Infrastructure spending: 169x of social welfare?

2018: What’s next for Singaporeans?

I refer to the article “Singapore to continue restructuring economy, investing in infrastructure in 2018: PM Lee” (Channel NewsAsia, Dec 31).

It states that “Amid an uncertain external environment, Singapore must press on with plans to restructure its economy and invest in its infrastructure in 2018,”

In this connection, it was announced last year that infrastructure spending would be increased to a whopping $22 billion.

Let’s arguably, try to put things in perspective – $22 billion on infrastructure versus just $130 million on ComCare?

Does it mean that infrastructure is 169 times ($22 billion divided by $130 million) that of ComCare?

As to “This includes continuing to implement Industry Transformation Maps, and using SkillsFuture to inculcate lifelong learning and help workers to adapt and grow in new jobs” – this consistent rhetoric may not be working if we look at the labour statistics.

For example, total employment has contracted by a whopping 258,700 in the last 12 months to September.

And why is the Labour Market Report 3rd Quarter silent on whether local employment grew or shrank in the last 12 months?

And for residents – Singapore citizens and permanent residents combined – the unemployment rate remained unchanged from the previous quarter at 3.1 per cent – what is the employment growth or contraction for Singaporeans, instead of locals?

Moreover, with an average of 30,000 new PRs and 20,000 new citizens granted yearly – wouldn’t the unemployment rate be possibly higher, without the re-classification of such foreign workers into resident workers?


Leong Sze Hian



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10 Responses to “Infrastructure spending: 169x of social welfare?”

  • doggie:

    Just in time for 10 mil population.
    Once the FT>local voters, they dont need your votes anymore
    hahaha 69.9 %dafts

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  • oxygen:

    LSH, the $22 billion spending on infrastructure is =

    - sly deception political sophistry that PAPpys is preparing for another avalanche of foreign influx

    - PAPpys is using our locked up CPF to splash money on artificial beauties creating a mirage and fiction of GDP growth statistic justifying another escalation of ministerial pay

    - PAPpys is clueless of taking the economy forward.

    IF 70% CONTINUE TO FALL FOR THIS SAME SH*T, DIFFERENT DAY, they deserves what they got.

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  • LIONS:


    only lee a$$ long is capable of such.

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  • pap selected INDIAN president:

    pap group think is deep. pap group think cannot be removed unless New Government forms.

    every pap Lj pap Cb on 4th generation all are liars. BECAUSE not one of 4th generation has stood up to tell the truth about INDIAN selected malay president. BY omission or by commission every one of 4th generation pap Lj and pap CB has lied.

    can we expect anything good from liars?

    so before even starting 4th generation pap MFs have all failed. ALL. everyone of them. are we troubled? NO. because as soon as New Government forms we shall be there everyday telling New Government never to hesitate to investigate every pap Lj and pap Cb for wrong doing. if found to be wanting NEVER hesitate to put them in changi chalet for long long.

    WHEN we heard this pap Cb disgraceful asking WP Mr Leon Perera to apologise we earmarked this pap Cb for special mention when New Government forms. we shall remind fellow citizens specifically how this pap Cb said she needed pap S$m to maintain her lifestyle. Cb. Median wage is below S$3,500 gross. and this pap Cb is talking about her pap paid S$m. she deserves special investigation when New Government forms.

    every one of current pap Ljs and pap Cbs has lied. THEY agree INDIAN is malay president. which means NOT one of them is trustworthy. NOT one. SO sad for Singapore. every ffffing pap Lj and pap CB is a liar. SO sad.

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  • Rabble-rouser:

    2018: What’s next for Singaporeans?
    And when I read the Infrastructural Spending policy announcement from the PAP govt – I see a comatose govt & one that is in a leadership crisis; they are focusing on the wrong priorities & doing all the wrong things!
    Trump’s tax cut revolution is setting into motion devastating consequences for intermediary economies eg. HK & S’pore who capture part of the globalization profits in an offshore tax jurisdiction on behalf of the MNCs.
    I had already mentioned that the S’pore 2017 Budget should have had a radical tax cut to pre-empt Trump’s proposed tax cuts. It would had forestall re-shoring efforts like Broadcom & kept the status quo going for S’pore. But the PAP Govt were too busy ‘wayang’ing’ on the Elected Presidency issue on racial equality which were then followed by the Lee siblings’ squabble on 38 Oxley Road. The opportunity were wasted by a nonchalant PAP govt too busy with domestic political non-issues while ignoring the bread-&-butter ones.
    And between late 2016 & the whole 2017; S’pore was hit by a 1-2-3 series of blows; TPP Cancelled; Exclusion from OBOR; & Trump’s American First policies! In addition; SAF Terrex vehicles detained in HK port; 1MBD money laundrying case; various SMRT issues including fraudulent maintenance & corruption; & the KOM bribery case.
    But who cares? As 2017 GDP hit 3.5% growth triggering a gush of ministerial bonuses & payouts. But this points to a lack of urgency within the current govt happy to receive their overgenerous payout but oblivious to the shifting ground beneath them.
    Lo & behold, China’s response to Trump’s tax cuts were a series of tax breaks designed to head off Trump’s tax moves. But what was galling, China made it retrospective from 1st January 2017. Thus was consistent with my views that PAP govt should have done a radical mive in 2017 instead of sitting on their a**ses.
    2018 would see severe economic contraction in S’pore as the US & China look to protect their positions at the expense of other economies. A trade war is looming between these 2 elephants & a high probability ants like S’pore would be stomped on by them. 6.9m population target would be a pipe dream once the elephants dance. And SG$20 Bn Infrastructural Spending would be like the Rome Colosseum ruins – built for no one!

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  • That's why:

    Singapore economy can stay above 1.0 or 0 year after year.

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  • Anonymous incognito:

    Infrastructure spending is a waste as the govt hasn’t allocated any budget for maintenance.
    Frankly the govt needs to slim down and close down alot of public companies and give space to the private sector and finally we need to take back our CPF to prevent another Keppel scandal and to spread the risk. We can’t possibly do worse than the govt

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  • Strong GDP ? Fake:

    Look around you or drive around the island and you will notice that there are numerous road digging, replacing of sewerage pipes, water pipes and laying of cables on practically every roads. It cannot be a coincidence that every pipes and cables need to be replaced at the same time.

    The PAP government is throwing taxpayer money at the Road Contracters to have more business transactions and thus increase the GDP. As a result they can tell investors that we are doing well and at the same time all the elite Ministers and top civil servants can get their humongous bonus.

    Our GDP did not come from increase in productivity or more revenue from business. All bullshit GDP.

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  • |The Patriotic Singaporean:

    Our beloved government is clearly giving away billions to construction companies and letting our poor Singaporeans to die of hunger.

    Look at the recent collapse of the TPE fly-over.

    It costs nearly one billion to build and people found out that owners of the construction company were mainly CC Chairman and Deputy Chairman.

    Please correct me if I am wrong.

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