Is a bigger fine more important than the ‘accountability and transparency’ of the corruption?

I refer to Elgin Toh’s article “Missteps well accounted for but questions remain” (Straits Times, Jan 9).

It states that “the Government does not tolerate corruption and was “extremely disappointed”. Singapore’s reputation was hurt, she added.

She sought to shift the public’s perception that Keppel got off with “a slap on the wrist” – a phrase used by Ms Sylvia Lim (Aljunied GRC).

Ms Indranee said the proportion of the fine to be credited to Singapore’s coffers – between US$53 million and US$106 million – exceeds any that could be imposed if Keppel had been charged here, since the maximum fine per charge under corruption laws is $100,000.

Investigations against individuals from Keppel are ongoing, although she noted the difficulties in getting evidence from other jurisdictions.”

The reply in Parliament may arguably, have missed the primary point that Singaporeans may be asking – which is more important? – Getting the “corrupt” company to pay a bigger fine through an overseas settlement, or prosecuting it in Singapore which may result in a much lower fine?

Isn’t the “corruption” more important than the amount of the fines?

How can the prosecution of corruption be relegated to lesser significance than the quantum of the fines?

Do you not find this somewhat illogical?

As one if my friends said – “Oh no – not again – does it not show that everything is about money in Singapore – money is more important even when it comes to corruption?”

What are your thoughts on this?


Leong Sze Hian



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24 Responses to “Is a bigger fine more important than the ‘accountability and transparency’ of the corruption?”

  • oxygen:

    PAPpys ARE THROWING DUST CLOUDS TO CONCEAL the extent of corruption and its cover-up in official circus.

    The fines of US$422 million if almost 8X the corrupt money paid to political circus in Brazil.

    The implications of seriousness of the offending conduct is washed over with a cup of Newater poured over the wrists.

    If the offence is caught of WP, the sky will fall on LEE-jiapore of blame persecution killing all its inhabitants.

    That is why dictatorship and LEE-jiapore failed together.

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  • N.Jungne:

    It is a CLEAN & HONEST corruption, the Gobblemen will reward her with Tankers later on.

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  • Flabbergasted:

    worse than 1 MDB

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  • Scandal:

    Money we have! In any case, they belong to the shareholders, not to rajah, though your name smacks of kingship!

    What we are looking for is not kinship? Rather we are wet in the pants thinking of who, not you rajah, are the corrupted ones and who sign the cheque or approve the payout which leads to this ‘don’t-know’ board at Kom?

    Since Kom has a don’t-know board, why keep the members? Maybe we can buy 1 lot of shares for ken, 1 lot of soon Juan, 1 lot for Cheng bock, who else? Let them attend the shareholders’ meeting and see what happens?

    We can cloud fund them! I can give $100/- worth of silver!

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  • Money Money Money:

    To those who paid themselves millions and worked for money, yes, the bigger fine is more significant than accountability.
    True pain is derived through hefty fine or making someone else bankrupt.
    Accountability is just a side nuisance, an inconvenience to making more money.

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  • C'est la vie:

    If the maximum fine per charge in SG under corruption laws is $100,000.00, why don’t they change it since they are changing and adding new ones every other bloody day.

    Indranee is only focusing on the fine/amount element of the corruption, on account of instructions, one would assume from the “head honcho”, in an attempt to steer the discussions away from prosecution and imprisonment, for it’ll drag the honcho and his engineer into the mix.

    Self preservation ahead of all else !!!

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  • PAP has the mandate:

    Quote “since the maximum fine per charge under corruption laws is $100,000.” UnQuote, you have the power to change the law and increase 80 years jail time or in proportions to the amount of money received and you will quickly see the corruption will disappear in no time.

    The PAP million dollars clowns are scared to implement heavy jail time because they worried the law will catch up with them one day.

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  • 陈大婶:

    扁蒜头,AUNTY 再说一次。第屎代领导人,一闻不如不见。

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  • I'm halimah also jiak liao bee:

    The PAPIGS are just throwing smoke, which they always do to deflect their accountability.
    The Board Chairman and the Board are not taken to task and prosecuted, how is it millions are paid out without their concurrence ??
    Sleeping on the job ???

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  • Ya $$$ more important!!:

    You’re right, uncle Leong, these clowns are more interested in $$$$ which is to their own advantages and agendas only!! Just look at the recent case of SMRT train flooding incident, The preacher hara kiri and self proclaimed staunch believer of Buddhism commented that the flooding costs SMRT $2millions!! This clown only cares for SMRT!!…What about the costs of the commuters who were caught in the incident, the time lost, the productivity lost, the frustrations and the agonies!!!??….not a single word from the clown, as if all these are insignificant to him!!…Instead, he talks about how he looks!!(oh omg, he thinks he’s very handsome) that he looks 70 when he’s only 65 for the years when he became the TM!!..Well, to tell him frankly, he looks like an ape, whether at age 65 or 70!!

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  • Sacrifice a few minions:

    You can fine the company $100 million or $1 billion, the people who will be hurt from this punishment are the shareholders at this stage. The perpetrators of the crime are still earning their millions and remain unscathed. Yes, Minister you did say that investigation against individuals from Keppel is ongoing. You know something, we know that no drastic punishment will be meted out especially the top guns. Maybe a few minions will be sacrificed. If your Government wants to salvage any respect or trust that’s left, this is the time to do it.

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  • The Rot Start From The Top:

    All I read from Ms Indranee, was that she was trying to mislead society into thinking that Keppel Corp had paid more than enough and so the case can be close. She knew, if dig deeper into the corruption, more prominent leaders could be involved or even directly connected. She denied that the government are not aware of the bribing, many cannot buy that denial, and with today’s media report, former KOM’s lawyer, Mr. Jeffrey Shiu Chow, quoted that the personality involved in the corruption, are from the ruling party. In short, she had been proved lying. Meanwhile, the Law Minister himself is as quiet as the church mouse.

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  • No 2ways about it:

    Throw those big shots in jail and throw away the key. Its where they belong.
    Wah, ev thing can be bot with mils of $$, even freedom from prosecution?
    If u not their bros they will charge u like lightning. U wont know what hit you..

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  • My Sperm says so:

    Did she say if any of the hundreds if not thousands of companies under Temasek commits bribery, is the owner of Temasek responsible or Accountable in any way or totally not to be held accountable?

    What is the best job in the world?

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  • Perspective:

    Which is the greater of two evils: the act of corruption or the act of shielding the corrupt? It’s a moral-ethical question, not a legal one.

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  • rukidding:

    Exactly !

    That was what that went thru my mind and questioned her illogical thoughts and excuses.

    Is the amount in fine really more important than accountability ?

    I think this bunch of Pappies have “gone astray ” and “behaving very strangely”.

    It “sort of gave you a sensed of feeling” that “they” are all coming out with such “silly excuses” and “light punishment”….as if,…”they” and each and everyone of them have “something to hide” ?????

    Its like kin of ?…you scratch my back,….I scratch your back ???

    I now “lenient” , next time you know what to do when I am being “discovered” for wrong doings ???

    That is why I say,….paying HIGH SALARY…infact “Corrupts” this regime further !

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  • AH KONG Money:

    The hyprocrisy:
    1. The fines were paid by Keppel, a GLC, actually Ah Kong money ie the citizens money indirectly. Not by the corrupt executives. No to little pain on their parts. No jail so far.
    2. Bonuses in the past each year for these executives and CEOs were gigantic. Keppel CEO on average got near $10mln bonus A YEAR.
    For 10 years. Just imagine?
    A culture of INDECENT OVER-COMPENSATION, covering each other backside, and now even exposed corruption and bribes. Is this the honest & clean Singapore?

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  • Keppel board to resign???:

    I was amiused when when neitizens and a ST forum page reader asked the Keppel board and independent directors to resign for their failure to detect bribes for contracts corruption involving KOM and Petrobras for more than a decade!How to as SG practised a kind of meritocracy where no one will be held responsible/ accountable when things go seriously wrong or would resign voluntarily or their bosses sacked them for incompetence! And worse people are promoted for no apparent achievement for exceptional perfromance! Just look at LTA and SMRT KBW DK and all the whole gang refused to resign or step down after repeated trains sagas and breakdowns , flooding at Bishan, collisions lightning strikes, and frequent delays! All they have done is to deflect away blame to subordinates and sub contractors, cite political reasons and come our with fake statements like the train service has improved several times over the years despite breakdowns almost every week! We should have a strong leader to insist that enough is enough, to remove incompetents and replace them with more genuine qualified people ! You have 40 skills future Sam, millions lost through the PIc and wage credit schemes, serious lapses reported by the AGO every year where yay payers money are lost through ministries lapses yet no one is held accountable! Keppel as a company was given a warning is a precedent being set where other companies involve in corruption will just pay a fine without any boss being jailed! As we often hear no one is above the law, the law applies to any one , but the KOm case has cast doubt whether no one is above law and very one is treated the same!
    The ST Marine executives have been charged and jailed for bribes for contracts we are waiting to see how the KOM and Semcorp Marine cases eventually turn out, will the executives involved be jailed to show that no one is above the law and the law is fair and transparent?

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  • Millions$ = corruption:

    It is truly talent, bribed millions at shareholders’ expence, get promotion and millions bonus then got away with half billion still at shareholders expence. Sounds like the gangsters of colonial SIN protection and u r safe to do anything u like in the territory at their absolute control and negotiation if involves other territories. Afterall it is the daft Shareholders’ monies. wow woderful daft SIN know what banana Zhou EnLai talking about. White came then wear a yellow coat and bravo no colonial masters only bananas. If bananas cannot tolerates thes banana who whitens themselves or biw ans unwilling to be biw, then exile to other banana or roll in the white. But beware banana rots but still banana only darkened below the white cover. So u think u now have talents to bring u good life. Yes good life at ur expence but the biw stupid bananas.

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  • Must jail people:

    Keppel paying a hefty fine is not enough. A company is not corrupt on its own. It is the action of individuals that make it corrupt. They should be held accountable – not with token fines but with hefty ones and with jail time.

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    “I refer to Elgin Toh’s article “Missteps well accounted for but questions remain” (Straits Times, Jan 9).
    It states that “the Government does not tolerate corruption and was “extremely disappointed”. Singapore’s reputation was hurt, she added.”:

    Insultingly horrible writing. Is Elgin a woman? Why is there a “she” in the second sentence? Who is this?

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  • No one above the LAW:

    Vietnam had arrested and accused several TOP O&G executives of corruptions. The probability are very high the revelations from vietnam investigations will point to KXM . When that happen, the solid foundation of zero tolerance on corruption will rock the credibility of SIN,s leadership. When that happens Fork tongue Indraboyee hopefully she come clean, and admit. Who says there is no corruption in Singapore – Kee Chiu?

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  • oxygen:

    @ Perspective

    IT IS BOTH A MORAL-ETHICAL QUESTION as it is also a legal one – the severity of which one is of greater of the two evils is a matter to be determined.

    Perspective: Which is the greater of two evils: the act of corruption or the act of shielding the corrupt? It’s a moral-ethical question, not a legal one.

    I am NOT sure why LEE-jiapore have never had a case of prosecution of those engaged in the act of shielding the corrupt. Maybe there is no statutory (legal) framework for such a prosecution i.e. the law as enacted only punish corruption BUT DELIBERATELY SILENT on corruption concealment which may be politically uncomfortable or even desirable of political convenience to protect such corruption punishment which ever suits the circumstance.

    In other words, the law definition and enactment of corruption DOES NOT INCLUDE any provision of official cover-up and deliberately so.

    BUT THIS IS NOT THE CASE IN AUSTRALIA. Their legal definition of corruption is written to SPECIFICALLY INCLUDE ALL ACTS OF CORRUPT CONDUCT which has a far wider ambit of application. Here is my example.

    General nature of corrupt conduct


    subsection (2) of section 8 above reads

    ” Corrupt conduct is also any conduct of any person (whether or not a public official) that adversely affects, or that could adversely affect, either directly or indirectly, the exercise of official functions by any public official, any group or body of public officials or any public authority and which could involve any of the following matters:

    (a) official misconduct (including breach of trust, fraud in office, nonfeasance, misfeasance, malfeasance, oppression, extortion or imposition),…”

    So it is a CRIME if the Office of Public Prosecution only gave a slap on the wrists of those found to be engaged in corruption by only giving a conditional warning because such an act amounts to preferential cover-up of “mates” engaged in corrupt conduct.

    There is NO SUCH A THING AS CONDITIONAL WARNING for corrupt conduct Down Under i.e. either you are innocent of the allegation or you are guilty, If guilty, the law takes its course to final conclusion.

    The law provisions of subsection (2) of official misconduct of breach of NONFEASANCE, MISFEASANCE AND MALFEASANCE make sure there is no such a thing as conditional discharge warning because such a warning is ALREADY CONCEALMENT PROTECTION OF CORRUPTION in Down Under.

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  • Where corruption?:

    Where corruption? TCH’s publicly declared papa once said. If they think he is good as their CEO why should I stop them just because he is my son. Correct Where is the corruption. So also son in law, daughter etc etc. and scholars. how can argue? where to argue? If they agree that what i said and they punish you, why should he say no. Where Corruption?GCT wanted he and all cabinet minister paid millions. MPs all elected by SINkies agreed not I just gave myself. What’s wrong with that
    Just as netizen said I have the mandate. Why u kpkb
    LKY already told u. Don’t like him vote him out. So in the same lime of reasoning on son, daughter, son in law or any plp, they want me why should i refuse ie i have the mandate to do what i like with MPs yes in simple majority but look they have much much more than simple majority. Like one citizen wrote U stupid so I rich. U no guts so o powerful. So they rich and powerful how can they by the same line of reasoning tell the polanpa that they must not po my lanpa. Correct right so you siow the plps fix u not his business.

    Dare to kpkb. plps fix you good. all correct and proper. Where conflict of interest where got corruption. Polanpa not illegal what. He po he gets rewarded strictly not illegal. Kpkb is illegal as Citizen found out painfully. Say bad words angmoh ok u yellow also want to say about the lanpa, liow kena la. Amos found out too late.

    So tough luck you no po. u po la po good good and you good good happy happy no problem at all. No wonder po u got upgraded no po no upgrading. all legal stupid sorry no singlish know or not queen says daft you daft sinkies.

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