Singapore experiences worse flooding despite spending $750 million in drainage upgrading works

6 years ago, PAP decided to throw 750 million tax dollars to prevent a repeat of the once in 50 years flooding.

But on 8 Jan, Singapore still experienced the worst flooding in recent memory, ie less than 50 years.

PUB then tried to assure the public that the flooding situation will “definitely improve” after the completion of drainage works.  PUB does not realise that it has already lost the trust of the public.

Drainage works did not start yesterday but more than 5 years ago.  Yet after spending $750 million on upgrading works, it still resulted in tens of millions of dollars in damages and this century’s worst flood.

Money has never been a problem with PUB.  Just last month, another $500 million was allocated for more upgrading works.

PUB is helmed by former Commissioner of Police, Ng Joo Hee.  Parachuted into the top post by PAP, Ng is obviously not the right person for the job as he has basically zero relevant experience. [ Today ]


Will the flooding situation “definitely improve” with PAP’s scholar-replace-scholar system?


Phillip Ang

* The author blogs at LikeDatOsoCanMeh.




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29 Responses to “Singapore experiences worse flooding despite spending $750 million in drainage upgrading works”

  • Selfish Sinkie Syndrome:

    Sinkingpore’s civil service is full of paper generals because KY believed in using the book-smart, test-paper copy of the old Imperial exam system to select “scholars”.

    Thats why we now have SPF scholars that don’t dare to engag real riots such as in Little India incident.
    Thats why we also have many SAF scholars that never fight any real wars, but only talk on paper only. Like the common phrase 纸上谈兵 (i.e. these academic scholars can only talk on paper but cannot make it in real word situations.)

    It may have worked in the past, but the world is totally different now with Internet and knowledge changing so rapidly, its already obsolete when you read it in the textbooks.
    Sinkingpore is now like old China, still building great wall of China, when other people invent aeroplane and easily fly over any walls and make your wall totally obsolete.

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  • chasing rainbow:

    The way PUB works, is like chasing rainbow, always behind the curve!!
    We heard of flooding only happens once in 50 years by one smart clown, since then, many floods, or pondings, which ever term they like to describe, have happened all over Singapore!!
    Just like the harakiri clown, they will tell you that they are only humans and they can’t do anything since the flooding is considered an act of GOD!!

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  • Shameful:

    Singapore is a modern Metropolis not a 3rd world country (or is it?). With all the highly qualified, highly paid town planners (scholars) working on town planning projects and billions of $ poured into infrastructures, how can we still be experiencing floods? They say “pay peanuts and you get monkeys” but we pay top dollars and we still get monkeys! Maybe they should be paid with bananas!

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  • C'est la vie:

    The disastrous practice of selecting “cronies” whom are clueless continues unabated, unchallenged and unrepentant.

    Brigadier Kuek and Commissioner Ng are glorified examples of SG’s tried, tested and toasted means to “The End” !!!

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  • Perspective:

    Could it be that the 750 mil went into the Bukit Timah and Orchard areas? There appears to be no more severe flooding in those prime areas.

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  • Bapak:

    When flooding is considered ponding, there is no need to spend on upgrading, isn’t it? There are not named Paper General for nothing.

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  • rukidding:

    Maybe another “corrupted” incident ?

    But, its ok,……even if “any”…..cos sure only “conditional warning” as punishment.

    Small Change lah !

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  • MarBowling:

    All these so-called SPF and SAF scholars know how to use their fiacking Big CB mouths to work only. No fiacking REAL ground experience when REAL accidents and incidents happen like the Little India riot and the recent massive flooding oops ponding at eastern part of SinKapore. So are those scholars under their charges, all pointing and arrowing instructions and orders to subordinates all day LOONG. Anyway, most ground works are farmed out to outsourced companies when their works are supposed to be checked and certified by coverment certifying officers. Because of the crap outsourcing programme, on one hand saving tons of money for the Coverment, on the other hand, only Skeleton staff are left to do all checking and certifying on the outsourced companies.

    Like the saying, top beam not straight, bottom sure slanting. Contract staff of outsourced company Ownself work, Ownself check and Ownself certify Ownself that everything ok! End result, tons of unclear rubbish all over the shop esp at remote areas. Sudden heavy downpour, choked drainage system is unable to handle the flood water.

    Collapse of the flyover beam at the Upper Changi Road East is another good example. You may have the World Best design, what really important is the Material use! What happen when the REAL stuff is being replaced by cheaper stuff? In the wee hours up the flyover when the “pouring” of cement was made, did the Indian Chief supervisor present to witness this important and vital procedure? Or was he ZZzzing at home sweet home or making love with his siao san?

    More beams will be falling like 10 pins when we depend so much on those MFs, JLB, LJ and CB so-called scholars aka Paper Generals! Period!

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  • Money no enuf now?:

    A lotta stuff is becoming worse in this most expensive-richest city in the world.
    Did that huge amount of money really go into what it was intended for or did it get ‘waylaid’ somewhere, huh?
    Thats a huge huge sum of money.$750mil worth.

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  • Kam Lan:

    1) LBW spent 5 Millions to build underground Bicycle parking facility.
    But in US, they spent 100K to develop booking and parking for Electric Scooter. Similar to UBike.
    2) Keep widening roads, keep chopping trees, keep employing Indians to trim this and that. Keep digging, covering, digging and maintenance pipes and wires under pavement.
    3) Look at Shenton way, Oasia Downtown, entire building vertical greening.
    Yet look at the entire HDB estate, you see any vertical greenery? NONE. ABSOLUTELY NONE.

    Extreme weather is for real. If we do not act now, we all better be DEAD!!

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  • PAP is BEST:

    PAP best one, this is just twice in 50 years small thing. You don’t so much, you is fake news.

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  • John Richards:

    I have a theory. Deep down inside, LKY believed he was the reincarnation of Chinese Emperor Qin Shi Huang.

    Qin Shi Huang’s achievements include:

    * First Emperor of China
    * Uniting China
    * Established the Qin dynasty
    * Reinforced legalism within the Chinese administrative system
    * Restructured political divisions to form a more coherent state
    * Harmonising measurement units to allow for consistent, state-wide
    economic development
    * Standardising the different Chinese scripts
    * Building the Great Wall to protect the northern borders
    * Constructing the Lingqu canal in the south to connect the major
    waterways and prevent flooding
    * Building the overall infrastructure for national economic
    * Building the impressive Terracotta Army
    * He had a court full of eunuchs

    Lee Kuan Yew’s achievements include:

    * First Prime Minister of Singapore
    * Uniting Singapore
    * Established the Lee Dynasty
    * Reinforced integrity within the administrative system (with
    limited success)
    * Harmonising relations between the races
    * Standardising the spoken Chinese language
    * Building the PAP to secure his future
    * Construction of the Barrage to prevent flooding (limited success)
    * Building Singapore’s infrastructure and economy (debatable)
    * Building an Army of Paper Generals
    * He gradually surrounded himself with ‘yes men’ (eunuchs)

    Makes interesting reading, yes? I don’t think it’s a coincidence. I think LKY modelled himself after Qin Shi Huang. Perhaps he believed he was the reincarnation of Qin Shi Huang.

    As for Lee Hsien Loong, his fate will surely be that of PU YI the last Emperor of China. Again, see the similarities?

    Anyone out there who knows Chinese history can definitely draw more parallels between LKY and Qin Shi Huang.

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  • N.Jungne:

    Geylang always gives Ng Sotong headache, even Ponstan cannot relieve until he was sent to jaga water. Now even if the Sky falls, on him is like a Blanket. Do Not Disturb

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  • Samuel S:

    This government is asking us to give them time and money so that they can improve our life. But we have already given them 50 years! How many more years?

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  • LIONS:

    its only PONDING OKAY,YOU 70 PCT DAFT!

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  • opposition dude:

    Yup, flooding is now as common as train disruptions. I hope voters can see just how inept PAP is these days. Problem after problem crops up with regularity with no solutions in sight.

    Time to lose a few more GRCs and with that, another pay cut. These idiots have been sleeping on the job and telling tales far too often.

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  • Justice Bao:

    I, Justice Bao (包青天), hereby declare former Commissioner of Police, Ng Joo Hee to be inexperienced, incompetent and unfit to lead PUB.

    As this is not within my purview, I strongly recommend the relevant authorities to take necessary action, and also advise Mr Ng to commit harikiri.

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  • HarderTruths:

    This is unfortunately a 1 in 100 year flood so there must be more works and money to make sure it does not happen again.

    And if that does not work – well, there still is the 1 in 1000 year flood to blame. And more money needed to fix it.

    The government $G deserves strikes again.

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  • Sinkapore Cowboy:

    Don’t cry for me Sinkapore La!

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  • GoodForNothings:

    Another ministar failing in his job…altho paid mil$ salary..
    A failed job that cost $750 mil..

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  • Joker ng:

    Didn’t he said Geylang more difficult to clean than to worry over little India riot?

    Got gun n cuff in pocket cannot clean Geylang? Give me half your pay n see whether I can do 101 % of your job?

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  • Rabble-rouser:

    Too much land reclamation that took place across from S’pore in M’sia by Chinese developers over the last few years (across from Tuas as well as from Changi Point). This has the effect of raising the sea levels higher ie. increased artificial land mass displacing the seawater thus increasing the overall seawaterlevel.
    And in addition, S’pore has increased both construction in underground structures (re: MRT tunnelling & underground storage facilities) & above ground superstructures (re: high intensity 50 to 60 storey residential buildings & commercial office skyscrapers). All these construction activity have an unknown geotechnical effect on the S’pore land mass. All the underground work lowers the ground level while the superstructure added weight to the surrounding area – again lowering the ground level. Also, concrete structures are heavy; trapped heat & decreased air velocity. It doesn’t take a genius to understand that there are geotechnical & climatic forces at work when there are too much overdevelopment in S’pore.
    When one deals with the forces of nature – the after-effects can be devastating & there is no turning back. S’pore has gone beyond past the point of Infrastructural Spending & is now facing environmental degradation. The PAP are using an economic development strategy which is threatening S’pore’s environmental existence. But sadly many can’t see the natural disasters coming along re: increased general flooding, frequent occurrence of flash floods, periods of heavy rain & thunderstorms activity, etc.

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  • Chup Cheng Sing CCS:

    Wow, Singaporeans are not ruled by Military or Police.
    So, no Junta.

    Wow, Singaporeans are not as obedient as soldiers who ho dare not question authority.

    Yours CCS

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  • Real Truths:

    China System of installing scholar did not work.

    Proof: The downfall of Qing Dynasty is solid example that scholars cannot be just installed into the system without real test. Scholars should be send out to the wilderness,i.e provate sector. Only those that make it to the top management can apply to join back civil service.

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  • all infrastructures lar:

    //The way PUB works, is like chasing rainbow, always behind the curve!!//

    aiyoh. in fact generally all infrastructures lar. some white plp idiot still reinforcing 10m population leh.

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  • N.Jungne:

    Maybe the $750m/= is spent on consultation only, not yet start working

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  • Perhaps you all prefer ....:

    Perhaps you all prefer Penang flood or Malaysia flood situation is it ?

    Or China flood or USA flood ?

    Not significant.

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  • My sperm flew at terminal velo:

    It’s called Ponding, so it’s not called a Flooding.

    This is how English allows for so many lawyers to be rich.

    Language is not science but an art.

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  • 大屎馆:



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