MARUAH on Keppel corruption case

We refer to the TODAY article (Keppel O&M corruption case a black eye for Singapore Inc., 27 Dec 2017) and wish to highlight the negative effects of Keppel Offshore & Marine’s (KOM) corrupt practices on human rights and development.

Based on details released by the US Department of Justice, KOM paid US$55 million in bribes to Brazilian state-owned oil company Petrobras, Sete Brasil and to Partido dos Trabalhadores (PT), the then-governing political party in Brazil. But it now has to pay a fine of US$422.2 million, as part of a global resolution with the authorities in United States, Brazil and Singapore, and it has also taken disciplinary action against 17 current and former employees.

Meanwhile, in Brazil, former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva was recently sentenced to nearly 10 years jail for corruption, as part of a huge ongoing corruption investigation involving companies overcharging Petrobras via cartels, then bribing Petrobras officials who facilitated such contracts, who in turn paid bribes to politicians, who retained those Petrobras officials.

MARUAH is deeply disturbed at the blatant corruption of KOM, disregarding its own history, Singapore’s long-held stance against corruption, Keppel’s own ineptitude as a company to maintain a business and human rights role model practice, as a government-linked multi-national company.

We are also bewildered with the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC), on two counts: that the AGC issued only a conditional warning to KOM, on a corruption scandal of this scale, based on fact that KOM is cooperating with US investigations and that its subsidiary company had pleaded guilty to violations; secondly what then entails local prosecution when a Singapore-based or Singapore-owned company bribes in other countries, to gain business opportunities.

It is disappointing that a government-linked company carried out such corrupt practices, violating the core principles of transparency, accountability, and non-discrimination, and contributing part of the damage to the people of Brazil. Human rights are inseparable and interdependent, the consequences of corruption are multi-faceted and impact on all human rights; civil, political, economic, social and cultural, as well as the right to development, as can be seen in Brazil’s poor development status, a result of years of corruption.

We urge our government to approach corruption as a systemic problem rather than a problem of individuals or errant companies. We need to incentivise companies to follow the guidelines of the Corrupt Practices Investigations Bureau, comply with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, encourage more companies to comply with ISO 37001 that specifies requirements and provides guidance for establishing, implementing, maintaining, reviewing and improving anti-bribery management.

We also ask that the government enforces key fundamentals of transparency, thorough investigations, high levels of accountability through public reporting mechanisms, a judiciary, and the protection of human rights and their development as a core principle to be anti-corrupt.


Leong Sze Hian



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16 Responses to “MARUAH on Keppel corruption case”

  • Corrupt pap:

    So what can cpib, attorney-general n commercial crime do?

    Attorney-general issued conditional warning……under whose instructions?

    Cpib…….diam2. ………not in Singapore soil?

    Commercial crime …… one reported…….is it shame? Glenn knight for $6k……lost his job……his legal licence …….his hard fought reputation……….live as farmer in exile in Batam……for a long period until became old?

    So Kom…….got commander Vsc……..equivalent rank deputy commissioner police……..Scotty-free?

    Knnbccb pap corrupted leegime……..from buying nassim jade to today!

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  • Haigen Daiz:

    I feel your pain, Leong Sze Hian. It’s actually worse than what you suggest. By their continued illegality and total disrespect for this nation’s Laws, our Govt. literally “disregard” the public umbrages. Our laws are meaningless if they are not respected, enforced or CHANGED! Did these “clowns” publish a final report on their investigation? The big issue here is that the investigation was a partisan endeavour. Perhaps a non-partisan commission ought to look into this matter. There were and still two frauds: The first is KOM itself. The second those who supported it. The stupidest, most depraved, deviant, pathological lying piece of excrement says what? “The trust between Singapore and the PAP was built over more than 60 years ago. This trust must never be taken for granted or frittered away”

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  • Please tax peasants more:


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  • Ethics of sg accountants:

    So Singapore Accountants believe there is ever only one corruption by a GLC ?

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  • HarderTruths:

    I give you another example of corruption.

    SIA wants to buy Air India which is $8.5 billion in debt in a bid. This means a fake price as the other bidder (Tata – the original owner) will counterbid the price to the level that both have already agreed on.
    This makes the bid look legit.

    It is clear that there is no way the pappy clowns can make anything from this purchase. They could not even save our shipyard. Yet they are buying out a lost cause that is assessed far higher than its market value.

    This is the same as giving the Indian Government $8.5 billion. For what?
    Some favours in other areas.

    So you see – this Keppel incident is not something isolated. It goes on all the time.

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  • John Richards:

    Doesn’t the PAP always claim to have’zero tolerance for corruption?’ That the Government, judiciary, police and CPIB will act ‘without fear or favour’against those caught engaging in corrupt practices?

    Is ‘fear’ what prompted the authorities to go easy on the Keppel executives? Fear that those corrupt Keppel Executives would spill the beans and drag other big shots into the scandal. Or is it a’favour’to those involved for keeping mum and taking the heat? I am at a loss for words seeking an explanation in the face of this wall of silence from PM and gang.

    LKY did not tolerate his friend Teh Cheang Wan’s corruption even though the sums mentioned were quite paltry by comparison. Why is the current PM, the son of perdition, reluctant to act decisively?

    Notice how Grace Fu is suddenly attempting to shift the focus to the Worker’s Party and demanding an apology from Leon Perera over what by comparison is a petty matter which has already been clarified in Parliament.

    In the Keppel case a ‘conditional warning’is all that the Keppel Executives (including a former PAP Minister) got. This is almost like a pat on the back. Well done guys. With all that money you pocketed, you can buy more detergent to keep yourselves looking whiter than white.

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  • pap selected INDIAN president:

    It is disappointing that a government-linked company carried out such corrupt practices, violating the core principles of transparency, accountability, and non-discrimination, and contributing part of the damage to the people of …


    WHEN top is so crooked how bottom can be straight? cannot.

    ic says INDIAN pap also can say malay. if top behaves like that how bottom not crooked until fined US$422m also just a conditional warning?

    conditional warning only? when for 14 YEARs of corruption and US$422m of corruption fine? THEN why so hard on WP town council when WP was blind sided by pap town council software? THIS type of government we don’t vote.

    whether we learned england in england or in Singapore INSIDE is not within 200m boggles the mind. is it because those caught are pap wooden goh pap jiak liao bee tan pap clown lee? if top behaves like that how bottom not crooked? THAT is why corruption can last for 14 years and fine is a hefty US$422m. IMAGINE the ones involved are not pap folks but SDP folks. conditional warning or full scale COI with jail terms no less than the statutory maximum for tainting the once good name of Singapore?

    LONG story short. TOP is crooked bottom cannot straight. JUST a ffffing den of thieves who set the thieving laws with 2 interpretations. one for pap ownself check ownself Ljs and Cbs. the other for non pap. WTF.

    ic says INDIAN. pap says malay. who is right? ic or pap? one ic system 2 interpretations? WTF.

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  • The Hypocrite PAP:

    PAP still don’t admit they endorse corruption.

    And the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau operating under the Prime Ministers office must deemed to be corrupted if they don’t take action against Keppel Corpn.

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  • This is PAP's Singapore:

    John Richards:

    Doesn’t the PAP always claim to have’zero tolerance for corruption?’

    Only when the PAP or any of its top members are not involved.

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  • This is PAP's Singapore:

    John Richards:

    That the Government, judiciary, police and CPIB will act ‘without fear or favour’ against those caught engaging in corrupt practices?

    Exceptions (have) to be made for AIM, Keppel, etc. for they involved the PAP or some of its top members.

    Who controls the judiciary, police and CPIB? Who do they report to? Or to which political party?

    Who appoints them and who sacks them? Will they not have to work for their masters, even when they are on the tax payers’ payroll?

    Such is PAP rule of law in Singapore.

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  • This is PAP's Singapore:

    John Richards:

    In the Keppel case a ‘conditional warning’ is all that the Keppel Executives (including a former PAP Minister) got.

    One set of laws for the PAP, another for you and I and a exceptionally harsh third set for the critics and adversaries of the PAP. This is how the judiciary functions in SG. The PAP controls the judiciary, including the kan**roos.

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  • No human rights:

    Singapore is a police state so human rights do not apply. Therefore, PAP believes it is ok to be corrupt. PAP is corrupt to the core. It is a bunch of crooks wearing white.

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  • Bapak:

    Can’t blame them, you guys voted them in. Go knock your head against the wall, blame yourselves.

    The message they are telling all, is “hey, you give us the blank cheque to do whatever we want, why now kpkb?”.

    Still don’t get the message? Go jump down from a high floor.

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  • Tan Hong Yi:

    LBY looks like someone who can take orders well ?

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  • Catharsis of a corporation:

    Work like you don’t need the money. Love like you’ve never been hurt. Dance like nobody’s watching.

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  • Be truly afraid of Karma!:

    “There is a common streak that goodness begets goodness and evil always will lead to other evil.”
    “that goodness is the only investment that never fails.”
    The basic law of Karma is that you will eventually get what you deserve. You reap what you sow. That’s the natural irrevocable law.
    Every nation has their own problems.
    Every nation, fortunately or unfortunately, has good or bad leaders.
    Karma knows whether you are good or bad.
    Karma is the final judge of all things.
    You treat others badly, you get what’s coming.
    You cannot hide, there is no escape, you cannot run away from it, you will get your just reward or just punishment.
    And Karma is just.
    How do you compare Switzerland and Norway and Finland and the countries in Asia and Africa.
    You see the huge difference in the standards of living between some of these countries.
    The physical and mental well being of the people is the result of the governance by the leaders in the country.
    The karma that weaves through and surfaces in any country is the result of the right or wrong doings of the leaders of that country who directly cause the karmic reactions.
    We see and witness the intervals of happiness and the sadness.
    At the appropriate time Karma carries out the judgement.
    Leaders like any individual or a body attracts the rewards or punishments of Karma.
    If leaders are conscious and afraid of Karma, we are in safe hands.
    If leaders choose to indulge in intricate politics, Karma in good time will put up a timetable to exact and apply the appropriate deserving endings, that is, the punishment and the reward.

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