The funniest reply ever in ST Forum?

I refer to the Public Transport Council’s (PTC) reply “Off-peak pass was a two-year trial” (Straits Times Forum, Jan 16) to “Mr Cheng Choon Fei (Disappointing move to end off-peak transport pass for seniors) and Mr David Kwok Ng Kan (Why stop off-peak pass?; both published on Jan 10), and also Mr Jeff Tan Hong Liak (Caught off guard by end of seniors’ off-peak card) and Mr Chee Chi Weng (Downside to end of off-peak pass; both on Forum Online, Jan 11″.

It states that “The Off-Peak Pass (OPP) was introduced in July 2015 as a two-year trial to encourage more commuters to travel during the off-peak period. Fewer than 200 rail commuters shifted to travel at off-peak hours.”

So, what exactly does this mean?

That “Fewer than 200 rail commuters shifted to travel at off-peak hours” despite all the initiatives for all commuters (not just seniors) and publicity over the two years ?

Or is it that “Fewer than 200 rail commuters (who are seniors) shifted to travel at off-peak hours”?

I suspect that the former may probably the correct one.

So, the most obvious statistic may be missing – how many off-peak seniors’ passes were purchased over the two-year period?

If the latter is correct – that is “Fewer than 200 rail commuters (who are seniors) shifted to travel at off-peak hours” – then, why go through all the trouble to cancel the seniors’ off-peak pass, since it only affects 200 people?

If 200 needy seniors need to save $20 a month with the seniors’ off-peak pass – why not just give it to them?

As to “To benefit more commuters across the entire rail network, the Public Transport Council (PTC) then recommended the introduction of lower morning pre-peak fares as part of the 2017 Fare Review Exercise.

With this, the OPP, along with the Free Pre-Peak Travel (FPPT) trials, was to end” – if you are a needy or low-income person – which is better – the free pre-peak travel during the two-year trial or the 50 cents pre-peak reduction now?

Another obvious statistic which may be missing may be – how much more or less revenue do the transport operators get – comparing the different schemes?

With regard to “These recommendations were accepted by the Government. The new fare structure was publicised by the PTC on Oct 30 last year, well ahead of its implementation on Dec 29” – I would like to suggest that we focus more on the needs of the needy and lower-income, rather than almost always just simply accepting the recommendations.

In respect of “Senior citizens with concession cards can continue to enjoy a discount of around 25 per cent off adult card fares, depending on the travel distance” – is our seniors’ discount and schemes the worse one, compared to other countries?

As to “Those travelling during pre-peak hours will also enjoy a 25 per cent discount off the lower pre-peak fares.

They also have the option to purchase the hybrid Senior Citizen Monthly Concession Pass at $60 (half the price of the Adult Monthly Travel Pass), which allows unlimited travel on basic buses and trains (including during peak periods)” – are our passes one of the most expensive in the world, after adjusting for Purchasing Power Parity (PPP)?

As to “Following its announcement of the new lower morning pre-peak fares and cessation of FPPT and OPP trials, PTC, together with the Land Transport Authority and public transport operators, placed close to 300,000 posters and brochures at various MRT stations and bus interchanges islandwide and on board buses to inform commuters and to enhance its public outreach efforts” – how much did all these advertising and publicity cost?

Wouldn’t the sum have arguably, been better used to not deprive the few seniors who need to save a few dollars with the discontinued seniors off-peak pass?

What are your thoughts on the above?

By the way if you think the above is funny – the Government’s acceptance of public transport recommendations – this one really tops it off –  “The discounted fares before the morning peak period will amount to a fare adjustment quantum of -2.2 per cent. The balance -3.2 per cent quantum, which was allowable under this year’s fare formula, will be rolled over to the 2018 Fare Review Exercise” – does it mean that the -3.2 reduction would have resulted in a reduction in fares for practically everybody?

If this is the case – why are we deferring it to next year’s fare review exercise?

Is it fair to do this to commuters?

Is this not akin to changing the formula when it results in a fare decrease, and sticking to the formula when it resulted in fare increases in the past?


Leong Sze Hian



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11 Responses to “The funniest reply ever in ST Forum?”

  • 陈大婶:

    PTC 可以淘汰了。

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  • PAP has the mandate:

    Why KPKB, at the end of the day, Majority of Stinkies voted for PAP. So no one to blame except yourselves…..LOL

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  • It's The End Already:

    Everything now in Sillypore is a joke.
    Going straight down, no turning back.

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  • What's the difference?:

    Please keep the 0.50 cents for off peak travel n distribute to all pappy members including grasslooters!

    Cardboard pushers definitely don’t need them…….cause they are busy exercising!

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  • Bingo:

    why still wanna complain? U think they’ll listen?

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  • PTC is a sick joke!!:

    The PTC was formed with only one purpose!! ie to increase transport fares!!
    don’t believe?…how many times did the PTC voice out about train breakdowns and crowded buses and the inconvenience caused and suffered by commuters!!??…NIL!! Zero!! what the hell are the clowns in the PTC do all year round??..Slumbering!!…yes! slumbering!! the clowns only wake up when the time is ripe for them to generate some rocket science formulas to justify fares increases!!…go check out all the years when they put forth fantastic formulas to con the commuters!!…this year is no different!!….just watch and see the clowns perform their stunt!!

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  • Rabble-rouser:

    The funniest joke is that the PTC members as well as the senior management of Public Transport Companies don’t take public transport. How then do they know what the people (the general public who takes public transport) want?; how senior travel (their habits & travel pattern) & how inconvenient are the constant breakdowns on the rail service to the workforce (productivity)? How do they know?
    The fact is that the public transport system are decided by people who don’t even take public transportation. How do they know the issues, the problems & the inconveniences of commuter breakdowns & congestion during peak hours?
    And that is why there is systemic failure within the Public Transport System. The people in control of the system aren’t users of the Public Transport System. They wield control without having experienced the difficulties & issues of the general public. Result: Their actions are comical & their reactions, “I told your so!” by the public-type of response to their clueless actions.

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  • Tessa Thiew Gow Lei:

    People above 50 should get free unlimited travel. A nice way to thank them for their past contributions to the nation.

    Don Don Donki sell deep throat masturbators.

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  • William C:

    Senior citizens taking public transport are free. Don’t even need to produce ID. MRT still given VIP treatment by walking into the station using a manual gate manned by an officer

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  • 2018 year of new taxes:

    For you who dun take public transport, bus drivers now wear reflective materials like road sweepers.

    It’s karma. Their brakes and braking sarks big time!

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  • pap selected INDIAN president:

    The funniest joke is that the PTC members as well as the senior management of Public Transport Companies don’t take public transport….

    The fact is that the public transport system are decided by people who don’t even take public transportation….

    And that is why there is systemic failure within the Public Transport System. The people in control of the system aren’t users of the Public Transport System….

    well said, bro.

    all pap Ljs and pap Cbs don’t take public transport too.

    malaysia running dog S$8 major surgery cow who is in charge of public transport, does he take public transport? NO. he doesn’t. he only tells LIES. that is why najib gladly sends him over here to ruin once great small island nation Singapore.

    ceo mrt dismal quack the one who takes five ffffing long years to only discover one ffffing issue with mrt which is deep seated pap culture in mrt. does this pap Lj take mrt? NO. he is in charge of mrt but he does not take mrt. NO wonder mrt langgar and many needed to be in hospital.

    sO when pap MFs tell 70% sheep car lite, we laugh. WHICH pap Lj or pap Cb is car lite? ffff the 70% sheep. THEY vote into position folks who are supposed to serve them. BUT fools as they are, they vote into position folks who abuse power over them, paying each other S$m with their luxury cares but telling the ones who voted them into position to go car lite.

    ffff 70% stupid sheep. so ffffing stupid. YAH. go car lite. when all the pap Ljs and pap Cbs all have their own luxury cars.

    we never cease to tell anyone who listens, especially foreigners, that this current pap government is master of lies and covers up lies with FAKE news, the half truths that mask all the wrongs in small island nation Singapore. we emphasize INDIAN is malay when it serves political purposes. we emphasize INSIDE is not within 200m when it serves political purposes.

    we tell anyone who listens don’t be fooled by the words of current pap government. they are lies. THE truth is, look at corruption fine payable by pap linked KOM. massive corruption. YET the pap MFs say no corruption as long as they pay S$m each other. ffff. world class liars sooner or later shall be caught in own web of lies. FOR SURE.

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