There is absolutely no reason for Sylvia Lim to apologise.

Demanding apologies has been the ugly hallmark of the PAP government. From the time of LKY until now, their arrogant bullying tactics have not changed. They use their Parliamentary majority to bully, to laugh at and to demand apologies from the Workers Party MPs.

What makes the PAP government think that they have refuted her claims and her suspicion? Just because they say they have planned ahead, are we to take their word for it? Are we to give them our unfailing trust carte blanche, when they have flip flopped so many times before? When they have broken their word and their promises to us? When there is a total lack of information and transparency on their part?

There is absolutely no reason for Sylvia to apologise.





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20 Responses to “There is absolutely no reason for Sylvia Lim to apologise.”

  • Merobok:

    They all seem to sing from the same hymn book and when one sings a flat note, the rest will follow! May I suggest that those who go to Church on Sundays(including secular Christians)sing nicer hymns like “closer to thee” and look into your own heart.

    Little do these pups know that many are watching and the repercussion will be felt in 2020 GE. Pls don’t take for granted and rest on your laurels based on 2015!

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  • Certainty:

    The incumbent is certain that daft Singaporeans will continue to vote and empower them comes the next election to do what they plan and want to do. So the G is telling the nation first that GST will be raised after GE. So the nation will be LL with higher GST after voting in the PAP, not that they did not tell you about higher GST before hand. Such is their confidence. Let’s pray that a majority of Sinaporeans will produce the unexpected, maybe a miracle to reduce the PAP size greatly, to not let them simply do what they want. amen!

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  • oxygen:

    INSTEAD OF DELIVERING PERFORMANCE, this mob of cynical thoroughly incompetent PAPpys parasiting on humunguous public welfare cheque is just farting gas.

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  • BallInYourCourt:

    Yes Ms Sylvia…u dont need to apologise. Use your smarts as a lawyer to bamboozle their stagnant brain cells as to why u cant/wont apilogise.
    But if u must its your call.
    Best of Luck!

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  • But:

    There is absolutely no reason for Sylvia to apologise.

    Yes but

    Depends on PAP to let go and not you.
    Depends on 70% not 30% nor you.
    Depends on Sylvia’s perseverance not to yield. She’s not Gandhi nor JBJ.
    As the chinese culture saying 形势比人强, 人在屋檐下不得不低头.

    No need to persist, as the song sings ” its too late to apologise, it’s too late …. “….

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  • 一手遮天:

    There is absolutely no reason for Miss Sylvia Lim to apologize. This strong arm tactic, normally used by street thugs is now what those PAP gangsters are using. We must give Miss Sylvia Lim the fullest support, if not, these thugs will advance their bullies further. Their aim is to silence all who oppose against their evils doing.

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  • RDB:

    Justice must prevail to be sacrosanct in Singapore ruled by PAP since 1959. But then PAP by being the sole govt for so many decades think that such political wins justify them to wax and wane from true moral & ethical justice. That can’t be more further from the truth of justice. Make no mistake that they must practice justice as defined in Oxford English Dictionary they as ministers and mps are educated in. Even if they are educated in USA make no difference. As their American English origin is still from England as their forebears were were all from England who left their mother land England to historically discover America. They did so because they were at odds with their then king Henry the VII or 8th who married a divorcee!

    And Singapore was a British colony. Truth be told that justice also knows no country borders and it sacrosanct values must never wane by anyone and most of all by politicians here.

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  • N.Jungne:

    Urm-Tua Lee Kayu die olady oso BBQed, leaving other Lampar & CB Tua demanding apology. It is either, Grace Fu apologize to the Nation, or she resign for not knowing her Role. This is not 08 Hai Lok San, demanding 24 for 3 joss-sticks (a joke). Or send to Pulau Senang, where Ah Shan will take charged.

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  • Bapak:

    Whenever PAP has no answer, they use such underhand tactics to intimidate, bully and accuse Oppositions to make them look bad and get themselves out of the situation. Very irritating third world tactic.

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  • Disgracefoo:

    Absolutely a big bully
    Who intimidate weak, the poor, the defence less
    Shame on you disgracefoo

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  • patriot of Temesak:

    Sylvia’s COMMENTS in Parliament is what 70% of ordinary Singaporeans that includes the CONDITIONED Sheep…

    Why APOLOGISE for something the Majority’s PERCEPTION is without putting it into a ballot BOX!!!

    Winning 70% of VOTES does NOT mean 70% agrees with the POLICIES and MAKING yourself a FOOL in Parliament is the Privilege you have the same way Sylvia has to make herself to be a TRUE PATRIOT!!!

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  • absolutel agreed 1:

    Having majority power, a responsible government would have used it prudently. BUT PAP has been using it to instal the nepotic regime, change the consititution to their benefits, self gratifying themselves with multimillion paycheck and to bully not only the political opposition but also citizen dissenters and adverse criticism, to scoff at the democratic tenets of personal freedom of speech and gathering plus more importantly curtailing press and media freedom. The worst is its nurturing a horde of polanpa based on the rewards at the expenxe of the citizenry. The meritoractic tenet of democracray is dwafted into a caste meritocracy pyramid with nepotic order down the the biggest lp to the smallest lp within the party ranks. The worst was seen in the recently voted in by ONLY the PAP MPs with strong opposition from the only few opposition members but is sufficient to reflect the voice of the citizenry and that is PAP version of the much condemned even by their older members and ministers to have been misused or for political self protection playing on and exaggerating the fear of the occrence of the time among the citizenry. Even parliamentary privileges are curtailed by their majority power.

    One would expect majority power is definitely off the agenda when the issue involved benefitting the ruling party whether it is party and especially personal ground like the million$ paycheck for the ministers which should in fact be approved by a National Referendum. Constutional amendment that has a shred of doubt on the befnefits for the ruling party or its members should never be decided by the party members without the agreement of the opposition members or thru a National Referendum such as the GRC formation and changes to the Presidency.

    When the late President Ong TC demanded to review the financial records, LKY has no power to reject even if it takes many men hr to file the reports which is amazing if the finance is annually inspected by AGO ie the financial records should be at all times be in a ready form for review as AGO expects corporations to comply. The bullying tactics have become a part of the power just because of the majority of the ruling party in the house.

    Singaporeans esp new Singaporeans still with the memories of their old cuntries they fled from for the oppressive and citizen neglect policy to seek a new life in Singapore should not fallen into the same trap to make Singapore like where they come from, hoping that the temporary betterment has not dulled their brains to expect this to continue with their gratitude. Once the novelty is gone the same fate facing Singaporeans will prevail regardless of how long you have been a citizen. Singaporeans have made a deadly error to give overwhemimg majority to PAP ti
    o nurture a…

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  • Steady Poon Pipi:

    Sylvia has no reason to apologise.

    Sylvia has nothing to apologise.

    Sylvia will not apologise.

    Let’s see what FU will do next.

    Let this be an issue for int’l media to cover and let the whole world see what a so called ‘first world’ parliament is like in sg under LKY’s son.

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  • LIONS:

    When hundreds of thousands of sgs lost their jobs becos of some stoopidLEE implemented FAKE FT POLICY,did Grace Fool ask lew ah long to apologise?

    Which is more serious?

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  • absolutel agreed 2:

    mentality, oppressing humogous ego and utterly rediculous arrogance as seen in $5 heart surgery minister, $10 chaitowkwei advertising minister and the derogating MOS re citizen lynchers of UK scumbag Chase for despising on public transport commuters. Singaporeans should restrain voting for any mps and ministers who have shown any form of disrespect to citizenry and have advanced the interests of the aliens instead of their avowed oath for serving the citizens and giving opportunities to new politicians esp from the other parties a chance to serve the country and to continue support based on his or her permance records. Singapore is run on democratic principles and the basic tenets should never be tainted. Democracy means people power not political party doing whatever they like esp bullying. Democracy demands transparancy and on par no nonsese justice for all. They should not be in anyway curtailed by the power there be. It is most important and immediate to eradicate the prevailing polanpism as such destroy all professionalism and integrity. Anyone who is familiar with the old dynasty drama whther it is Chines, Korean, Japanese, or even the old Royal rules in western world, the curse of the populace was when there is a string of polanpas in the Court. There is no difference in 21st century nepotism and the ancient dynasty resimes.

    When there is polapaism, the governance is bereft of professionalism, integrity and honesty. Even activities normallt associated with the dark would be done in the open and whatever lurking in opacity would be unthinkable. So awake Singaporeans. Low IQ is not a crime or blamable but stupidity is a crime and culpable for any eventuality. Just remember what old wisdom teaches. If you are able try to reach the sky ie if you are able to enter the university do not be fooled by politician with private agenda to tell you otherwise. Degrees are indications off your academic ability. To forego it is stupidity. Singapore has great emphasis on degree holders otherwise pap would not have spent billions on tertiary education or give away billions just to tie up with MIT, Yale, York etc. Why they tell yoo that getting a degree is not important seems to be inconsistent in spending our billions on such institutions, The rest is self explanatory esp after the $10 chaitowkwei Minister who has no definite agend told you boastfully that he has no problem in importing foreign PMETs into Singapore. Who will these aliens PMETs replacing and are they non degree holders or are they degree holders? This is the same as Khaw saying he only spent $8 for his heart surgery case while TR E was based when extrapolating Khaw figure to Heng’s medical treatment. Apology for logical deduction in this case is similar to demand from Sylvia.

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  • Ng.:

    Fuck Lah! this is not a place in using the power to bully and asking for apology, and suit onto another person. It is a good venue for debate, reasoning out and argue out the reasons. Cannot give out good points well, you want to suit as what the dirty old fart did before. You, an idiot who likes this dirty tactics, you better stop it now. People have the eyes and ears to reason out.

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  • Well Done Sylvia Lim!:

    The ‘slap’ on the Leader of the House was well delivered.

    She was left speechless at times and did not know how to respond.

    She deserved to be taught a hard lesson!

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  • HarderTruths:

    The PM’s rottweiler is at it again.

    Silvia please get a rotan. It might have rabies.

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  • Change We Must:

    Sylvia Lim is speaking the true nothing but the truth from the ground. In fact, the PAP government should thank her for providing truthful feedback from the ground. PAP government is trail ballooning, if not why talk about upping GST so many years ahead. Stop importing too many new citizens and foreigners would be more sustainable.

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  • Selfish Sinkie Syndrome:

    Excuse me, Justina are you a model Sinkie?

    Who gave them so much power in the first place?
    For more than 53 years, who gave them such wide powers to bully, to arrest, to jail others without trial, to suppress the sheeple, to tax indiscriminately, to bend the laws and even the Constitution for their own mostly financial benefit?

    Ask yourself Who did you vote for consistently over the last decades?
    Ask yourself Why did you overlook the obvious signs of excesses and turn a blind eye to their blatant abuses of power over the decades?

    Is it because you willingly allowed the CancerLEE to grow into the monster it has become today, in exchange for the bribe of so-called material “good life” over the early decades of independence?

    It is no wonder that MIW learns that money talks because Selfish Sinkies ignores their political abuses as long as they get their tiny share of the economic dollar.

    In a democratic country with the people’s vote, the fault lies not only in the sins of MIW and the dynastic familee, but also with the moral weakness of Sinkies who allowed the cancer to fester but simply kept quiet.

    The People must change their attitudes first, before the govt. will do so. Not the other way around. If Sinkies cannot be cured of SSS (Selfish Sinkie Syndrome), then the country will continue to deteriorate.

    The govt. is made up of people, and the country consist of the people, so the people deserve their own selected govt.

    There is no further excuse necessary and no one else to blame.
    You change your habits especially in vote choice, then the govt, will follow your changes.

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