MPs write appeal letters to court only in ‘urgent cases’?

I refer to the hype caused by MOS Lam Pin Min’s letter to the State Courts MPs write appeal letters to court only in ‘urgent cases’ which has since turned into a controversy after an ex Judge stepped into the foray Retired Judge: Lee Kuan Yew Told MPs Not to Write Letters of Appeal

First and foremost, nowhere in our Constitution does it state that MPs are disallowed to write to the Government, President or Judiciary and the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s view was merely a piece of advise, not legislation! If there’s anything to go by, DPM Teo alleged in the 38 Oxley Rd Saga that Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s mind can purportedly be changed!

Secondly, I find it troubling that Parliament, being the supreme body of the land is unable to effectively check on the other 2 branches of government and what safeguards or recourse do we have should Cabinet or the Judiciary become rouge for whatever political reasons. I also found it hilarious that the High Court Judge initially found MOS Lam’s letter to be ‘gospel truth’ when it is common knowledge that MPs’ write letters on behalf of their constituents based on “goodwill” and it is up to the relevant agency to investigate and verify the contents.

I think we should not descend into the slippery slope of “nannying” all branches of government for fear they may be “politicised”. Well, governance is political and one should get out if one cannot take the heat! Recent episodes of the Law Minister trying to defend and protect the integrity of the Judicial Branches demonstrates that we have not matured since the founding of the State and that Judges and Voters alike cannot be trusted to make the right decisions and therefore need to be subjugated by the ruling party, elected into office by a mob! The word “mob” can only exclusively be used by the Aljunied MPs as they are constantly being hounded by a mob of ruling party MPs and not for the Law Minister who is himself elected into office by this same people he labels a “mob”.

Two lessons can perhaps be taken from this incident which is for ALL MPs to stop issuing letters to the respective agencies with their party logos and instead, start using the standardize “Parliament of S’pore” letterhead and for the long overdue creation of the fourth Branch of government called the Ombudsman to truly prevent abuses as both CPIB and PSC, coming under PMO are unable to perform this role.

Best Rgds & Greetings of the Season,

Rocky Tan

P.S. My relative who recently sought Tin Pei Ling’s help a fortnight ago about the grant of a fraudulent probate by the Courts, was being subjected to public humiliation by her in front of other residents as he had written an email to Tin with copy to my own MP Pritam Singh after the Macpherson Constituency Director had refused to help his family, citing threats to her personal safety!

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2 Responses to “MPs write appeal letters to court only in ‘urgent cases’?”

  • oxygen:

    SOMEONE EVEN SAID IT IS NOT THE OBLIGATIONS OF MPs to verify the truthfulness or otherwise of facts when writing appeals on behalf of those culprits in offence of the law. This is really SHOCKING! It is like, in his mind, MPs are above the law and may corrupt the fairness and due process of the law!

    Why the sitting judged got offended by falsity of claims found in the MP’s letter is its contents OFFENDED AND DENIGRATED THE RULE OF LAW and the MP came out on the public stage to assert it is OKAY. A less meticulous and/or incompetent judge would have taken for granted that the misleading and deceptive content in that MP’s representation on behalf is “fact” and decided a wrongful outcome contrary to fact and contrary to law of natural justice for the victim – the offender got away by fouling the rule of law with the complicity and abetment of the MP.

    One wonders how many wrong judicial decisions have been made in the past of such careless complicity of MPs and judges not even aware?

    The Govt have always asserted that the Judiciary is independent of the Executive and it should be. But I have compelling apprehension that a lot in the public mind – rightly or wrongly – thinks the OPPOSITE IS THE REALITY. That is to say, the public minds DO NOT BELIEVE AND TRUST THE JUDICIARY IS INDEPENDENT of the Executive. Why?

    For decades, MPs have been writing appeals on behalf of convicted criminals in mitigation plea of a lighter sentence for offence committed and this is well publicised in state media. The public mind is poisoned into believing that crimes pay and if it doesn’t go to the MPs to get judicial relief from punishment for offence i.e. the practical side of law resides OUTSIDE the judiciary but in powerful political hands. This is UTTERLY RIDICULOUS!! If it does NOT and/or in fact ineffectual of this routine, you have to ask these questions

    - why do offenders go to MPs to write the mitigation pleas?

    and worst still,

    - why do MPs routinely complicit and abetting this subversion of the rule of law?

    and the state media

    - clapping in news publishing as if it is cheering the zoological circus of law’s foul backdoor justice in subversion?


    - one for natural aristocrats and its politically-correct pedigree

    - one for foreigners

    -and the harshest one for politically-incorrect & peasants to be make an example and of deterrence fear instigation?


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  • HarderTruths:

    MP’s can write?

    I had the impression even their thinking was done by the old man and now his son.

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