You can trust a Dog but not PAP!

The last month, the media is in full swing to educate the public about the coming of various hikes, to prepare our sheep brains to accept. With hundred of billions of surpluses and all sort of hikes already implemented, still want to push more hikes into our throats. Does it mean our sovereign funds are in deep shit? Our CPF money is colder than ice?

As far as I am concerned, you can trust your pet more than the current crop of leaders. For how many years, the clown has been talking about renewal, 3G and 4G leaders? And what happened? The same old fools still there, and also renewed pledge to stay on, hinting he would continue till after 70s.

They said they were going to curb migration. They told you 7M is only planning parameter but today we already close to 6M, isn’t this already in execution?

They said $1000 can afford HDB and today HDB prices are spiraling out of control, most young cannot afford and if they could, they need to carry loans for 20-25 years.

They said you can have freedom to express and feel free in this country. But they are changing the laws and regulations of Hong Lim Park, detention without trial and even forming a committee to make more laws to restrict free speech and alternate media.

They said more jobs will be created for locals, for example Casinos. The reality is 80% of the jobs went to foreigners. And at the present, more and more locals are replaced and underemployed while foreign imports still non stop.

My friends, do not be taken in by the sweet talking and promises, these leaders do not do what they preach. As long as they get your votes, they still do whatever they want without your consent. As far as what we have seen for past few decades, it has always been the same pattern, they call this “Chut Pattern”!

If you ask me to choose between trust the dog in the house versus the leaders in parliament, I can safely tell you its better to put your faith in the honest dog. In the parliament, its all hyenas and piranhas waiting to feast on your blood.

Ah… you remember the little red ridding hood? That describe the relationship between us and them best!


Donnie Tan



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28 Responses to “You can trust a Dog but not PAP!”

  • oxygen:

    @ Donnie Tan, PAPpys MANTRA has always been 1% truth, 99% lies, fantasy and propaganda.

    I trust them NOT.

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  • N.Jungne:

    Thanks Donnie Tan, they can say many things
    They say in the army, the girls are mighty fine
    But when they are out of the army, they looked like bloody swine
    Alarmak I want to go, Pukimak I want to go home

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  • C'est la vie:

    “Those who corrupt the public mind are just as evil as those who steal from the public purse”, attributed to Adlai Stevenson, which I thought was unerringly accurate as the fifty year old SGov are of both evils !!!

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  • Flip Flop Rogues:

    If The Dishonourable Son and his his political rogues can be trusted, dogs shits also can be eaten.

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  • One Evil Turn Deserves Another:

    Dracula and his hunch-back slaves and blood-sucked converted disciplines are running your lives.

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  • 鸟龙的人:

    白衣雜种收 COE ERP 等等

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  • Concerned Singaporean:

    Dear Singaporean,

    It seems they care more about FTs than Singaporean. FTs can enjoy similar benefits as Singaporean do in jobs, benefits in SkillsFuture, etc with different passports, pack up and leave for greener place anytime get bad in Singapore.

    Singaporean are stuck, no where to go, no jobs, except lowly paying jobs with no living wages to become taxi drivers, property agents, security guards, retail assistants, and so forth.

    Lowly paid jobs are now reserved for Singaporean but no reservation in good PMET jobs for Singaporean …. so, what are the future of Singaporean and next generation?

    One day, it will explode like the French and Russian revolutions when the authoritarian rulers get blind and refuse to listen to and act on the plight of common citizens.

    Like Marie Antoinette, French empress who famously said “Let them eat cake” when she hears French citizens cannot afford to eat breads.

    Sounds familiar from the elitism politicians who are out of touch with the plights of citizens

    Very concern of the current leedership and competency ….
    Singaporean are stuck with the follies of policies and failed implementations like the unemployment/underemployment/lowly paying jobs with no living wages while they feast on high pays, titles, after-politic directorships, bonuses and when fail or incompetent, sweep under the carpets and no penalty to the elites.

    Incompetence breeds more incompetency.

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  • MarBowling:

    That puppy tag in the above picture is very appropriate. This CNY is the year of the DOG. Trust the Dog and Thrust the Tag!

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  • Domesticated:

    This year is a GLORIOUS year for the dogs.

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  • Chris Bong:

    I rather trust a venomous s*ake than the PAP.

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  • Bapak:

    Problem is their side have too many running dogs. Their dogs with previlages to bite and yet not put to sleep.

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  • opposition dude:

    Well said Donnie Tan.

    Fellow voters, do your real National Service in the next GE hor!

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  • pap selected INDIAN president:

    pap lies. how to trust pap?

    INSIDE 200m is not within 200m. WTF.

    INDIAN is malay. WTF.

    time for change. time for honest Singaporeans, Ms Sylvia Lim of WP, Mr Kenneth Jeyaretnam of RP, Mr Leon Perera, to take over the running of Singapore. that’s it. time for change. for a better Singapore.

    KOM corruption fine at US$422m sure boggles the mind. such corruption. yet no sound no fury what CPIB is doing with chairman ex pap minister, with CEO. can a company clerk authorize paying millions in corruption money without sanction of CEO? and what was Chairman doing all the years of corruption? imagine it is not pap company but WP or RP. pap CPIB immediately gloves off and pap the states times BOLD headlines everyday seeking blood. WTF.

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  • Mainstreet Citizen:

    Highest paid government one-stop solution is to increase prices.
    Water no enough increase prices
    Carparking increase prices
    Congestion increase ERP fees
    Hospital beds no enough increase fees
    Dentists no enough increase fees
    Taxis no enough increase prices but problem persists for years until the private apps show them the effective way.

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  • Zero trust when self gratified:

    When GCT asked that he and his gang of ministers to be paid like the top CEOs of MNC. His justification was garbage from the point of view of the different privileges CEOs of MNC have in employing experts to do his job and to provide him with ideas and the power to appoint any committee to ideas shoot to give them the desired procedure and operation and more important he can be removed anytime when he did badly for the company. But the ministers have the power to setup committees paid out of national funds or in kinds by national honour or whatever nothing out of his own pocket. He have of zero knowledge and can be assisted by engaging local or foreign experts to help him all paid for, if he make mistakes he is well covered and has a guranteed full term. .with absolute power he can seal everything in opacity under secrets. So the millions he asked for carry practically no responsibility of ideas, knowhow and results. This is the very reason no where in the world, political leaders have the guts to ask for such humongous salary. Besides GCT moved it in Parliament with absolute control. This is the same as taking what they want as if the national funds are their private bank account. The request should be best decided by a National Referendum. The mandate to govern does not including self benefits. Right from that moment, many Singaporeans already lost their trust that PAP will work in the interest of the electorates and the nation. In fact quite a few lost their trust as early as ISA was ranpantly used to detained political dissidents among ordinary citizens without trial ie no evidence is needed except what they think whom they want to eliminate. The same ISA is now dressed in a different form to allow PAP to detent anyone they chooses without trial or evidents to prove they are guilty as guranteed by the Constitution. Plpism is not enough after the sibling disclosure. Now hopefulli the entire citizenry loses the trust of PAP as a Govt. The 70% should be knock out of their slumber by now.

    GCT has betrayed Singaporeans and his alma mater miserably. If he has any conscience he should standup and revealed what is behind the smoke screen which is thickened at accelerating rate recently or th be more exaxt when CPF and rampant mindless import of foreigners, jobs and retrenchment, living cost and education issues were raised. GCT has badly let down his alma mater and if he has any conscience left he should publicly apologised to the once great Institution. But do Rafflesians think that is possible for what he has done?

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  • Calling A Deer A Horse:

    If they can call a deer a horse, while else they cannot do? Dogs are faithful, but politicians can be worse than dogs.

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  • LIONS:

    But,we cannot trust a PAP DOGGIE?
    Think dogs are more faithful than PAPig$.

    Can pig$ say not.

    At least a puppy will watch after your house.
    The PAPig$ allow “thieve$”( FAKE FTs who steal jobs) into our “HOME”???

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  • HarderTruths:


    The sheep will not listen. Next erection it will be 80% erect.
    Save yourself. There is no point talking to sheep.

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  • rukidding:

    Best description of P.a.p…better than Pimps and prostitutes (P.a.p. )!

    Never trust any Pimp !

    Never trust any prostitute !

    They only recognised $$$$$ !

    The TOP…do the Pimping and Power control !

    The Bottom..kacang Puteh….do their “prostituting” by “conning” the innocents …..and constantly “sucking up” to their Pimp Master !

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  • No more hike please:

    Many are already suffering from the high costs of living here..
    Should only increase the tax on the rich and not the ordinarily man on the street especially the bottom 30%.

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  • Even Ling-Yang can't trust him:

    Well said. Just ask Ling and Yang. Grew up with that leeder for more than half a century yet they say they can’t trust him. If even siblings can’t, who else can?

    Only the daft people who choose to remain stupid will continue to be fooled by him. And with an untrustworthy leeder leading the party, what do you expect from the rest? Of course it’s wiser to trust your puppies than those pappies

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  • Homeless Cat:

    Indeed. Amd we shall extend the same regard to the deluded vermin that support the PAP. After all, their continued support of the failing regime is the reason ALL of us true-blues suffer.

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  • Canine caprice:

    Q: What type of puppy does Dracula have?
    A bloodhound.

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  • Based on the world electoral rankings it appears that 69.9% or 70% how you see it that supposedly voted pap could be rigged.

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  • Selfish Sinkie Syndrome:

    Dear Donnie Tan,
    His own immediate familee member LWL already stated publicly that the “dishonorable son” puts up 2-faces and cannot be trusted at all:

    LXL “wears two faces. In public, he presents himself as an honourable son, seeking harmony in the family. In private, he uses his official powers and his subordinates to …. attack those who speak up.”

    Everyday that passes with LXL and his jinx wife having unfettered power, is another day of misgivings for everyone. Can’t you see there is more and more failures, breakdowns, mismanagement and economic spiraling downwards for everyday the dishonorable son hangs onto his throne?

    Finally, Donnie Tan, ask yourself who did you vote for the last round?

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  • Sputzy:

    A heartbreaking article, because what it says is true.

    May Sporeans find the courage and determination of the
    puppy to stand up and fight for the changes really needed,
    rather than those which are being pushed down our throats.
    We must bear in mind that it is WE who have allowed what
    is happening now, through our fear, silence and inaction.
    Strong Action is needed from us, now more than ever.

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  • Political Rogues:

    Based on the world electoral rankings it appears that 69.9% or 70% how you see it that supposedly voted pap could be rigged.

    Sure, don’t expect the political rogues to conduct a clean and honest GE. Which of the GE so far are not rigged?

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  • hhhsit:

    There are few classics:

    1. Mdm H has been looking for a successor ever since Goodchild refused to stay on. Rumoured to be paid near $100M a year.

    2. The clown said he wished to close his family matter but asked his puppy to pursue the nephew over a private facebook posting.

    3. The clown last 2 GE kept saying look for new leaders but now he hinted he may not go even in the 70s.

    4. The clown said locals commit more crimes but actually FTs or new citizens doing more harm.

    5. The clown said we can protest and speak freely but then changed the law and regulations at Hong Lim Park and formed a PAP led committee to put up more laws to restrict freedom.

    6. 2011 GE, the clown said he will curb migration but now he imports even more!

    7. The clown said he will leave no one behind but inequality even bigger!

    The clown made so many promises but delivered none. So you trust this clown?

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