Leadership Planning l: A Fake Or Failed PAP Loong-In-The-Tooth Promise

Let us keep in mind two truths; one, PAP leadership should and must not be conflated with Singapore leadership and two, Singaporeans deserve the leaders and leadership we elect.

It was the first generation PAP leaders (not just LKY himself alone) who realized the critical importance of early leadership renewal to Singapore. To a large extent – and to all their credit, including Mr Toh Chin Chai (who objected to the pace of leadership renewal) – they showed they were able to attract a diverse 2nd generation of potential leaders compared to the mostly SAF ones Singaporeans now live with.

Fast forward to the day, 13 Aug 2004, when Lee Hsien Loong was sworn in as PM. This was what he promised Singaporeans:

21 Hence, leadership succession will be one of my top priorities. We must continue to search for younger Singaporeans in their early 30s and 40s to rejuvenate the team, to inject new perspectives and to prepare for leadership succession at all levels – ministers, MPs, at the grassroots, in the trade unions

Make no mistake of the significance. That “leadership succession” commitment was the first he mentioned in his speech after all the introductory remarks.

Then, as if to convince Singaporeans further, he restated the his intention days later at his first National Rally, 22 Aug 2004.

Political self-renewal is critical to Singapore.  Chok Tong started talent-scouting before he became PM…And I’ve got to do the same.

But sadly, after the “top priority” was paid its lip service, he conveniently forgot about it for the next 13 years in all his major speeches…except when it suited his PAP immediate goals to gain votes during election time in order to continue PAP’s dominance of parliament.

Sadder still, no MPs, no grassroots leaders nor anyone in trade unions – and least of all, the Straits Times (ST) – say anything to hold Lee Hsien Loong to account for his “top priority” commitment. The latter reports only on the issue what they appear to be instructed to report to Singaporeans. Incredibly, ST editors and writers spin the issue in a way that is almost entirely positive:

Picking SG’s next PM: The 4G16 has shown its hand and it is good
4G ministers are a serious-minded and cohesive team

More than that, to try to cover up for the fake or failed loong-in-the-tooth promise, ST even offers as an “insight” (how else to characterize the propaganda since it is their ‘Insight Editor’ who wrote it?) for Singaporeans as a fall-back plan,

Should PM Lee Hsien Loong lead beyond 70?

Or are there some unknown, unknowable or unmentionable motivations for PM Lee to continue for longer? Our guess is as good as…well, ‘it’s already happened, let’s move on’.

So, how did the PAP end up with a break to their vaunted and oft-tooted boast and promise of ensuring PAP-type continuity for Singaporeans? Maybe, Goh Chok Tong is getting a taste of his own silly, ineffectual “ownself-check-ownself” prescription, evidenced by his need to nudge the issue.

Regardless all the charade that is played out, broadcast entirely by PAP-controlled media to paper over the failure, what are the possible explanations?

One, Lee Hsien Loong, for all his initial claims of leadership renewal as a “top priority”,  has been overwhelmed by other matters that crossed his path.

Two, he must understand how important and helpful it is to put in place a successor on a long runway as preparation to take over from him. He himself was given no less than 17 years full cabinet experience across various ministries. Why would he deny his potential successor that exposure and benefit? For fear that the latter will outshine his performance as PM?

Three, his leadership style and performance could not win over the many potential successors (with track records other than in the SAF or civil service) who we will never know.

Four, could it be possible that Lee Hsien Loong wants to cling on to his premier position for reasons best known to himself?

Or a combination of some or all the above possibilities to explain the failure. Objectively speaking, it is a FAILURE if and when you set out a goal but do not achieve it. If not, it is a FAKE commitment all along. In which case, it is a success since you manage to achieve your hidden agenda under the cover of the stated goal.

Thinking Singaporeans may wish to hold the PAP they have elected to account on this leadership renewal planning commitment, which was used to gain their votes and ask, “Is that a fake or failed loong-in-the-tooth promise?”


Law Kim Hwee
a.k.a. 2cents


* The author blogs at secondsight.blogspot.com




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16 Responses to “Leadership Planning l: A Fake Or Failed PAP Loong-In-The-Tooth Promise”

  • PAP has the mandate:

    Li Hong Yi is the next PM and LHL is just holding the throne for him to be ready, Ah Chan is just a seat warmer, just like GCT time for LHL.

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  • LHL is failure:

    Without a doubt, LHL is a failure. Singaporeans are worse off since he became PM. He jacked up HDB prices, depressed local wages, gave Singaporean jobs to foreigners, “drained” the CPF accounts of Singaporeans by selling them over-priced HDB flats, et. These all happened because LHL is basically incompetent. The only reason he is PM is because he is the son of the arrogant, self-serving SOB LKY,another failure.

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  • LIONS:

    Since Ah Long became PEE-M,
    MAXI-CASH mushrooms.
    So,sgs got no jobs n have got to go pawn shop as banksters refuse to help.

    Trademark of lee ah long’s reign is MAXI CASH.

    Still want to remain as SM OR MENTAL(mentor)???

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  • NotMyProblem:

    After Woody Goh, it’s good to keep hearing people reminding LHL to step down as he has promised! Not only for him to say “I hope not” to stay after 70, we also do not wish for him to stay after 70, the sooner he leave the better it’s for Singaporeans and Singapore!

    LHL is of no use to Singapore and Singaporeans, he had failed big time. We cannot even think of anything good he had done to Singapore, except hardship after hardship for it’s people. The only good he has done, and still doing, was for foreigners only.

    Mr. PM, sir, please be reminded of your promise to step down before your 70th birthday. Thank you. Don’t forget to bring along your wife and don’t bother to wait for your son to be the next prime minister, enough is enough.

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  • Flabbergasted:

    In 3 short words:

    WE ARE F**Ked!!!!!

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  • opposition dude:

    Using the past as a guide it’s probably the intention of the Lees to hold on for as long as they can. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kayu told goondu Loong sometime in the 80s and 90s that this must be done. We all knew Kayu was a smart bugger so he would have forseen what might happen the day he and goondu Loong are no longer around.

    As we all know, goondu Loong can’t seem to do anything right compared to his dad. So I won’t be surprised if he screws up this succession plan. I would not be surprised if the next PM after him uses the ISA on him or has him put under house arrest. This is more than possible because goondu Loong does not strike fear in people the way Kayu does.

    I didn’t expect his family’s house to become a national issue but look what happened. Just wait lah, once he is no longer PM something big will surely happen.

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  • Experimental Government:

    Even Qin Shi Huang cannot last forever. His dynasty fell when weaker rulers took control. Be patient. The end of PAP rule will eventually come. Stay healthy and alive to watch.

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  • Harry Lee GAN Yew:

    Could it be that His disease relapsed but his junior dearest darling yet ripe to take over so he now garang garbok?
    Unable to decide of he wanna install his Sonny boy as heirloom because he afraid people may say no seat warmer seem too direct buay paisay?

    Harry Lee GAN Yew
    “I’ll get up!”

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  • MarBowling:

    Voters, current and future ones, better beware of Li Horny. This Bugger is a COMBINATION of Mai Hum and HoLee Jinx!

    Mai Hum:
    Even before he became the Pee-M, he Slapped a Minister named SeePehDulan who is more senior than him.
    A useless bum who became the 3 Pee-M, Not because he is capable, but because he is the son of Lee Kayu. Yeah, like his Big Daddy, he is a Kayu, period.
    He is a Dishourable Son. His own sibling Dr Lee WL labelled him that!
    He doesn’t believe or treasure Kinships. He drove his own Brother and Nephew out of SinKapore.
    All day LOONG, he enjoys being surrounded by eunuchs who are headed by an Indian Chief.

    HoLee Jinx:
    She is confirmed Serial Gambler.
    As the Chief of TH, she makes it a Point to buy or sell our SWF’s huge investments WITHOUT ANY REGRET! WHY? Because she has adhered and followed her Dear FIL Lee Kayu’s pearl of wisdom to the dot: “do what you think is RIGHT, don’t fiack care WHAT OTHER PEOPLE SAY”!
    All day LOONG, she likes to AIM her Extended Rude Middle Finger at ANYONE p(esp her SIL Dr Lee WL)who offends her or her FAMILEE.
    All day LOONG, she is grooming her son. Li Horny to squat on the Imperial Throne to take over and REPLACE that Seatwarmer Hum Kar Chan aka Bug Bunny Chan after he has a Good Taste of the Imperial Throne!

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  • Step into other’s shoes awhile:

    They have caused the building up, by and large; an anxiety-filled, materialistic, money chasing culture, fearful, brainwashed to the point to be afraid to change, lacking initiative, cold and unfriendly, self-absorbed and cannot-think-out-of-the-box types, creating encompassing and enveloping a lackluster atmosphere and environment. Just look around and observe and be honest about it.
    It would appear their planning and governance takes for granted that people are mere digits/statistics for their manoeuvres instead of acknowledging their rights flesh and thinking living beings and individuals who need breathing space and have the same dreams as themselves.
    To be happy is to encourage thinking and opening up of ideas; people needs the leeway to express themselves freely without fear, and not be straightjacketed and subjected to unnecessary restrictions.
    To speak up or challenge on issues that one is not comfortable with, without the fear of being publicly ridiculed and cornered or hauled up by the authorities, systematically singled out by the controlled media using their all-too-clear “shame and demolition exercises” carried out in accordance with their manual.
    Probably those on top don’t really feel it or cannot imagine it as they are far removed from reality, dreamily basking away in their own secure comfort zone and scratching each other’s backs within their exclusive circles.
    Without freeing the expression of comments and thoughts and ideas, admittedly it could be untidy at times, but manageable if there is central reasonableness in place.
    Otherwise it is difficult to see how to make headway and how to progress forward in this time and age of fast moving ideas and change. And if the climate of restictive stagnation cuts in deeper and deeper, we will be left behind. Get out quickly while we can.
    Stop the scaremongering in its various shades and forms.
    Do not kill initiatives and ideas.
    Build up the spirit of inquisitiveness and inventiveness and the outpouring of thoughts and ideas. That’s the way to move forward into the future.

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  • Kick Them All Out:

    PAP has the mandate:
    Li Hong Yi is the next PM and LHL is just holding the throne for him to be ready, Ah Chan is just a seat warmer, just like GCT time for LHL.

    Wishes and talks are just that. Why should sinkies allow this to happen?

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  • patriot of Temesak:

    As I see it, the people from all walks of Life in The Republic need to change their Mindset that the Govt is doing Right for them…for The Crumbs(not Nancy’s) the people received, the LOAF is taken by the Most Highly Paid Cabinet in the Universe!!!
    Yes!!! The ILLUSION looks good but does it feel GOOD to work the longest hours, facing Inflation yearly without realising how it will affect the majority of lower-wage earners???
    For those that FeelGood the shit will HIT the Ceiling Fan and that is when they will have to cope with the sudden change as it HAPPENED in 1986…when Bankruptcy and suicide Peaked… all Forgotten??? then we DESERVED whatever lah!!!
    There is NON so STOOPID as those who are STOOPID without Knowing they are STOOPID!!!

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  • Goh Meng Kou, Vincent:

    Well, the future of S’pore is quite gloomy with lots of pressing issues domestically esp. the aging population & their medical care, the taking over of housing after the expiration of lease without any compensation. How many of these people can really afford to buy new apartments, if not, how & where to re-allocate them . Then there’s the issue of who’s to be the next PM ? LHL , unlike his father, doesn’t often speaks the truth, twisting & turning his words to get out of tight situation even turning to Parliament just for a personal housing matter. His father Mr LKY was blessed, having his wife always beside & behind him. LHL wife, Mdm Ho is a political liability not of her own design but sadly out of circumstances beyond her control being the CEO of TH & her salaries & bonuses a state secret. It’s true, the Govt is planning years ahead but people like me are living on a day to day basis N not looking beyond. The people doesn’t have a say in choosing the next PM, but at least get one who we can relate to & respect & move forward to overcome the obstacles as a nation. Personally, I prefer to have a Non Military general.

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  • Rabble-rouser:

    Urgh! A long-winded article whose writer doesn’t even understand real democratic principles & the way politics operate! In real politics, there isn’t any leadership planning within the political parties. In the US, you fight for party nomination using financial resources & cultivating political allies. After being nominated, you then work on your political & economic ‘message’ to the electorate. You get ‘feedback’ from straw polls & from actual polling activities on whether your popularity & your message has gained any traction with the electorate! When you’re failing in the polls, one either needs to change tack or adjust the message. And sometimes the polls can be devastatingly wrong re: for Hilary Clinton.
    The PAP leadership planning is a nonsensical process! – a product of PAP Authoritarian rule & a cowering electorate. Any leaders nominated from that type of stale process will only be a clueless blockhead from an elite ivory tower oblivious to the world economy shifts & to emerging global trends. No wonder the PAP are in stasis! They keep doing the same things over & over re: like pouring old wine into new bottles; declaring it as new & doing so again & again. And in S’pore, the electorate are ever-changing; the shifting composition [new citizen converts]; the obvious ignorance & simple-mindedness [displacement of 'smart' ones who get migrated with dumb ones - the Dumbing down of S'pore society]; slanted rote-learning education, censorship & Mainstream media machinations & propaganda, etc. The reality is that S’pore are failing in the global context! But the system blares out ‘fake’ successes [eg. Suzhou] to cover up for obvious failings elsewhere. The PAP continually put up S’pore as a key centre for global trade & hub activities (re: 3385) when it obvious that major economies like the US & China intend to bypass S’pore.
    Link: http://STR.com/2018/01/24/minister-chan-chun-sing-embarrasses-himself-in-world-economic-forum/

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  • HarderTruths:

    Flabbergasted: ed!!!!!
    Rating: +13 (from 13 votes)

    Hahaha – well said. Bring your own grease to the party.

    GD Star Rating
  • A Guide:

    // “Urgh! A long-winded article whose writer doesn’t even understand real democratic principles & the way politics operate! In real politics, there isn’t any leadership planning within the political parties….”//

    Agreed, so sad.

    ps, if the links failed, use the Title header to ” Search instead for ” Title header to access link,

    Mass Mind Control Through Network Television

    How To Deceive, Lie And Spread Disinformation: A Guide To The …

    Singapore Notes: Elephant In The Room
    ( Suggestion: Read up the comment section )

    Socratic Method – Philosopher.org

    Jaundiced Lenses: Red Pill – Blue Pill

    Singapore Rebel : Lee’s Betrayal of PAP and Singapore : Devan Nair

    What Fascism Really Is — And What It Isn’t | Big Think

    Fascism: Definition, Examples, Pros, Cons – The Balance

    GD Star Rating
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