-baked standard will seem like super intelligent.

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  • Rabble-rouser:

    The high cost of electricity is an investment disincentive for foreign investors looking at S’pore as an investment destination. The problem with S’pore Inc is that they’re (ie. the policy makers) too comfortable with raising cost thinking that people will pay their prices without too much resistance. But the world of electricity generation & the centralized grid are facing technology disruptions as renewable energies & shifts towards decentralization of the energy supply grid that is taking shape. The ramifications are;
    * End of Fossil Fuel as a driver for energy use;
    * Emergence of a cheaper cost alternative as renewable energies take shape;
    * Heavy investments in wind farms, solar panel farms & realignment of the power grid to adjust for peak & trough demand using battery technology;
    * The potential of a lower cost structure for electricity generation would advantage those early adopters while penalizing those who stubbornly still use the old mode (fossil fuels);
    * Solar panel technology coupled with battery life improvements could lay the foundations for a decentralized home (off the grid) where home owners simply powered their home using solar energies obtained from their roof. Elon Musk’s other technology product beside the Tesla EV is producing integrated solar roof tiles for the housing market;
    * Electric vehicle with Autonomous Vehicle operations would reduce the demand for fossil fuels thus creating a new paradigm for the future. And it could have severe implications for property.
    And S’pore under the PAP was caught in the undercurrent of their foreign population explosion policy – taking nearly 2 decades after the gates opened to foreigners in early 2000s to embark on a Infrastructural Spending spree. But is it too late? The scant details only showed that S’pore are still being planned using the old electricity generation models which could be obsolete when it takes shape.
    Look at the political problems arising from the Middle-east – it will accelerate investments in alternative energies because the Middle-East countries are still the main suppliers of fossil fuels. But technologies are fast changing the input elements of generating energy to other alternatives & far cheaper resources ie. from fossil fuels to solar, wind, batteries (peak & trough management), etc. Are we on the threshold of a Paradigm Shift while the PAP are still wedded to an obsolete model of development? You tell me!

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  • SP Power vs Tuas Power:

    Maybe Tuas Power is a better choice?

    SP Power has the monopoly for far too long and is taking consumers for granted!

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