Singapore is not exciting, because … ?

I refer to the article “Singapore Tourism Board responds with witty video after Time Out survey calls the city boring” (Straits Times, Feb 3).

It states that “Singapore scored a high rating for safety and public transport and its “much buzzier restaurant scene” compared with other cities towards the bottom of the ranking.

I was somewhat curious after reading the above article, as there was no mention of what were the criteria that we were poorly ranked – only our higher ranked criteria was mentioned.

So I googled and found – “On Tuesday, Singapore came in 31st out of 32 cities in an anonymous survey by Time Out, which took into account criteria such as culture, food, drink, friendliness, liveability, affordability and happiness” (Channel Newsasia, Feb 2).

Perhaps an arguably more objective view, is to let the numbers do the talking.

… affordability – ranked as the most expensive city for the fourth year running

… friendliness – most emotionless people in the world

… happiness – worker’s happiness survey – 45 per cent unhappy, the rest neutral or happy – so, how many happy?

… liveability – longest work hours in the world

… culture – when films are banned, cartoon book’s funding was withdrawn, etc

Uniquely Singapore


Leong Sze Hian



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7 Responses to “Singapore is not exciting, because … ?”

  • Kayu leading the way:

    When you are routinely driven to become zombie-like and brain dead, what excitement is there to generate.
    Look at the lack of spontaneity in the responses during live shows, it’s just not there, just don’t have it, they are so stiff and clumsy in their reactions. The foreigners are noticeably the ones enjoying themselves at these shows. Our fellas are normally a dull spectacle, having forgotten how to enjoy themselves.
    Their excitement is when they are counting their money.
    None of our ministers could deliver a song or dance on stage in a natural relax spontaneous fashion. Some tried but turn out to be out of step, overly self-conscious and stiffly rigid and it shows up on their out of place silly grinning faces. Study their faces. What a pitiful sight. They should be sent for courses on how to loosen up and enjoy life.
    They are so kayu (wooden), they don’t know how to live it up. So much wood in them. You can’t suppress your laughter just looking at their comical and odd self-conscious pretentious faces. They just cannot dance. They don’t fit in with the “samba”. All so robotic and so kayu.
    So leaders kayu, the rest also follow become kayu.
    Look at the exciting festivities in other countries where the participation is vigorously spontaneous and from warm happy hearts and the fun and enjoyment naturally flows out from the people.
    Obviously others could see and feel the deadened wooden atmosphere here, hence the rating given.
    When you are controlled, you shy away and loose your spontaneity free-play sense of expression.
    So not surprising that it is a boring place what with so many kayu(s) around.
    Yes, send them for courses on how to celebrate and enjoy life and perhaps that could help reverse our “boring” status.

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  • Bapak:

    Mr Leong, I think they really hate you for stripping them naked.

    Who said SG is boring? All they need to do is to read TRE……hahahaha!

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  • Flabbergasted:

    good at sucking up to white shit, colonial and sarong party culture is the hallmark of sinkies.

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  • HarderTruths:

    what is real in $G?

    The image is a black-American-gangster-rapper OR gay-homo-pink shoes-soft toy group of young fucks partying semi-naked in Sentosa day-in and day-out. Also a a policy of making the older generation look backward and admiring the new wave $G brings in.

    Pinoys indonesians, malaysians chinaman, orang india – they all come to be worshiped by locals. As PM of $G says to these people – they are responsible for $G’s change from third world to first.

    Every country must have the pariah workers who do the jobs no one wants and go to war to die for the others. In $G it is the citizens who have voted for this privilege to be a third – class pariah segment of society that will suffer and die for all other groups.

    That is ok – it is the people’s choice. I choose not to become a pariah. Or to die for this shit island’s shit government.

    Does that make me unpatriotic? Sue me.

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  • Irene Vanessa Wan Si Hung:

    Last time there was a male revue perform at clarke quay. They stripped down to boxer shorts ONLY and said regulations prevented them from doing the full monty.

    The revue is called Thunder From Down Under. In Spore become No Thunder, No Lightning, just a small drizzle. LOL!!!

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  • jaywalker:

    We have some dummies running the country trying to clone more dummies. How can this be exciting????

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  • what kayu?:

    @ kayu leading the way,
    The kayus you mentioned are in reality clowns!! That’s why they have mastered the art of talking cocks and singing songs as if the acts are second nature to them!!…they are not even embarrassed when train breakdowns so very often and can even BS about commuters’ survey that the trains reliability has improved!!

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