Mental health and productivity

Further to this on happiness in S’pore and the UK What makes S’poreans happy?, S’pore like the UK has a productivity problem. But unlike S’pore the UK the UK seems to be taking a wider approach in trying to solve the problem.

Is there a link between mental health and the nation’s productivity? When Prince Harry was editing BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, he asked us to look into this question.

Well the BBC reporters tasked to find out found that

“By looking after employee’s mental wellbeing, staff morale and loyalty, innovation, productivity and profits will rise,” says Emma Mamo, the Head of Workplace Wellbeing at the charity Mind.

It isn’t just a case of caring for staff. In September, the Health and Safety Executive launched a campaign to remind employers they have a legal duty to protect workers from stress at work by doing a risk assessment and acting on it.


A study by Deloitte has also concluded that companies which spend money on improving mental health benefit from that investment.

Research published in October 2017 found “The return on investment of workplace mental health interventions is overwhelmingly positive.”

“We found that a 1% increase in happiness gives us a 0.5% increase in productivity,” says Dr MacKerron.


Cynical Investor

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4 Responses to “Mental health and productivity”

  • Lye Khuen Way:

    Sadly, I have no faith that our coverment will acknowledge the connection uncovered between Happiness and Productivity.

    Our “What’s Wrong with Collecting More Money?” gang of atas Natural Aristocrats just will not believe that it’s a Government’s duty to take care of it’s Citizens.

    Not to bring in thousands and hundreds of thousands of people just because growing the GDP is most important. It was only lately that it dawn upon them the neglect of the Transportation, Healthcare infrastructures were too disastrous to be ignored.

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  • TotallyUnsoundPAP:

    Instead this gov drives people mental!
    E.g poor mr ravi, amos, & heaven knows who else were driven to a mental hospita n labelled mentally unsound..
    When in actuality they were being ‘gotten rid’ off!

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  • Vested Interest:

    CI sure is investing heavily in Psychotropic Drugs Makers. And he is no longer going after just the 30% “cybernuts” now, he is targeting all Singaporeans.

    Please refer to these videos for the hard truths.

    The Marketing of Madness: The Truth About Psychotropic Drugs

    Toronto Press Conference: Psychiatry and the Business of Madness

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  • The New PAP Hatchet:

    The New PAP Hatchet

    Not that PAP became civilised, but because of the free Internet and social media, the old ways of doing things will cause a blowback for PAP, and lose votes.

    Political abuse of psychiatry is the safest way for PAP. Most Singaporeans will believe that Ravi, Amos, etc are sick in the mind because they were certified by “doctors”. Even Dr Chee who was not officially diagnosed, PAP destroyed his reputation with mainstream media painting him as Crazy Chee.

    Calling out the nuts is indeed one of the new hatchet that LKY has not wield before.

    Instead this gov drives people mental!
    E.g poor mr ravi, amos, & heaven knows who else were driven to a mental hospita n labelled mentally unsound..
    When in actuality they were being ‘gotten rid’ off!

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