KOM corruption: Govt will move ‘as expeditiously as possible’?

I refer to the article “Singapore seeks assistance to move ‘as expeditiously as possible’ on Keppel O&M case: Indranee” (Channel NewsAsia, Jan 8).

It states that “The Government’s intention is to move as “expeditiously as possible” on investigations relating to Keppel Offshore & Marine (Keppel O&M) … sought assistance for evidence from authorities in other jurisdictions

Given that the case involved several Brazil-based projects dating back to 2001, many evidences, including documents and witnesses, are located in different jurisdictions.

… will need these evidence for its investigations and has sought assistance from foreign authorities.

“Obviously the intention is to move as expeditiously as possible. However, as I have explained, not all aspects of the investigation are within our control,” she said, while adding that this is an “international case” involving several foreign investigating agencies.”

As I understand that the alleged corruption of the former general manager of Ang Mo Kio Town Council does not involve any foreign parties or transactions – why is it taking arguably rather long to investigate – as it is now already more than a year?

Given the “high profile” and “general disquiet” on this case ‘ may I suggest that we try to “move as ‘expeditiously as possible’” too on this case.

As to “While there is no agreement within the United States’ Deferred Prosecution Agreement (DPA) that prevents the disclosure of individuals under investigation, it is “standard practice” in Singapore and many other jurisdictions to not identify individuals under criminal investigation.

“Individuals will be identified if and when charges are preferred in court” – why was the identity of the alleged corruption of the former general manager of Ang Mo Kio Town Council made public in the first place?


Leong Sze Hian



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12 Responses to “KOM corruption: Govt will move ‘as expeditiously as possible’?”

  • consensus by manipulation:

    yes… one year ang mo kio town council manager no news at all

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  • NotMyProblem:

    If this case is not “move as expeditiously as possible”, the next GE will be coming and that will not be good. Once the case is closed the electors would forget about this very quickly and PAP would be elected again.

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  • Bapak:

    Uniquely SG has chu unique pattern. Phey Yew Kok run road for 35 year only come back after the Old Hack’s passing. Like replenish stock – one in one out.

    Maybe this AMK guy also run road, can only come back after someone’s passing.

    They can still charge him in absentia, why no charge till now?

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  • Bo tio?:

    What is moving expeditiously? Is it also known as paying $440 million of fine quickly?

    Tell us about the ex-Brazil ambassador choo, can?

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  • HarderTruths:

    Pot and kettle

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  • C'est la vie:

    This Govt was counting on the ever forgetful and ever simple Singaporeans to be themselves, when it comes to the Ang Mo Kio alleged “cheating” case !!!

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  • N.Jungne:

    Time is up, no more business as usual. Caught red handed still trying to elak, please come clean and explain. No amount of cock and bull stories can put everything your wardrobe.

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  • Double standard gahmen:

    Fuel heist potential convicts have their faces, fhough downcast or covered, splashed on local news but NOT KOM corruption gang. Why 2 different treatments?

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  • Buying time, leniency:

    ” Market attention in Singapore turned to Sembcorp because in plea testimony made public in Brazil in March 2015, a former Petrobras executive said a representative of Sembcorp’s Jurong Aracruz shipyard was involved in bribe payments.

    In February 2015 Sembcorp Marine said it did not make any illegal payment, noting that the company’s policies and contracts prohibit bribery and unethical behavior. After the plea testimony became public the following month, the company said it was “unable to comment on the truth or otherwise of these allegations”, and that internal investigations were continuing…”

    Keppel bribery fine shines spotlight on peer Sembcorp, shares slide‍​

    Lee Hsien Loong kowtow to Trump: $19 billion deal, 70,000 US jobs …

    Keppel O&M to Pay USD 422 Mn in Fines to Resolve Bribery Case …

    Mr Choo Chiau Beng – Agency for Science, Technology and Research …

    Keppel O&M bribery case: What you need to know – Channel NewsAsia

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  • opposition dude:

    More importantly it shows just how slow PAP can be when it comes to doing things. The bribery scandal dates back to over a decade and senior management claims not to know a thing. How very malu sia.

    And now with the news that Keppel has been fined revealed to the world over corruption there goes PAP’s nonsense about there being no corruption in SIngapore. Guess they forgot 1MDB too huh.

    So now they will use the excuse of working with the authorities in not providing any more coverage on this hughely embarrassing case. Out of sight out of mind you know.

    And a few years later a small report published at the very bottom of the newspaper will say that investigations have concluded and all relevant people have been dealt with. With no details on who they are and how they are dealt with of course.

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  • Do The Right Thing!:

    Sack the whole Board at Keppel O & M and restore Singapore’s Clean Image on the World Stage.

    Don’t coverup!

    Show the World that we mean business, do it before it is too late!

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  • What a laugh:

    Did ya’ll see the news.big time SPF publicity propaganda
    ..showing repeatedly on tv n radio news reports, …suddenly they keep catching wrong doers..e.g the Shell Oil thieves, that angmo thief who stole 30k from a sg bank , and many many ebikers riding on public roads n expressways .
    all ikan bilises they can tangkap so fast n charge.
    Their own KOM bigshots still out of reach.

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