Chan now tells PAP MPs not to write to courts after retired judge rebuts him

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It was earlier reported that retired judge Low Wee Ping wrote to ST Forum (6 Feb) rebutting Minister of Prime Minister Office, Chan Chun Sing about letting Members of Parliament from People’s Action Party write directly to State Courts. This is to prevent interference of the judiciary and to ensure the independence of our courts.

It all started with the Senior Minister of State for Health and Transport as well as MP for Sengkang West, Lam Pin Min, who wrote an appeal letter on behalf of his resident directly to the State Courts to ask for leniency.

The High Court Judge, Justice See Kee Oon, who heard the appeal case, wasn’t very pleased with Lam’s letter, which contains some misrepresentation of facts of the case.

Justice See commented, “It was also somewhat troubling that the appellant (Lam’s resident) appeared to have sought to strenuously downplay her culpability in her appeal through her Member of Parliament.” He noted that the MP’s appeal letter was sent on the resident’s behalf directly to the State Courts.

Chan at first says ‘OK’ to write to courts but only for “urgent cases”

Subsequently, Chan who is also the PAP Whip, then went public to say that PAP MPs writing directly to courts is usually done for “urgent cases”.

“In urgent cases, such as if the court hearing is in the next few days, MPs may sometimes use their discretion to give letters by hand to residents to be used in court,” he said.

Chan added that PAP has no specific governing rules on the sending of MP letters to the courts or other agencies. Whom the MP’s letter is addressed to will depend on which stage the case is at and the nature of the request, he said.

Retired judge reveals LKY’s standing instructions to PAP MPs not to write to courts at all

In his letter to ST Forum, retired judge Low countered Chan by revealing that there was an instruction from Singapore’s first PM Lee Kuan Yew to PAP MPs not to write directly to State Courts.

Retired judge Low recalled that when he was the Registrar of the Subordinate Courts and Supreme Court in the 1980s, he was instructed by then Chief Justice Wee Chong Jin to ignore such MP letters and not to send them to the judges. He was supposed to return them back to the PAP Whip.

“The reason, I was told, was that founding prime minister Lee Kuan Yew had instructed all MPs (in writing) that they should not be writing such letters to the courts,” retired judge Low wrote. He also revealed that there was a file containing such letters currently sitting in the court registry.

“MPs writing to the courts would blur the separation of powers between the legislative, executive and judicial branches of government,” he added.

“Mr Lee was also of the view that if the MP’s constituent resident perceived his sentence imposed by the court as lenient, he might attribute it solely to the MP’s letter, and, therefore, feel obligated or grateful to vote for the MP in an election.”

Chan makes a U-turn

Yesterday (9 Feb), Chan, as PAP Whip, wrote a memo to all the PAP MPs to stop them from writing to the courts on behalf of their residents so as to “avoid any doubt or public misperception” about the separations of power between the executive, legislature and judiciary.

“When approached by constituents over matters that come before the Courts, PAP MPs may write to MinLaw (on procedural issues) and Attorney General’s Chambers (on prosecutorial issues),” he wrote.

Should the MPs need assistance on exceptional cases or further advice on the matter, Chan now said they should approach him and MinLaw.

Chan also said that the separation of powers has never been in question, even when the Courts have received a letter from an MP, dirctly or indirectly. “Nevertheless, to avoid any doubt or public misperception, may I remind PAP MPs not to write to the Courts on behalf of their constituents,” he added.

Chan further stressed, “The Courts are in the best position to evaluate, holistically and impartially, the evidence presented and the merits of a case as well as clear and strict procedures to uphold the independence and integrity of the judicial process.”

It’s not known if Chan wrote the memo himself or if he was instructed to do so. Chan has been identified by the media earlier as one of the 3 possible contenders to be Singapore’s 4th generation PM. It looks like he may be making more U-turns should he become the PM of Singapore one day.


Vincent Low

* Article first appeared on The Online Citizen.



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17 Responses to “Chan now tells PAP MPs not to write to courts after retired judge rebuts him”

  • Bapak:

    Lession 1 – Lets go all the way back to the Old Hack’s time. If our so called Honorable Judicial Systems is TRUELY independent, there is no need to heed the Old Hack’s instruction. For OBEYING HIM, proved what we have been suspecting all these years.

    Acceptance is as foolish as you voted for PAP, stupid!

    Lesson 2 – This latest episode proved another point that this SMALL BOY know nut about the systems and yet put in high position. This is very dangerous for SG. You vote him, you support him you are asking for DEATH SENTENCE. Do not anyhow kee chui, vote wisely.

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  • MarBowling:

    Looks like Hum Kar Chan aka Bugs Bunny Chan is a L plate car learner, making so many fiacking U-turn until he couldn’t tell whether his car is facing straight, slanting or has hit the kerb. Somemore, this Joker is considered as one of the 3-legged frontrunners for the rights to squat on the Imperial Throne! HoLee shits.

    GD Star Rating
  • Eric:

    CCS did not make any reference to his earlier statement to correct it. It is as though he had not said anything at all on the matter earlier. Has he forgotten what he had said not too long ago?

    GD Star Rating
  • The Next Generation:

    Experimental Government.

    GD Star Rating
  • karma:

    When total paKar in PARIAH们: “cPeeF not pupils $$$”
    Anyone remember any cot OR ikia saying anything
    As long their pay super super….u die ur business

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  • N.Jungne:

    Chan Siapa?

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  • HarderTruths:

    Just give them an e-mail to tell them what you want the outcome to be.
    Simple as that.

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  • opposition dude:

    Seems like the future PM is also a blur sotong.

    Can’t blame lah, from SAF after all.

    GD Star Rating
  • Look in the mirror:

    An ikan bilis training to be an ikan yu!

    GD Star Rating
  • pap selected INDIAN president:

    pap bugs bunny kee chiu as pm? ffff. laughing stock. cannot even string a sentence coherently without england grammar mistakes. HEAR him speak. WATCH how he speaks. this one utter failure. rank in army no use. because in truth this one is FAKE news.

    we have analyzed why such expensively educated army general at taxpayer expense cannot string even a coherent sentence in england when his education was actually in england. THEN we realized substance. lack of intrinsic substance. with out of the book situations or without model answers most human who lack substance perform almost similarly.

    expensive england education no use. because cannot think on feet. so like this is pm material? what a ffffing joke.

    pm must be somebody citizens are proud of. able to buy votes with chicken does not count. worse when this assistant clown tried to defend chief clown in parleement when right questions were asked by Ms Sylvia of WP one cannot fail to notice assistant clown truly is a clown. a lying one some more. WTF.

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  • LIONS:

    ALOT OF GRASSLOOTERS also ask their PAP MPs for favours like waiver of LTA REGULATIONS on carparking etc.

    The KWAI LAN LTA OFFICERS simply allow these grasslooters to do so while so ngeow to others with lesser offences like extended parking og a few minutes.


    GD Star Rating
  • C'est la vie:

    Holding multiple positions within the oh so popular SGov, his expertise and ingenuity called upon by the NTUC and PA, considered PM material, blue eyed boy of the King and Queen and many, can and should turn a blind eye and a deaf ear or both, to the odd erroneous utterances from this “blue chipped” individual surely.

    He singularly, represents SG’s hopes and future, and perhaps as the Party Whip, he wanna consider turning the whip on himself and whip the dullness, doltishness and dimness outta himself.

    Then again, there’s no cure for imbecility, and whipping won’t do much good either, but it’d probably be the choice of many ……….. for the sheer hell of it !!!

    GD Star Rating
  • 阿不都.仁道班长.衣丝花篮:




    GD Star Rating
  • NotMyProblem:

    Looks like Hum Kar Chan aka Bugs Bunny Chan is a L plate car learner, making so many fiacking U-turn until he couldn’t tell whether his car is facing straight, slanting or has hit the kerb. Somemore, this Joker is considered as one of the 3-legged frontrunners for the rights to squat on the Imperial Throne! HoLee shits.

    You are absolutely right. And worse, he was “L” plate driver without the driving instructor beside him. He didn’t even know that he entered a “No Entry” road, now driving in a one-way street, the opposite direction!

    PAP expects Singaporeans to accept him as the next PM!!???

    Scary, don’t you think?

    GD Star Rating
  • 4th Gen plagiarised Amos' idea:

    Amos simple innocent conclusion after his politics reading that the over adored chief of the nepotic regime is just horrible and got him in all sort of trouble including being treated like a damn serious criminal and like the siblings has to run for his life. Now the Biws are plagiarised his opinion and bohue the old man whom they po like hell when he was alive. Strange how things come to the same end from opposite sides. It was reported that the new lp is arrogant, egoistic and hard to please so the difficulty of ascending the siok scale of rewards increases significantly. The ousted Speaker is now wondering why w,hy why he didn’t get his millions and now was even instructed and get told off by $10 man and seeing the $8 still rogging in his millions despite some Sinkies are bashing his photo demanding respect but instead mad beating w.ith shoes and Hokkien, cantonese and teochew colorful expletives. Wonder what Mdm Ivy Singh has to say. Thick skin or shameless idiot. Ivy shall can put it better and diplomatically until that Biw thinks it is a complement from dear Ivy.

    Indian Malay a deliberate confusion surely get Tan who didn’t even warm up his seat but was pushed aside and ironically going on to be made the Queen with his consort like Prince Phillip. Some yaya socialites commented ‘Philip at least something, a Prince in his own right, quite handsome and speak sense but this aiya dont say la sia sway lang la!, No wonder Tan is still wondering, presumably pai seh to consult his detroner and left wondering till his days are over.

    Now the Indian Shams himself to be equipped with power more than the waekly prince. Watch out siblings & fam. Catch snd right away guilty as charged in opacity. Indian Malay say good we work together but her father’s clan says eliminate no toghether. He now more powerful than I+M. Good grief!

    GD Star Rating
  • oxygen:

    PAPpy’s ADVOCACY OF ENCOURAGING MPs in continuation of its past policy of writing to MinLaw (on procedural issues) and the AGC (on prosecutorial issues) is PRIMAE FACIE interference and subjugation of judicial independence.

    Retired judge Low Wee Ping is right of NOT directing MPs petition on behalf to the court but instead sent it to the PAPpys whip. Yet to this day, it is STAGGERING to find MP Lam’s petition presented right before the eyes and mind consideration of High Court judge See Kee Oon. It is particularly disturbing that Judge See Keen Oon alertness and discovery of facts found that representation to be offensively “misleading of fact” likely (if careless or neglect of failed detection by most learned Judge See but fortunately not) to lead to a miscarriage of justice flawed on, firstly, an error of facts, followed by, secondly, an error of law, in consequence. This – if eventuated – is unacceptable of failed judicial outcome unintended by anyone.

    PAST TENSE INSTRUCTIONS TO ALL MPs that meet-the-people sessions petition of MPs be sent to PAPpys Whip ( thus not seen/considered by judicial members) is ABSOLUTELY CORRECT but his instructions to be followed IN ITSELF left a GAPING WHOLE OF CREDIBILITY in judicial independence from external influence of the past.

    Bapak: Lets go all the way back to the Old Hack’s time. If our so called Honorable Judicial Systems is TRUELY independent, there is no need to heed the Old Hack’s instruction. For OBEYING HIM, proved what we have been suspecting all these years.

    Acceptance is as foolish as you voted for PAP, stupid!

    Blogger @ Bapak is dead right of his opening volley in this thread.

    What is head shaking is now even PAPpys openly advocating that the practice of MPs sending their petition to MinLaw (procedural issues) & AGC (prosecutorial issues) AFTER PROCEEDINGS is pre-sentencing in the judiciary.

    I have COMPELLING APPREHENSION that the public mind justifiably conclude that PAPpys are determine to interfere/subjugate the judicial process. Once the matter comes for the court, it is SUBJUDICE for anyone outside the Bench to interfere!!

    Much worst when the interference is on procedural (fairness) and prosecutorial issues – a stab in the heart of criminal justice system. I recalled a Canadian Supreme Court decision after numerous cross-appeals THREW OUT a charge against a child molester (R. v Crown). On what grounds? Earlier decisions listened to the child’s evidence first! The court believe the child’s testimony before R testify.

    Prosecutorial/procedural bias contaminated outcome!

    GD Star Rating
  • Judicial independence:

    As members and ministers of Government, their oath sworn upon the heads of their Gods include utter respect of the Constitution and serve in the interest and benefits of the people. Singaporeans sees continued betrayal of their oath sworn in the name of their God as far as serving the people of Singapore but they have done many against the interest of Singapore citizens : their regardless import of aliens scumbags, theircdefence of their babaric behavior including violence, education funding to the advantage of the foreigners while neglecting the needs of the citizens, their lunatic ill considered incraese in taxes and new taxes bring additional load on young citizens by pushing theirvwayang senior care cost on to the young Singaporeans by increasing their taxes and other taxes resulting in increase in their cost of living while they maintain their multimillions plus bonuses in opacity and hidden benefits of which who is lying their medical treatment costs of ministers remaining cowardice unresolved. They have ripped and amend a democratic constitution into a nepotically and plply modified demoncracy turning equality into a historic Indian caste system in the interests of nepotic and plpic interests abnd benefits. Now judicial independence as protected by the Constitution is defied continuing the betrayal of their oath in the namevofctheir Gods to protect the Constitution. Their defying is effectively amounting to contempt of Constitution, the judiciary including the Court and the Judges. Whyaren’t they charged with the Contempt of the Court and defiance of the Constitution. Singapore juridiction has the highest frequency of Contempt of Courts charges but till now it is the political dissenters and public but now what’s happened and why? Those who participate in law making and involved in the govercance should be familiar with the laws and Constitution else it is mockery of the oath swearing and those who should know and commit contempt should have more severe punishment as the logic of laws and life dictates and not liniency until no action.
    Sinkies r alk very used to wayanging but presumably passivity is more convenient and harmless than wayanging in the case of juridiction.

    GD Star Rating
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