LTA: Million-dollar ministers, civil servants give up on broken public transportation system

No thanks to high-level incompetence, our public transportation system (PTS) will now require a miracle to function normally.

Forget about PAP-approved religious leaders gathering to bless our system; tried and tested by Khaw and company, it has only got worse.

The root cause of a screwed-up PTS: Appointment of unqualified highly-paid generals/scholars to top management.

After toying around with it for decades, they have finally given up all hope and are throwing more tax dollars for a solution.

Which begs the question: Why have they been paid millions since more than 2 decades ago?

A short ‘self introduction’ to the top 5 guys in charge of the system in MOT:

When the most senior officials have no relevant experience but were simply appointed by PAP to experiment with our PTS, even an idiot knows the outcome.

But of course they are not to blame for the present hopeless state because all their predecessors were just like them: suka suka appointed by PAP.

Predecessors of:
Minister Khaw – former navy chief Lui Tuck Yew.
Lam Pin Min – sex in small space Josephine Teo.
Loh Ngai Seng – Mas Selamat escape ISD Director Pang Kin Keong.
Ngien Hoon Ping – another navy chief Chew Men Leong.

Even before their predecessors, PAP had always appointed former generals/scholars with no merit to top management in MOT.

These jokers at MOT are supposedly the experts in their field. If they don’t have the solution, they clearly don’t deserve their million-dollar salaries!

What do you think?


Phillip Ang

* The author blogs at LikeDatOsoCanMeh.





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21 Responses to “LTA: Million-dollar ministers, civil servants give up on broken public transportation system”

  • Silly sops:

    Proved they are incompetent in handling the mrt problems, that they had to call upon divine intervention.
    With due respects , but these religious leaders should have told him to go fly kite..instead can take foto with this clown Khaw…

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  • LIONS:

    Like management gurus say.
    The “ LEEder “. $ets the TONE?

    Blame the lou$y LEEder!

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  • Askleh:

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ho ho ho ho ho ha ha ha ha ha
    zero none kosong what do you think er similar ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ho ho ho ho ho ho ho

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  • karma:

    Substain by “cPeeF not pupils $$$$” aka ahGone
    HdigB $0
    What u think…..folks…..ponding this moreNeh

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  • Heartbeats:

    2 outcome to keep their high salary job:

    1) They will seek help from ‘consultants’ and announce that they adopted all the recommendation to close the case
    2) They will hire and beef up the junior non-decision making ranks which are paid lowly so that the tell the public they have done everything they could

    In private companies who talk high pay like PAP, assuming one(the CEO and team) survives (miracle) after so many screw ups and not yet fired by board/shareholder, people don’t care what you do (1) or (2) but they want to see results.

    Here you have the beauty of high pay but no check and balance because you have big brother LTA who throw in more of their own hot bodies to help solve operational issues and share the blame with you, instead of functioning like a board to check and balance.

    So who is not doing their job they are asked to do ?

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  • MarBowling:

    By lashing out massive flooding on most of SinKapore, Think Heaven and the Barn Owl this morning have given Karma Warning to Mai Hum NOT to bullshit his way with regard to KOM Corruption Case and ALSO to $8Cow aka Fart Hou Seah Sump(speaks like an Angel but with a Heart of a Snake) NOT to BLAME anyone and everyone EXCEPT himself over our cunty Transport woes!

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  • N.Jungne:

    SMRT is the ARMY tan-chiak area lah

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  • NotMyProblem:

    In Singapore’s meritocracy:- incompetence people join PAP to earn high salary without responsibility and integrity. At least that’s what in PAP’s definition.

    70% allow that to happen.

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  • As long as......:

    As long as those clowns you have named above knows how to wag their tails when they see their master, they are well taken care of with puppy food, which taken for long periods, weakens their spine!!….in other words, they become spineless!!….and when they are spineless, they only needs to utter 2 simple words whenever their master opens his mouth….ie YES SIR!!

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  • Loong HopeLess:

    It’s never about the best men for the jobs. It’s always about which buddy’s name LHL wants to have on the million dollars cheque.

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  • pap selected INDIAN president:

    when it comes to parleement pap folks no experience also nothing to us since we have no say in their parleement wayangs.

    BUT when it comes to serious stuff that affect us such as reliability of mrt and such we need to declare NO experience is unacceptable.

    pap puts Lj or Cb everywhere in Singapore. in table tennis. in badminton. in football. in mrt. in everything.

    BUT pap Ljs pap Cbs all NO EXPERIENCE and so all fail.

    in table tennis. WHERE are we today? in fact from one pap Cb to the other Singapore table tennis has been going downhill until today no sound no fury.

    in badminton. WHERE are we today? we don’t even want to talk about it.

    in football. WHERE are we today? since that pap short arse mah Singapore football has been on the downhill.

    in mrt. WHERE are we today? on one hand pap tricks citizens about car lite on the other hand mrt langgar. WTF.

    NO EXPERIENCE also can S$m. only in incestuous pap Singapore. ANYWHERE else no experience no dough. BUT in pap Singapore as long as pap connected guaranteed S$m. can even abuse parleement to get off when caught. WTF.

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  • opposition dude:

    “What do you think?”

    I think we can look forward to more train disruptions all the way to the next GE. The sleepers have been replaced, the older trains have been upgraded, new trains have been bought so the only excuse left is the changing of the signalling system.

    Not that commuters give a damn about the sleepers, trains or signalling system, we just want to get to work and home without being caught in a disruption but that seems too much to ask for.

    So, what will happen to CB mouth Khaw after the next GE? Will he still be transport minister or moved around to head another ministry? And if he does vacate his post then who will be the next heroic “volunteer” to save the transport system?

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  • Perspective:

    Even the prayers and rituals didn’t help to prevent the MRT from breaking down. This means more disasters coming!

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  • Not Only That:

    Not only lacking in experience but they don’t even take public transport! These guys have nothing to do with public transport and never will!

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  • More failures:

    More failures are coming our way in the next peeAyam! No experience………zick

    No even dpm yet……..what heavy load what heavy lifting……………all heavy lifting in Sinkiland done by Bangla!

    Heng……so so lah…..mata2 only

    Chan …..chor peng whole life!

    The moe……no even a politician……push in one ……..administrator in NTUC…..drawing members fees!

    All our blind 69.9% Sinkies to blame!

    GD Star Rating
  • Mrs Theng Hum Bye:

    Why har? Private sector tells fresh grads:”you have no experience, we cannot hire you.” Tells experienced grads:”we have more junior positions, but the salary not high of course.” or “you are very experienced, may be over qualified for the post.”

    No wonder so many get tired of the BS and set up their own business rather than waste time.

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  • National woes:

    A man is known by the company his mind keeps… while the state of the rapid transit is manifested by the caliber of its company.

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  • Samuel S:

    Even our current PM is also not competent to hold this office.

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  • nizhemoshou:

    Their role of running the trains is primary to rake in profits to the max for ah loong n his madame and veil their greed. They certainly didn’t disappoint ah long n madame in this role, right ? So who say they are incompetent n don’t deserve their million dollars paycheck.

    GD Star Rating
  • rukidding:

    To be in the Pimps and prostitute Gang……all you need to know inorder to do well is to:………………………………………………………………………………..DO A DAMN GOOD “BLOW JOB” !

    Ddn’t you already realised that they have “always been blowing” to the public as well ???

    Only TWO Things ( pre-requisite) to be “successful” working inside this group called: P.a.p ( Pimp and prostitute) :

    a) Good with blow job !

    b) Good at self and Group Masturbations !

    GD Star Rating
  • CCK:

    As long as you are a PAP/Old Fart worshiper, you are an elite and will be well taken care of by them …

    Only experience needed to to say a loud YES SIR !

    GD Star Rating
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