A coalition government is the first step towards blocking the PAP from having a total say

Tan Kin Lian

I hear this comment often – I don’t like the PAP but I cannot vote for the other parties because they are fragmented and cannot form the government. Why don’t the other parties get together on a combined platform?

It would be nice if there non-PAP parties could get together. But it has been difficult, very difficult.

It does not matter that they contest as separate parties. It does not matter that they cannot form an alternative government.

If no single party forms the majority, it will be necessary for some of the parties to get together to form a coalition government. The coalition will have to agree on the policies that they wish to pursue in the new government. They have to give and take.

If the PAP remains the largest party in the coalition, they will still have a large say in the policies. But it will not be a total say. They have to make concessions to get the coalition parties to agree to support them.

This would be a first step towards a change of policies. It would be good for our future. We need the government to change its policies. A coalition government is a feasible way to achieve this.


Tan Kin Lian



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15 Responses to “A coalition government is the first step towards blocking the PAP from having a total say”

  • opposition dude:

    Tell that to the kiasees Mr Tan, they are the majority. If they have the courage to vote opposition then there is hope.

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  • Haigen Daiz:

    The bad news is that the oppositions need to step up, clean house in their own party and start thinking about the people in this country and how to do the hard work to create that new framework of coalition. This is not only about forming a coalition Govt, this is about saving Singapore from destruction. Millennials and young Singaporeans are the ones who have much more to lose under the autocracy of the PAP. They have not gone through the last stages that involve a sober and TRUTHFUL assessment of their current situation. Adding hatreds to their agenda will not improve their prospects in educations, jobs, healthcare, environments, civil liberties and rights, etc. If they care about their livelihood they must cast their ballots rightly this coming 2020. It’s that simple.

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  • Boh Kia See:

    There are different degrees of coalition.

    A coalition aimed simply at removing PAP from power is not the solution. What is necessary is to set out a plan for the development of Singapore where input is gained from all the opposition parties.

    It would be a united front based on positive goals for Singapore to achieve. The petty rivalries should not be a feature once a plan to develop Singapore further is agreed by all opposition parties.

    We need such a plan as the PAP is devoid of any. The next step is to map out an election strategy that would give opportunities for every political party room to be engaged. That is some constituencies should be designated for one party and another party will take care of another constituency. Since every party has agreed on one unified plan to move forward there should then not be any difference which party is contesting which constituency. It is important that the individual identities of all parties be kept but united through an agreed plan of action for Singapore.

    It should be a case of one plan to rule them all.

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  • 阿不都.仁道班长.衣丝花篮:




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  • Not Bold Enough:

    The first step is to kick PAP out of government.
    This is the surest way of stemming the decline and corruption.
    Nothing less.

    Many companies have made successful turnarounds by changing management team drastically. This is the proven approach, but the gold rule is that it is only possible when the company still has the health to be turned around, otherwise is a slow malaise death.

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  • MarBowling:

    This Bugger now talked about COMBINED effort. HoLee shits. In the GE when JLB Tancho KFC Tony Tan won the PE, HAD he and that Tan Jee Say put their COMBINED effort behind Dr Tan Cheng Bok, history of SinKapore would be very much DIFFERENT NOW. At least NO SUCH EVENTS HAPPENING AS:

    Mai Hum going to Parliament to explain himself away with regard to abuse of power using state organs by his own siblings. And for that matter, NO display of Extended Rude Middle Finger in the Public!
    With Dr Tan Cheng Bok as President then and subsequently elected for a 2nd term, there is NO CHANCE of ex-speaker Mdm Halimau being Erected as a MALAY Indian Pre$ident.

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  • Selfish Sinkie Syndrome:

    Yes, yes and yes.

    I keep telling Sinkies that it does not matter whether the opposition is ready or not. No one is really ready and sinking island is in dire straits already.

    It is like sinking island is a runaway train driven by LXL and is going to crash into a looming Wall in front. There is NO TIme for discussions or in-depth analysis and wait until opposition are ready. Were you “ready” for your first job that you got? You learn on the job too, right?

    Did Sinkies give a chance for opposition back in 2011 and 2015? No!
    So, what makes you think Sinkies will do so in 202X?
    Only a MAJOR and FANTASTIC CRIsIS that literally ROCKS the entire boat until CAPSIZE, then the 69.9% idiots will change their minds, BUT then it will be too late!

    Sinkies WASTED so much time in 2011 and 2015. So, this is the final straw.

    Last chance in 202X, to kick that crazy driver and his sneaky wife out; otherwise it is really FINISHED for sinking island.
    If you don’t immediately remove the crazy driver ramming the train into the wall in front, then whole sinking island will be really sunk. You must remove the crazy driver, pull the brakes and then the coalition got some time to collect yourselves and set a new direction to travel in.

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  • N.Jungne:

    Mr. Tan should help to consolidate the Opposition instead. WP is so far the only legitimate to counter the PAP. You can be with the WP or the SDP, but not any other, remember always stay humble.

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  • TanAhBah:

    Nonsense!! See what happened in the last election. KBW said to the effect that “no guarantee PAP will form the next government”. That spooked everybody, and PAP won with a landslide victory not seen in recent G.E.s. The call is not to change the government and a coalition government is just that.
    Rather, a more feasible alternative is to put in more opposition MPs to break the two third majority in parliament.

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  • 3 Tans to make the change:

    Hey! How about the 3 Tans who had failed in the last Presidential Election (the LAST PE meaning the one in 2011 as there wasn’t a PE in 2017) coming together to do a ‘Dr Mahathir’, leading the first step, getting the opposition parties to work towards blocking the PAP from having a total control of our parliament?

    We know we need a change of government. We know it’s time to put an end to a one-party system. And we know a change of policies is badly needed. Since one Tan has spoken. Can we have the other 2 Tans to come together and work out something good for the sake of the country and its people?

    Remember “Count on me, SG”?

    SG now urgently needs to count on you, TanCB-TanJS-TanKL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • HarderTruths:

    Kin Lian

    Are you ok? Pappy rule is for themselves only.
    Never will share power with any other party.

    Only way is to VTO. But $G citizens have no balls or too stupid.
    So expect this parliament wayang to continue for them to pretend they are doing something for us.

    Once FT take up majority of $G voters it will not matter anymore.

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  • Coalition ?:

    How to coalition ? Juz look at China and HK.
    In the end there muz be only one big boss.

    HK say yes but China say no , in the end also no.

    Taiwan despite earthquake rejected china’s help but accept others help e.g. sg.

    SG despite on the account of humanity and saving lives send help also don’t even dare go high profile.

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  • Change We Must:

    To be successful to make PAP a minority in parliament, we must take risk. Taking risk can make Singapore a better place and for our future generations. Unfortunately, those 70% won’t take risk where many are new citizens from 3rd world.

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  • Python 5:

    @ Selfish Sinkie Syndrome

    elections after elections, nothing is going to happen.
    we keep hoping for a doomsday election scenario for PAP, with no results.

    you want a major and fantastic crisis??
    I give you several.

    1) mutiple Singapore Sep11 attacks
    2) Dubai property meltdown here
    3) US subprime here
    4) Greece bankruptcy here
    5) Iceland bankruptcy here
    6) Dubai-foreigners’ exodus here
    7) Asian financial crisis again
    8) Great depression of the 1930s here

    complete economic,financial,banking,employment,property,debts meltdown.

    let those damn 70% singaporeans kena the 5Ds progressively and painfully.
    5Ds-debts, divorce, depression, destitution, death.

    Ronald Reagan- If you cannot make them see the light, make them feel the heat

    Selfish Sinkie Syndrome: Did Sinkies give a chance for opposition back in 2011 and 2015? No!
    So, what makes you think Sinkies will do so in 202X?
    Only a MAJOR and FANTASTIC CRIsIS that literally ROCKS the entire boat until CAPSIZE, then the 69.9% idiots will change their minds, BUT then it will be too late!

    Sinkies WASTED so much time in 2011 and 2015. So, this is the final straw.

    Last chance in 202X

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  • PAP super greedy:

    Sinkies even when replaced by FTs still asked what can opposition do for me?

    The fear of voting against PAP is so scary.

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