Alternative Budget Forum 2018

Singapore has zero external debt and our approach to a balanced budget with each term of government is one of the hallmarks of our national budget. But that was in the past. Will the government keep to its original philosophy or will it run a more populist budget for current fiscal year?
Will the government be inclined to shift further left of centre? With healthy investment returns and surpluses from last year the government is able to give out more or will the government keep priming the economic pump to have growth at all costs?The job market is languishing and attempts to get the workforce retrained and equipped has been met with some challenges and funds allocated through SkillsFuture has been misused. Which is better – skills upgrading or unemployment insurance?

Will the government push for higher personal tax or GST? Or will it resort to other forms of indirect taxes to replenish its coffers?

The Independent has suggested in the past that the government should focus on High Value economy and with the advent of robotics, automation and artificial intelligence, the government should have a laser focus on manufacturing. But more investments in this sector may not translated to job creation. What are the other sectors?

A growing unemployment number is not good politics. So, where does this leave us? To answer some of these questions and to provide a critical analysis of the budget, we have invited three speakers at our Alternative Budget Forum 2018.

Leong Sze Hian


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11 Responses to “Alternative Budget Forum 2018”

  • Maxed out brains:

    The gov seems to be stuck in a rut but continues to pay themselves mil$salaries for massive dereliction of shame. Thickskinned bums.

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  • LIONS:

    We need more noteworthy sgs to lend us their voices.
    There is always a humble BEGINNING to everything bigger.
    So,a very big THANK YOU.

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  • LIONS:

    Hey,i want to see ACTION FROM WP MPs.

    where are they?

    they ought to be closing ranks with THE OPPO rather than sit close to PAPIG$ on some ‘FAKE NEWS’ CONmittee???????????????????????????????

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  • This year, almost anything will go up in prices, fast and furious and yet they still want more $$$.

    Its no longer about surpluses or balanced budget, something must have gone wrong at our sovereign funds.

    Mdm H is making rumoured $100M as its chief but pretended to look for replacement until now.

    We are being squeezed dry to fill up the holes you dug.

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  • Govt Needs $$$$$$$$$$$!:

    Already made public that Gahment needs money for ;

    Developing T5 Changi Airport/Seletar Airport
    HDB Flats/Infra
    Drains to prevent floods
    Developing SAF/Homeland Capabilities
    Additional Cabinet posts
    Asean Chairmanship

    Singaporeans must be prepared to pay more taxes!

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  • "Clear the (PAP) swamp":

    Throw out the PAP at the next GE to get the truth about Government reserves.

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  • Sg one:

    Rather than focus more on helping unemployed to get jobs, boost all sectors which can benefits singaporeans. I seen the garment heads wrong direction.
    Increase tax which might lead to:
    -Singapore being less attractive to investors.
    -Sg Companies might not able to cope due to higher GST.
    -More Singaporeans will get poorer by estate tax
    -Tourism will also be affected as things get more expansive. (not all spending is GST claimable)

    The best way is not to increase any tax but to reduce expenditure.

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  • Sg one:

    SG budget should partially be focus on reduce expenditure.
    We can cut down on the following expenditure:
    -slightly reduce number of sponsorship for foreigners studying university in Sg
    -reduce subsidies/funding for families which both spouse are PR
    -Don’t spend our resources interfere other ppl’s business, eg 1MDB, south china sea
    -Don’t overspend on cctv.(eg inside lift 1 is enough, don’t need 2 or 3)
    -spending on horticulture on road side can be slightly reduce.
    -Ministerial pay can be slightly reduce
    -don’t need to keep building PA/CC buildings. Current amount of PA/ CC is enough for use.
    -some old building can still be refurbish and use. don’t need to demolish and rebuild.

    Other suggestions
    -Make orchard road a duty free shopping zone.

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  • Timidised by Intimidations:

    I am not economy nor finance trained.
    My view is GDP does not requireany citizen.

    Lets say 99% of the population are foreigners. The gdp is still produced.

    99% jobs can be occupied by foreigners and most sigaporeans can be unemployed and gdp still grows.

    To grow gdp, just create more jobs for foreigners.

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  • no more hike please:

    Should try to cut waste and reduce expenditure.
    No more hike as many are already having problem to cope with the high cost of living here,especially the Seniors.

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  • N.Jungne:

    They “Ta-Pao” GST just like those USELESS being helicoptered all over

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