Not PAP supporter: I am fine with budget 2018

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A self-proclaimed not-PAP supporter has taken to Facebook to express his support for the budget 2018 announced by Finance Minister Heng.

Writing on Facebook, Aloysius Lau claims that he is “just pro-Singapore, pro-facts and pro-logic” when accepting the budget, even though it has been dismissed by many as merely “wayang and bullshit”.

Attached his logic and reasoning:

Here’s my version of “brainwashed” reply.

1) If you have a budget surplus of almost $10 billion from last year, why are u still raising the GST?

> The GST is not raised from this year onwards. It’s just a heads up well in advance for 2021-2023 that it may be raised to support additional social spending that is expected to be rising in near future (2021-2023?). Not a usual move of our governme though.

At least, this news is important for businesses like mine because it allows me leverage on the current lower GST and strategize my taxes wherever possible. The last thing I want happen will be like tobacco or fuel tax, you say it today and you start it tomorrow.

The surplus last year is also explained to be a fiscal surplus and not a structural surplus. Means, it is not a surplus you expect it every year because of a new structural component for income. Simply, if you increase GST you expect to have more tax income every year. If you simply have a COE system in place, the same as any other year, and you get more income last year just because people bid higher and higher, that’s unpredictable and hence you cannot rely on it every year.

The sensible thing in this is thus the surplus last year has nothing to do with the impending increase in GST 3-5 years later.

The last thing you want a government to do is to squander the $10b surplus away, just to justify increasing GST and albeit immediately right?

2) Isn’t giving u $300 on one hand (bribing one with one’s own money) and taking it away on the other hand with a GST increase, rather meaningless?

> You rather have nothing at all?

For those earning less than $1000 per month, and assuming you spend it all, the increment from 7% to 9% will mean you pay about $20 per month. Average out 30 days, you probably pay less than 70 cents everyday.

It is an amount that’s painful to think, but painless to feel. Trust me because I came from a lower income family too. _IF_ some of these lower income earners happen to be a smoker, $13/per/day – actually what’s more painful? $0.70 vs $13 per day.

At least, I know of many people who will be thankful of the bonus because they get a rare opportunity to have a good meal, a simple family outing, afford that minor repair at home, replace a damaged phone, pay the bills etc.

As for the rich, you buy a $100,000 car and you would have paid about $3500 of GST (after increment, $4500 of GST) and $50,000 COE (tax). Can? Average out 10 years, they still pay more tax.

Assuming that the GST hike to fund higher social expenditure is truthful and not being siphoned away by government (now that’s an allegation that you better justify with facts btw), the hike is inevitable. The bonus is literally, a bonus.

3) Why are we spending billions $ on infrastructure like rail and roads when we have a zero population growth and almost negative birthrate? Who are we building these infrastructure for? To accommodate your target of 6.9 million population? So, we are spending Singaporean taxpayer money on infrastructure for foreigners?

> Firstly, we continue to have population growth because we still admit permanent residents and new citizens, though at a slower rate than before. We haven’t reach “almost zero birth rate” because it currently stands at 1.2, hence it actually causes negative population growth rate on natural Singaporeans (but compensated by new citizens) and it’s too low because to at least have the same population you need a pair of couple to have 2 children.

You will first need to understand the concept of economy. Investors invest in our economy when they know you have a growing/wealthy population to spend hence for the invested business to make money, a stable or adequate workforce to support the business, a reliable infrastructure to support the business, a safe and stable environment to operate the business.

Assuming you own a large logistics company, or a food distribution company. If our roads remain congested like some of the capital city of our neighboring countries, so much that you’ll never deliver to your customers on time, will you invest in Singapore? Say, you pull out your investments – how many foreigners (yes), and Singaporeans (darn!) are going to lose the jobs?

Years ago, somehow there’s a gap in planning that caused our roads and public transport system to be over congested today and we are picking up the mess. Do you want the government to learn from it and plan ahead, or just leave it to the next generation?

4) Why is our defence budget 40% larger then our healthcare budget, more then $4 billion more. To buy weapons and equipment to fight who? Name our enemy, Mr. Prime Minister. With an aging population, healthcare should far surpass the defence budget, not the other way round

> As mentioned above, one of the key success behind Singapore is to be able to provide a safe and stable environment for people to live in and businesses to operate in.

We have too many red-eyed envious neighbors who are always ready to pounce on us and eat us up. Look at Ukraine vs Russia, Palestine vs Israel.

At least as someone who spent 2 years in green, and more annual cycles to go back dragging my feet, we guard our sovereignty and safety tightly to let you live and work peacefully. If you’re the same investor as above, again if you pull out investments Singaporeans lose jobs.

Don’t think of the tanks driving pass the parade square on NDP as wayang, at least that is one activity every country performs to show the world “I got this and that asset to attacking or defend, don’t play play”.

Healthcare – in then past we’ve been coping well with our budget even though it’s expensive. But as we are expecting an aging population and hence higher healthcare expenditure, we need more money – tadah, part of the reasons for GST hike.

5) Increasing the education budget by giving more edusave bursaries to our student is like giving crumbs to us. Your govt is giving full scholarships to foreign students, why can’t we get that deal instead?

> You don’t want the bursary, don’t take lor? At least I’m grateful for some years that bursaries helped me cope with costs of going to school.

Some scholarships are bonded, some are bond free. Most require these foreign scholars to at least work 3 years in Singapore. This buys us a chance that they will stay behind and grow their roots.

Admit it, we are not making enough babies. If you hate the GST hike, then don’t increase the healthcare spending. If you don’t want to increase healthcare spending, then don’t have aging population – tadah, bring in more people from outside. Now if you must bring in more people from outside, do you want to share your pink IC with maids and construction workers, or with highly educated and high earning foreign executives who can both make money for Singapore and hopefully educated means they also behave properly? Yes, we had some gaps here and there but you get the drift.

These scholars are often people who could have went on to better universities in their own countries. At least in my circle of friends from China, many of them were top students of their city or province. Qinghua and Beijing University were within reach and better than SMU and NTU.

Besides, a degree from an English medium university in Singapore may not always be as popular with Chinese employers when they eventually go back. Some are here because they have a scholarship here and they can’t afford cash for university back home, many are here for because of overseas education AND working experience, and some of them hope to settle down outside of China. We are hoping that they will just grow their roots here. Same applies for foreign students from other countries.

Moreover, bursary is for the lower income students and their results need not be the top. Foreigners do not even qualify for bursaries.

Scholarship is for the students excelling academically. It is not as if we take away some of scholarships for locals and give it to foreigners. You need to be there to witness, there are many locals who do not cherish their education enough to deserve a full scholarship.

e ) If u need more money, instead of taxing the poor with a GST increase, why don’t u raise the tax rate for the high earners (those earning over $1 million a year). I am sure there are thousands of such people, including all your Cabinet Ministers and many MPs. If you tax them more, u surely can avoid the GST.

> We tax the rich based on their lifestyle. Such as stamp duties on their property purchases. Many rich man are also big business people, we also leverage on their business success and tax their corporate income, tax the GST.

But if simply because I’m rich and you just tax excessively based on my income, then the rich will leave the country with their money and our jobs. Not wise ain’t it?

Do our learned readers agree with his logic and reasoning?




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39 Responses to “Not PAP supporter: I am fine with budget 2018”

  • ganeshsk:

    Dear Mr lau

    Thank You not supporting the PAP and please pass taht message to your friends.

    Let the PAP not squander the reserves and hand it over to the next party
    in 2020 so that they may reduce the GST percentage point by 2% and we might have a better Singapore next GE.

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  • Bapak:

    Stupidity has really no cure!

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  • Bapak:

    @NotMyProblem – spot on and we have one here.

    When robber wanted to rob, he chooses his victims and do it discreetly. But stupid Singaporeans choose their robber and handover the money in bright day light. When the robber returns the emptied money bags to them, they thank the robber for giving something back.

    When the robber says “I will rob you again in 2 years time”, stupid SGs say; “Welcome, we’ll get ready the money”

    Robbers afraid of Police, but our PAP robber has police on their side.

    OMG, how much stupider can SGs be???

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  • What say u, Oxy.:

    Lets wait for Oxy’s rebuttal

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  • oxygen:

    What say u, Oxy

    STEPPING OUT NOW FOR A CNY SOCIAL – my rebuttal will come, it will be polite but hope won’t be censored.

    What say u, Oxy.: Lets wait for Oxy’s rebuttal

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  • Stupid 70 cents:

    He is not a PAP supporter so he could be a PAP member or PAP disguised face book account holder, or gainfully work for PAP, who knows? We, 30 cents not easily fooled.

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  • oxygen:

    @ What say u, Oxy

    I READ ALOYSIUS LAU’s positional stance above – a part of it is his EXPRESSSION of HIS CONVICTION of his values – no one can dispute or challenge his preferred perspective such as not taking bursary or scholarship if one is unhappy with it. But that does NOT mean his positional stance must be shared by others either.

    My view is budget is much more bigger than the personal relevant stance of Aloysius Lau – it is about SOCIAL EQUITIES, economic development and sustainability and also compatible with global regime as part of a community of nations.

    Tax – whether it is a form of GST or corporate tax – is paid for by residents (including corporate residents) which must be budgeted of current and future spending allocation to benefit the CONTRIBUTORS of that tax. So Aloysius Lau’s proposition is out of alignment, one of inward myopic considerations. It does NOT answer the questions posed by that open letter to PRESENT TENSE.

    Aloysius Lau spoke eloquently about “leveraging on the lower GST” of his tax strategy whereever possible. It is all high-sounding buzz but empty of content of that boasting.

    GST is a tax on CONSUMPTION of GOODS & SERVICE, you can’t avoid it if you “consume” a particular goods or services.

    Saved of spending it now than later (of paying higher GST), what leverage is there? It is a mystery to me of his rhetoric boasting. There is a limit to how much you can financially capable and affordable of EXPANDING current consumption of goods and services to avoid future higher GST levy post 2020, right? Is Aloysius going to buy a lamborghini now in place of his Hyundai sedan or does he intends to go for a cancer scan or a lung transplant to replace his used damaged lungs to prepare for a longer life expectancy post transplant – assuming he smokes a lot (he hinted of objections to tobacco? So until Aloysius gets to specificity, he is ranting nonsense.

    And it is strange of HIS NO SELF-AWARENESS & self-contradiction for him to talk of 2017 budget surplus as allegedly irrelevant to future GST hike when he happily speak of “leveraging on current lower GST”. His budgeting is multi-year strategizing but that same principle does NOT apply (for him) to national budgeting. If he knew at national budgeting process is like – he would have come to the simple conclusion that a lot of good budgeting has some forward looking continuity of perspective. You don’t build Changi Airport Terminal 5 or Tuas port within and exactly within one & the same financial year. It extends beyond that. So for Aloysius Lau to speak arrogantly that 2017 surplus is irrelevant to 2018 and beyond of no GST relevance is TALKING NONSENSE AGAIN.

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  • oxygen:

    @ What say u, Oxy.

    Continuiing from above, Aloysius Lau perspective of opening shot at 2017 budget surplus of $9.6 billion has no relevance for 2018 os pure nonsense. that $9.6 billion did NOT MYSTERIOUSLY DISAPPEARED in the financial statement of the Government, Aloysius has a business of his declaration. Doesn’t a businessman not know his balance sheet accounting. An undistributed net profit after tax of $9.6 billion in FY 2017 – as an illumination example of national budget – NOT add to his net cash flow from operation and opening cash balance in FY 2018?

    Likewise to pretend that the national budget surplus of $9.6 billion in FY 2017 add to the national reserve to dig out and spend when exigency requires that? Remember, Nathan former president said in Parliament that the Government have DUG into the reserves 56 times already in his watch! So either Aloysius is dumb of accounting concepts or practical realities of government budgetary process. There are years of surpluses and deficits and these are distributed or dipped into periodically to meet expenditures as and when need arise. Remember the 2009 GFC when the government also dug into the reserves of $20.5 billion to fund the so-called Resilience Package of subsidy NOT TO EMPLOYEES/PEASANTS but to EMPLOYERS/BUSINESSES.

    If Aloysius accept my notation of practical realities and accounting applications, he must know of these facts or at least be aware of these facts.

    - the $9.6 billion surplus is NOT an one-off occurrence and can be even repeated (even exceeded) again this FY 2018 if the en bloc crazy exuberance continues with more land sales from the Government

    - from the cash flow perspective, the Government is at least cash flow positive of this $9.6 billion at opening balance and not at zero base balance of beginning of this current financial year unless of course, that $ 9.6 billion is immediately fully invested by Temasek/GIC the day before budget year commencement which is in my opinion most unlikely given recent extreme financial market volatility.

    - beyond the 2017 budget surplus of $9.6 billion, the Govt also has access to another $8.2 billion in the Pioneer Generation Package held in some stored account of expense provision but largely unspent. In accounting terms, it is HOLLOW LOG ACCOUNTING. I doubt Aloysius Lau knows what hollow log accounting since he appears to understand little of balance sheet accounts.

    - the other big surprise item of 2017 huge surplus is investment income. It is from a low base BUT WITH RISING INTEREST RATE HIKE/corporate tax cut boosting dividend yield, INVESTMENT INCOME IS LIKELY TO GROW FURTHER.

    to be continued..

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  • oxygen:

    @ What say u, Oxy.

    Putting it together, the $9.6 billion windfall in 2017, the PGP hollow log accounting of another $ 8billion perhaps, and maybe a $5 billion to $8 billion additional growth in investment income to coffer, totaling perhaps $22 billion to $25 billion, the government is likely to show up a very strong financial balance sheet cash position to close in FY 2018.

    Assuming that the GST was raised from 7% to 9% in FY 2017, the difference would have been $3.2 billion in the last financial yr past. Thus $22 billion to $25 billion addition to the cash base would leave the Govt a comfortable cushion of 7 years before GST raise will be needed. That is to say,the Govt won’t need to raise GST till 2025 starting from today.

    SO THE MYSTERY IS WHY Finance Minister HSK TELLS US NO URGENCY TO RAISE GST now but it is of urgency to raise that after 2021.

    He has not given us a forward budgeting figure of growth in expenditure relative to expected revenue flow. I guess that is IMPOSSIBLE. Imagine this JP Morgan – a reputable global investment bank – changed its global investment and economic outlook this year within a space of 3 weeks! Ray Dalio, the world’s largest hedge fund manager changed his investment outlook in the opposite direction WITHIN ONE WEEK – just before the commencement and during the World Economic Forum in Davos.

    How is HSK – for all his outstanding skills, ability and visionary insight – forecast 5 years ahead unless he is gifted of telescopic vision or divine of clairvoyant ability no investment bank in the world can match.

    So HSK 2018 budget tells us 1% of future outlook and 99% is speculative conjecture of projection in wilderness of near total unknown of the environment.

    How can Aloysius Lau and HSK expect us to trust these distant forecast of GST rise 3 to 7 years ahead to be realistic? Since it is entirely unrealistic, WHY DID HSK tells us so confidently of 2% rise in GST between 2021 to 2025 and most likely in 2021 unless he expects

    - slow down in revenue inflow forward

    - faster rise in expenditure outflow forward

    - the strong financial returns of 2017 and 2018 to suddenly reverse which for some reason/s, he hasn’t and is not prepared to let us know now


    If PAPpys does not need to raise GST now, why raise an additional 1% BSD for any amount exceeding $1 million in property price purchase? PAPpy claims this to be an equity of income disparity bridging objective. If so, it means the cooling property measures of 3% already in place MUST BY DEFINITION IS PERMANENT FEATURE of tax regime.

    NOW THAT IS STRUCTURAL TAX which Aloysius is silent on.

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  • oxygen:

    @ What say u, Oxy

    Other than budgeting issues discussed in the 3 preceding comments above, there are other flaws and error in Aloysius Lau rebuttal to that open letter.

    First, bursary is not necessarily for the poor. I am aware that there are a range of bursary beyond poverty consideration. Someone I know is quite wealthy but his kid received an achievement-based bursary, not scholarship. I don’t bother to ask further why.

    As for infrastructure spending and population economics, Aloysius Lau got his financial mathematics missed! If you have to spend massively on infrastructure and the economy is NOT benefited in strong growth, it means the foreign migration influx is yielding NEGATIVE RETURN. That is to say, the reliance on foreign influx to boost the economy has failed.

    WHY CONTINUE DIG DEEPER WHEN YOU FOUND YOURSELF IN A HOLE -especially when funded out of GST taxing on the poor? It is the poor paying a huge proportion of the tax money to fund expensive expressway, underground tunnel access which the rich drives on with their lamborghini or Ferrari sports car. The overburden MRT system is falling apart, how did upgrading of that assist in business sector when it is not conveying goods but largely commuters to and from work mainly?

    I have no argument with Aloysius on health care and defence – these are necessary public goods spending.What i have objection of wealth tax is why no inheritance tax on the rich ( a good thing to make the beneficiarys working harder for their own survival) but capital gain tax reserved exclusively for peasants on HDB resale levy beyond GST. When you have capital gain tax on peasants, they should be far more restraining of further increase in imposition of GST.

    GST IMPACT ON THE POOR IS DISPROPORTIONATE of forbearance and burden. IT IS A TAX THE POOR HAS NO ESCAPE OF AN EVER ESCALATING BURDEN – to the rich earning over $1 million per year, it is nothing.

    For the strength of its balance sheet, the forward-looking GST hike in 2021 and beyond has AN UNDISCLOSED POLITICAL AGENDA.

    And that is very concerning.

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    Why is Singapore the most expensive city in the world?
    Partly because of 2 factors; the numerous indirect & direct taxes & the high rent attitude of the monopoly landlord, the government.
    The low taxes is a myth.
    Taxes in Singapore:
    1. Income tax
    2. Business profits tax
    3. CPF as a tax; arbitraged the average investment return of 7% per annum over the 2% or 3% payout into near lifetime or infinity for every contributor
    4. 150% car import tax
    5. COE 10-year licence tax
    6. Car park & ERP taxes
    7. High water tariffs
    8. High electricity charges
    9. Conservancies town charges
    10. Education fees; school fees, uniform group, ECA activities, tour & travels, tuition fees (debatable)…really can be avoided?
    11. Near monopolistic/oligopolistic telecom, TV, newspaper charges
    12. Property tax
    13.Stamp duties
    14. Over-inflated HDB lease property prices (thru high land costs transfer pricing though land is still own by govt). Govt has effective 100% land ownership in Spore via law of Land acquisition Act. HDB is 99-yr rental not sales contracts.
    15. High medical charges in hospital in monetary terms & queuing time in public hospitals. Dreadful if serious & chronic diseases like cancer….will bankrupt the patient.
    16. Cheap NS labor & reservist 15 yrs or 1 mth per yr time taken…big opportunity costs to time & employment dis-advantage with 2.5 million foreigners introduced by govt esp from 3rd world countries.
    17. Govt with GLCs control & keep rental mkt at high price.
    Everything & everyone is squeezed from the balls to the neck, except the govt with monopolistic pay & profits thru passing laws.
    Citizens are subject to the most competition in the world, the govt officials n ministers are right at the other extreme…almost zero competition n non-competitive, fat n bloated.

    GD Star Rating

    and of course a Biggie, GST.

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  • rukidding:

    A profile of a REAL DAFT !

    Don’t know how to tell lies !

    If you are not a PAP supporter,..then you must be an Opposition supporter.

    or someone who “sits” on the fence …..this group of people normally do not engaged inside such platform.

    That is why I say,…this “clown” belongs to that 70% Daft !

    GD Star Rating

    Aloysius is one positive Singaporean who are grateful of our world most talented PAP.

    Hope more Singapoeans are grateful of PAP.

    Our PAP financial product CPF is so good that it is even copied by Malaysia Penang PRIVATE company MBI group.

    Even the Malaysia governmemt recognise it to be a good company.

    This show that our CPF is super good. Not Ponzi scheme as cybernuts here claim.


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  • LIONS:

    So,more BUDGET SURPLUSES in the pipeline.
    Thats to say MORE WHATS WRONG WITH COLLECTING MORE $$$ schemes besides GST as planned?

    Expect more PUB charges,higher medical costs n whatnot$.

    More Budget Surpluses to cover the BIG HOLES that TH N GIC will DIG in their FOREIGN SQUANDERING N OSTENTATIOUS THINGS like F1 N FT-SCHOLARSHITS.



    What a le govt.

    Grin,continue to grin.
    You can start counti g your money…

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  • Con you:

    The writer is an idiot. I just had dinner at a hawker centre. The char kway teow now selling at $3 and $5. A month ago when I was there, there was $4. I ordered a $5 plate as sharing with my wife. Imagine my shock the quantity for a $5 plate is now less than the $3 plate previously. Needless to say, my wife was shocked too. She ordered a soup with rice from a nearby stall. The rice is the most inferior I’ve ever eaten including all the many 3rd woIrld countries I’ve been. Hard and small, not chewable. One can only swallow. I pity me and all the seniors who are looking for decently-priced affordable & eatable food. What’s the doggie partee doing about such? Busy keeping our money? Before budget speech, prices already moved up by some stalls, after budget speech even worse increase. Come GST increase, we would be dead already from starvation. To the writer, kama will find you.

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  • Bystander:

    Where has all the moneys gone?
    So many tax revenues to collect from, so much surpluses year after year, and yet still money no enough for Govt.
    How greedy could they get.

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  • AloysiusConfirmed You Are Daft:

    I do not blame you for your stupidity cos you are not LKY and cannot see the future. From your input you must be a selfish local businessman or a Malaysian or other foreigner or from the PAP Internet Brigade.

    I was a very enthusiastic first batch of NS men willing to sacrifice my life for my country. But now who will I be defending ? Local rich people with factories, shops and bungalows or our rich Ministers ? Or all the third country foreigners and PRs ? You name it.

    Using our taxpayers money and spending S$400 millions per year to take care of foreign children education in Singapore schools and hoping that they will become our citizens ? Why not spend on local children instead. Their parents do not have to take loans from DBS bank to finance their own children education. First ask yourself if you dig the ground in Spore, can you extract gold, oil or any minerals ? We do not even have shits in the ground now. Why would foreign children be so stupid to come to this congested place with very high cost of living and nothing much to gain. How many foreign children are willing to put their roots here. Most of the Chinese and Indians are looking at opportunities in the US. Maybe Filipino may want to settle here to enjoy our good facilities and escape the typhoon in their countries. But do we want these people ?

    We need to buy more planes and tanks to have a stable environment for business to operate. We have 4G Army. Good, but have you heard about hackers that can make your 4G system useless. Even China can shoot missile at the satellites in outer space and make your communication systems useless.

    Now back to basics, if Indonesia were to burn their forest for one month all Singaporeans will sure get Cancer eventually. They do not have to fire a single bullet. Or if they were to ask their people to contribute their urine and pour the urine by aircraft over Singapore, we will all be drowned by their urine. So forget about buying sophisticated planes or tanks to defend ourselves. The only viable option is to buy Nuclear weapons and station them in friendly countries and use these weapons to attack any aggressive counties from there.

    Your business can be successful for a short while but when the two Giants give us a tight slap on the left and right side of the face, let’s see you continue supporting the PAP policy. President Trump has given us the first slap by withdrawing Broadcom Corporation (big electronic company at Yishun with 1000 workers) from Singapore. What happens if another 10 or 100 US companies withdraw from Singapore ? US Corporate tax has been reduced from 38 per cent to 21 per cent.Lesson we should learnt here is not to be kapoh and get involved in US domestic politics. We only harm our people.

    To Be Continued

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  • AloysiusConfirmed You Are Daft:

    Part Two

    The other tight slap comes from the other Giant – China. If Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and other countries can keep their mouth shut why can’t Singapore ? Just becos we want to punch above our weight, we got slapped by these two Giants. We have to tell China to follow International Law and not occupy the two islands which belong to the Philippines. China has signed the Agreement with Malaysia to extend the railway carrying containers from China to Thailand to Kelantan in Malaysia. They will helped build a Mega port in Kelantan and also a highway from Kelantan to Port Klang. With all their money and engineering expertise they will be able to make Port Klang as efficient as Shanghai port. In five years time Tuas Mega port will become a white elephant and PSA will lose a majority business to Port Klang.

    Morever most of the factories can be expected to move to Malaysia to be near these facilities and also becos the salaries, factories rental, electricity
    and food and water charges are much more cheaper in Malaysia.

    So we would like to see your enthusiastic support for the PAP policies in five years time. We have already stopped supporting the PAP policies cos they have made unforgivable blunders after blunders and instead they have enriched themselves.

    Ask yourselves did Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, China, India Myanmmar, Bangladesh ever offer our student free education in their countries or even offer jobs to Singaporeans. Then why is the PAP so stupid to offer to look after other countries citizens instead of lookinh after our own people ?

    Unless LHL can do another magical performance such as converting an Indian to a Malay to be President, there is little hope for our country. Remember LHL is not LKY. Different class.

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  • J.sparrow:

    Human brain see things in logical sense.
    If being controlled it will looses it’s
    Thinking abilities.becomes a robot.

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  • 阿不都.仁道班长.衣丝花篮:

    新加坡须要很多像Aloysius Lau这样的人。

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  • Hank:

    Well done Lau, you may know collect your bonus payment at PAP IB office

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  • exploit value proposition:

    //But if simply because I’m rich and you just tax excessively based on my income, then the rich will leave the country with their money and our jobs. Not wise ain’t it?//

    aiyoh. being rich and taxing them is one thing. creating jobs (FDI) is another lar. not all rich are here or in any country just to create jobs and many rich are all over the world park themselves in certain country for many reasons lar; sometimes to extract / exploit value proposition (opportunities) from a country not benefiting the average people but only a few here and there. just like one idiot said, FTs are here to create jobs for daft sinkies.

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  • oxygen:

    ALOYSIUS LAU IS SLEEPING IN COSY COMFORT – the additional 1% tax on the property price above $1 million is CREEPING BACKDOOR GST charge for the “consumption (read purchase)” of expensive property.

    PAPpys is giving him instant GST increase charge dressed up in a very sexy bikini.

    So Aloysius is definitely wrong of this utterance.

    Aloysius Lau:At least, this news is important for businesses like mine because it allows me leverage on the current lower GST and strategize my taxes wherever possible. The last thing I want happen will be like tobacco or fuel tax, you say it today and you start it tomorrow.


    Inexperienced silly boy, right?

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  • Who knows ?:

    @ China has signed the Agreement with Malaysia to extend the railway carrying containers from China to Thailand to Kelantan in Malaysia. They will helped build a Mega port in Kelantan and also a highway from Kelantan to Port Klang. With all their money and engineering expertise they will be able to make Port Klang as efficient as Shanghai port. In five years time Tuas Mega port will become a white elephant and PSA will lose a majority business to Port Klang.

    Who knows , a number of factors and possibilities.

    If say like that , means Najib will win the Malaysia coming GE. Which can translate as our whites will win again in future GE.

    If not then when coalition take over its also possible may cancel China’s project. If Dr M don’t Anwar may.

    As for port efficiency we shall see. U know our neighbors are quite infamous for smuggling , stealing , … Recruitment of new young terroritsts.

    Blunders ?
    Definitely will continued to have as the world is increasing getting complex even DT also blunder. Just like China pioneer or has lead in manless retail shops but its not that successful or biz lack lustre. Currently about 40 plus shops already 10 over shops shut down. Remaining are not seeing good profits also. PRCs abuse the shops by using their aircon facilities, sleep there overnight when weather is hot.
    Future will these shops be successful or new version who’s knows. I still waiting for Amazon to roll out theirs.

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  • William C:

    What a fake opposition support you are. If opposition supporter will to think like this, we are totally doom!

    GD Star Rating
  • 70% Daft SInkies:


    This fat fiack Aloysius Lau is a Foreign Trash graduated from China Sun Yat San University. How in the world he graduated with accountancy degree and working in RSAF?

    This shows how desperate Singapore is in getting third rate university graduate from third world country and give them plush job in the govt agencies.

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  • oxygen:

    @ 70% Daft Sinkies

    SO ALOYSIUS LAU is FAKE NEW creature? He talked about “leveraging on lower GST” now as a businessman WITHOUT ELABORATING THE SUBSTANCE AND MANNER OF CONSTRUCT how this cleverly boastful leveraging is to be achieved?

    70% Daft SInkies: This fat fiack Aloysius Lau is a Foreign Trash graduated from China Sun Yat San University. How in the world he graduated with accountancy degree and working in RSAF?

    So he is an accounting graduate from a second or third rate Chinese University and working in RSAF? I am certainly not extremely impressed of his accounting and economic exposition demonstrated here.

    GD Star Rating
  • What De F:

    For us the 31.1% any budget from pap still sucks no matter how you hard you try to justify it. Look at bigger picture pls! Year after year getting screwed for what?

    GD Star Rating
  • HarderTruths:

    The post by one Aloysius Lau is not uncommon and represents the views of 70% of the voting public. It is an act of selfish justification in government policies and if you read it in the light of sound economic and republican policies it avoids answering the questions given.

    I will not go into the post itself but as our esteemed Oxy has done more than justice to rebut the article point-by-point I would like to touch on the fundamentals to show the elephant in the room the government is unable to admit to.

    The crux of any government is to work within its means to allow a capitalist system to flourish that by itself will enable most of the necessary items for economic expansion.

    The main reason for financial poverty of the middle and lower classes is because of

    (1) a fiat currency system which devalues paper currency over time by inflation when more currency is printed for government expenditure. This is by right a taxation.

    (2) high government spending as a percentage of GDP – this increases the burden of production to those outside of the government while the outcome of production is transferred to government through taxation

    (3) the absence of a proper working capitalist system that does not allow price discovery to take place – this means price controls from supply and demand do not exist and are manipulated to the advantage of the government

    $G is currently at the end of a fiat currency (debt) economic expansion starting in the 1970s when the world broke from the gold standard and the $G government could print currency and value anything as it liked. Under this fiat system wealth is transferred to the 1% from the other 99%. There is a price to pay however – there comes a stage where the system breaks down from too much debt creation.

    We are at that point where payment is due.

    Even Lenin, in the heyday of the USSR, hesitated to employ full economic controls over the markets knowing this would be the death of the Marxist regime. It eventually died for the same reason – but took a much longer time to do so. Full market control by the government unravels the economy as it displaces the private sector that is vital for products and price discovery.

    China, for all its communist beginnings – in the last 1o0 years is finally realising that a privatised economy is necessary and has rejected $G’s model of total control.

    LKY never understood this. He was not a main of vision as so often glorified by his stinking hot air propaganda machine. He believed in his own infallibility and this is what happens when despotism takes over the brain. He believed he could succeed where even the giants failed.

    The pappys have exhausted their avenues to attract new external investors, plus have no means of production save printing…

    GD Star Rating
  • HarderTruths:


    This does not allow debt to be serviced and larger and larger inflation results as moe and more printing is employed by the government. All $G is doing is digging a deeper hole as did the USSR, Venezuela, Cyprus and Greece.

    Every country with a debt-to-GDP of over 90% is not able to create wealth but rather destroys it for every dollar spent (i.e. we create less than a dollar’s worth of returns fr a dollar spent). This is the rule of Energy Returned on Investment or EROI.

    $G’s economy is not independent of its economic policies. Our $G dollar is weighted to a basket of currencies. In order for our dollar to survive without excessive changes to its value MAS must either create or destroy fiat currencies to keep the dollar stable.

    As the US dollar depreciates all other currencies follow suit to keep the trading advantage as much as possible ( A Currency War ). $G must follow suit and devalue its own currency. Devaluing the dollar by money printing will cause inflation and wipe out savings. On the other hand the US treasury 10 year note yield is on the rise – close to 3% and going higher. Unless MAS can increase inter-bank rates investors will take their money out to the US bond market. However this will also hit people with loads hard (how many of us do not have loans?)

    Currently China is bypassing $G a a port of call – this changeover will be complete in the next decade and with lowered oil prices possibly hitting $30 / barrel $G’s days of glory as a trading hub for oil and gas are over, as well as its reliance on banks making fortune from oil and gas exploration.

    With no reason for major financial institutions to stay in $G due to high costs and development of A.I., I.O.T. and Ocular Rift technologies to name a few areas that $G has refused to participate in due to their ‘destabilising research for government controls’ – the future of $G is already written.

    Therefore I ask all SG locals to be prepared – the future is closer than what the despotic regime and the 70% think. If you can get out the time is now.

    Based on these findings and the current state of the world in terms of US debt,

    GD Star Rating
  • No Win No Fee:

    Gov budgets are the biggest scams in the world. They are done so carefully and skillfully to keep tax the people and to justify the enormous bureaucracy that has been created. This gov monster has to be fed and kept fat at all cost.

    Govs come out smelling roses from the putrid stench of corruption, deceptiveness and deceitfulness by using the intrigue of methodology and falsity in accounting to win the confidence of the people. This translates to votes ultimately because people like govs that manage money well and so they think their gov is doing a terrific job. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    Most govs are not in control of the economy but they like to think they are and they tell the people they are. The true state of affairs is nothing like it is on paper.

    The puppet masters are in control not the govs. All it takes is for them to pull the plug and everything, yes everything, will crumble like a house of cards. All the budget papers will not be good for anything and the surpluses the people are shown now will disappear before your eyes into thin air.

    Do not be fooled by the fanfare (hullabaloo) and mastery of false economics.

    GD Star Rating
  • Not the Full Picture:

    We need a strong defence. Otherwise Msia and Indonesia would walk all over us, as they have done before. So anyone who asks who are the arms directed at should be sent back to school and stay there until he/she remembers what happened in the past.

    As for the rest, the basic story is the Government income statement was primary results of negative and negative and breakeven for FY2015 and FY2016 and FY2017 respectively. And these bad sums were ameliorated by this country living off dividend income and interest income. Staying this way and with an ageing and shrinking population is a sure bet to economic ruin over time.

    So, yes, the budget is a move in the right direction. Especially when we have so many spendthrifts with so many spending ideas, and so few income generating ideas.

    Those who think the budget is bad should be given one way tickets to Japan and Italy, and stay there and suffer the effects of shrinking and ageing populations until they wake up.

    GD Star Rating
  • common sense:

    Yearly land sales the PAP gagmt vollected some $15 BILLIONS…and this is NOT included in the budget and put separately into another account and public cannot scrutinise.
    This amt alone when putbin a fiunsd can give the old peiple age 60 and above $300 per mth like many other countried the gagmt giving their old people…like HONGKONG,Taiwan and numerous other counrtries.
    But the PAP gagmt prefer the old and humpbacked in their late 70s to toil their deaths

    GD Star Rating
  • oxygen:

    @ Not the Full Picture

    INDEED, YOU CAUGHT OUT ONE GOOD POINT – we are living off dividend and interest income – Ooops, just like a retired pensioner.

    It is the result of FAILED ECONOMY under 52 years of PAPpys unchallenged authoritarian rule.

    Not the Full Picture: As for the rest, the basic story is the Government income statement was primary results of negative and negative and breakeven for FY2015 and FY2016 and FY2017 respectively. And these bad sums were ameliorated by this country living off dividend income and interest income. Staying this way and with an ageing and shrinking population is a sure bet to economic ruin over time.

    The flip side of the coin is WORST – other than dividend and interest income from investments, WE ARE ESCALATING OUR DEPENDENCY ON GST – this is a tax on CONSUMPTION, not wealth creation tax. So it is a tax on poverty to bankruptcy of peasantry.

    What future is there WHEN OUR INVESTMENTS ARE DECAYING INTO COFFIN AND AMBULANCE STOCKS disrupted by technology and we have no strong domestic income generating economic pillar?

    Idiots among the 70% peasants is still diving into property via enlargement of debt mortgage leverage DREAMING OF GETTING RICH in an economy that is sinking into comatose and death.

    How clever are these 70% Sinkies in LEE-jiapore?

    GD Star Rating
  • richmummy:

    meet rich lady

    GD Star Rating
  • Kew:

    There are 3 types of govt around the world.
    1. A goverment who looks after the people
    2. A goverment that look after themselves
    3. A goverment that look after themsleves and the people.

    GD Star Rating
  • StoopSIngaporean:

    Whether it is Alloysius or Oxy, you are all stupid people trying to make argument according to your whim.

    Just one thing for you to ponder. The job of the government is to BALANCE THE BUDGET and not take too much resource away from the economy hence impeding potential growth.

    Without proper figures, what the hack is there to argue. If government potential needs are so much and so much, give us the figure then if there is no way to resolve the need, increase the damn GST. Otherwise government suka suka increase GST, the burden on the society will be tremendous.

    Once you increase GST, the lower income may have difficulty balancing their household budget because they do not have corresponding increase of their income.

    Well in the case of Singapore, even if there is an increase of GST, the people can tahan. No problem. Homeless also never mind, can sleep in the void deck. There is surely a way, everything can balance somehow.

    GD Star Rating
  • oxygen:

    @ StoopSingaporean

    AFTER YOU FARTED STUPIDITY BELOW, show me where did Aloysius or PAPpys supplied what figures to balance up a futuristic GST figure forward from 2021 onward.

    StoopSIngaporean: Whether it is Alloysius or Oxy, you are all stupid people trying to make argument according to your whim…….Without proper figures, what the hack is there to argue. If government potential needs are so much and so much, give us the figure then if there is no way to resolve the need, increase the damn GST. Otherwise government suka suka increase GST, the burden on the society will be tremendous.

    Or better still, you supply yours? I haven’t seen a single $ digit of your mention above. Farting motherhood gas is easy, right?

    You still needing a job for a living too, right? Glad I don’t. That is why I could back up my positional stance with numbers and financial accounting applications and global macroeconomic comprehensions.

    If you knows better than rhetorical gas emission, show me here in your next post commments how does hollow log financial accounting works in a practical accounting example.

    GD Star Rating

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