2018, another bad yr for SMEs

Seems our SME owners are buying properties and new Beemers and Mercedes because

Singapore’s small-and-medium enterprises (SMEs) are expecting stronger sales and profits for January to June next year, as they anticipate better business conditions amid an improved economy, said a survey.

When if I were them, I might want to think twice because according to OCBC’s economist, the expected change in MAS policy on the S$ from neutral to hawkish “is putting additional pressure on SMEs which are already struggling to deal with the economic restructuring and tight manpower situation. If you get a stronger Sing dollar and higher interest rates, it will be an additional challenge,” she said.
Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/business/after-an-outperforming-year-how-will-singapore-s-economy-fare-in-9813946

But never fear Turban Man and his side-kick, Toilet Man, are fighting to ensure that SME owners get even more tax-payers’ money. More on them some other day.


Cynical Investor

Cynical Investor blogs at Thoughts of a Cynical Investor.



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10 Responses to “2018, another bad yr for SMEs”

  • rukidding:

    Looks like Sinkies are really a bunch of Sheeps !

    P.a.p ( Pimp and prostitutes ) are now busy trying to “fixed” the “News” again.

    Ghee,…what an opportunity to “ride on” ….”Fake news” …to “control the media” …and finally those “sheeps”!

    How stupid can Sinkies be ?….believing about Cat & Digs meat being used ?

    Are you sure Mr Sha Mu Ken ( stupid. woody root ) that those who believe the cat & puppy meat was used are truly our smart sinkies???…or maybe you must have heard from F/ts ????

    I am sure Sinkies are well aware of how “excellent” our AVA and Immigration department are….So.,…why are you “believeing” or be concern of such news ???

    Only “fools” and F/ts can do and believe such things.

    Hmmm…I think must be taking opportunity again ,…using the usual “select committee ” as an excuse to “block and control” those sheeps again.

    No need select committee excuse lah,….the outcome already confirmed.

    Why?…the “wayang” ????

    Even Cynical Investor knows how to “rely” on “Real News” from C&A and Shit Times…so why the need for “select committee” to look into “fake news” control ???

    Just tell everybody that for “real,accurate news”….just “double check” against C&A and Shit times….and all will be answered !

    Why go thru all the trouble of forming another “select Committee” ???


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  • patriot of Temesak:

    Keeping up with the Joneses is the name of the game as far as SME is concern…if you have, I too must have leh!!! taught by non-other than LauGoh himself…remember the 5Cs???…and the DECLARED Bankrupts thereafter???

    If you STOOPIDLY chase the Rainbow or Dreams of the PAP you will only “Ram Up” the economy and GDP for the benefits of the 15-20% Elites and self-declared Aristocrats…they THRIVE on Fools and IDIOTS!!!

    Remember the Low pay Base feed the High-end Bastards lah!!!

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  • LIONS:

    I think many of the SMEs are pro-PAP n they should bear the consequences of their choice.
    Many SME BOSSES look down on good oppo sgs n like 70 pct daft,ONLY KPKB when get hit around their own “belly”?

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  • Justice Bao:

    I, Justice Bao (包青天), here by find the Cynical Investor guilty of racism, in violation of the Maintenance of Religious Harmony Act, for making fun of Turban Man and his side-kick, Toilet Man.

    I hear by sentence Cynical Investor to 12 strokes of rotan.

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  • Soverienty vs Rely on imports:

    What happens to sg if China Stops exports to Sg for 1 month?
    Will SG Collapse?
    How many superman will we see from SME owner community?

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  • Arundhati Roy says:

    We often confuse or loosely use the ideas of crony capitalism or neoliberalism to actually avoid using the word “capitalism”, but once you’ve actually seen, let’s say, what’s happening in India and the United States – that this model of US economics packaged in a carton that says “democracy” is being forced on countries all over the world, militarily if necessary, has in the United States itself resulted in 400 of the richest people owning wealth equivalent [to that] of half of the population.

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  • HarderTruths:

    SMe’s in $G are just depending on government money to survive. They compete for the lowest bid and the inning bid is well below cost.

    This means they lose big but they have to continue until they go bust – this is how the system works.

    The works they do are therefore substandard. Materials of poor quality. FT labour with no skills and language problems. FT and local maintenance crews both in cahoots that lie about their work being done.

    So we have ministers with no understanding of what is wrong or how to fix it.
    A useless civil service that carries out orders without thinking.
    A private sector that cannot survive without government contracts.
    An island run by FT.

    How is that first world?

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  • Python 5:

    patriot of Temesak: remember the 5Cs???

    5Cs, 5Bs…..Condo, car, cash, country club, credit card.
    Benz, own Bank, own Business, bungalow, BMW.

    wait for the 5Ds.
    debts, depression, divorce, destitution, Death (suicide) .

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  • Python 5:

    the 5Ds.
    debts, depression, divorce, destitution, Death (suicide) .


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  • Not the Full Picture:

    The writing was already on the wall back in 2008 to 2010.

    Many SMEs just didn’t believe foreign labour taps were going to be cut, local labour was going to become more discerning and demanding, local consumers were going to become more demanding, etc.

    Some SMEs did a good job of reading the landscape. But there are so many more SME leaders who aren’t up to their jobs of strategy formulation, stuck their heads in the sand for too long, and sowed the seeds for their lost years from 2011 to 2015 when they keep applying pressure on the Government to relax foreign labour curbs.

    Any employer or employee who is struggling now can only find it even tougher in the coming years. In addition to the curbs on foreign labour, the local labour force is set to shrink. Competition amongst employers can only get fiercer, albeit only for talented and younger Singaporeans.

    Many SME bosses don’t appear to be up to the job, and don’t appear likely to be able to weather the coming years.

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