Has the granting of new PRs and citizens increased since 2015?

I refer to the article “Population likely to be ‘significantly below’ 6.9m by 2030” (Straits Times, Mar 2).

It says that last year the number of new citizens and permanent residents (PRs) granted was 22,076 and 31,849, respectively?

Are these figures higher than as I understand it – the average of about 20,000 and 30,000 respectively, in the years before 2016?

Why are we apparently not curtailing the number of foreigners, despite the constant rhetoric of curtailment?


Leong Sze Hian



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9 Responses to “Has the granting of new PRs and citizens increased since 2015?”

  • M LuHsien Wrong - woof!:

    Foreigners becoming SCs and PRs help to reduce the foreigners’ number, no? Liddat can maintain 2/3 “sporeans core”, also can fulfil 2/3 (locals) + 1/3 (foreigners) workforce mah. Hmm …. don’t know gahmen think they clever or we stupid.

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  • Do you know I was at Paya Lebar Square Lobby 1 and 2, I see the following:

    1. Many PRC working in office
    2. Many Vietnamese and Pinoys too
    3. Huge number of Malaysians

    PAP is clearing up air bases, grave and planning to dig underground cities, you mean they are clearing up for fun?

    Of course its not 6.9M, its 10M by 2050; we hit 6M already!

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  • rukidding:

    Lowest coporate tax in the world.

    Also “cheapest and easiest”…..Citizenship..given out like toilet papers in “double quick time”

    Only Pappy and gangs are happy,…cos “have ulterior motive” to meet.

    Makes serving NS becoming “meaningless” and “stupid” !

    Not sure who are we protecting ????…the rich elites or the “bread butter ,true blue local borned man on the street ???

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  • William C:

    M LuHsien Wrong - woof!:
    Foreigners becoming SCs and PRs help to reduce the foreigners’ number, no? Liddat can maintain 2/3 “sporeans core”, also can fulfil 2/3 (locals) + 1/3 (foreigners) workforce mah. Hmm …. don’t know gahmen think they clever or we stupid.

    1/3 SC + 1/3 PR + 1/3 FT. Then they claim 2/3 Local + 1/3 FT

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  • HarderTruths:

    Does it matter if the FT are 5 million or 10 million?

    Either way SG locals are f**ked.

    Beyond a certain point which SG has already reached – where the majority are unstoppable socially – it is moot to moan and groan about more immigrants.

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  • sg cares:

    we need more abled FTs here to augment our workforce.
    we need to replace fake FTs with real FTs in robotics,medicine,fintech.

    we need FTs to become new citizens n not remain as PRs.
    we can allow PRs to buy properties here from condos to landed but not HDBs.

    this will ensure our own sgs can afford homes.
    let rich and abled sgs compete with real FTs for private homes.

    more good FTs means more opportunities for sgs.
    we need FT-BUSINESSMEN to come and start businesses and give jobs to sgs,young and old.

    we need capable and caring leaders not the likes of lim sia suay or disgrace fool.

    we need a Tharman type to be PM.

    We need good oppo to offer diversity of ideas so as to counter excessive group-thinking.

    we need all sgs to be open-minded and remove self-centredness.

    older sgs must pass down good moral values to their grand-kids instead of teaching them to be selfish like i see in many cases.
    many elderly teach their grand kids to act selfishly towards their neighbours especially the richer ones staying in landed homes.
    they cause nuisance to their neighbours like burning joss papers and litterring their neighbours’ premises deliberately,you can observe this yourselves next time.

    sgs in their late 70S to early 80s behave selfishly these days unlike my grand-parents n parents in the past;whatever happens to older sgs these days?

    this country must wake up and live the SINGAPORE SPIRIT instead of just talking about it.

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  • PRs:

    Mr Leong, I also wonder why after adding 32000 PRs and saying the TOTAL number of PRs is 530,000 JT said the total number of PRs in Singapore remains relatively STABLE?

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  • You sure you never see India nationals? Are you biased or color blind? Go see who having long tea breaks you will see them.

    Among these big four, India nationals and Philippinos will bring down our producutivity, not to mention quality.

    We need true talents. FYI, China is world leader in Internet and fintech especially in cashless payment. We should get them in to help SG beef up its Intrnet and cashless payment system. PRC also world leader in AI, bidg data, supercomputer, quantum communication, etc super technologies
    Which SG can bring their FTs here .

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  • got a feeling (suspicion hor):

    //Has the granting of new PRs and citizens increased since 2015?//

    well only the white idiots know but how much the white idiots would tell you. anecdotal evidence – those tall buildings which keep on coming out which may go up to 30 – 40 floors. got a feeling (suspicion hor) that the white idiots are still going for 6.9m or maybe even 10m.

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