Chipmunks are not qualified to lead

I hear a lot of people say keeping our reserves is a good idea, because we may need it in hard times. Well, you know what helps a country to survive hard times?

Take a look at countries that, instead of hoarding their reserves, pump the money back into the economy. The money goes toward opening new companies or expanding existing ones. The money goes into adult education subsidies, interest-free business loans, technology and university grants, and government-funded, public access research. The money makes it toward private sector entrepreneurship, with the potential to build large MNCs that in future, will contribute millions in tax dollars.

This, in turn, results in better employment – not more employment, mind you (we already have a lot of employment opportunities, the problem is that our graduates are becoming Uber drivers. We have an underemployment problem, not an unemployment problem).

Expanding companies have more demand for accountants, coders, digital content creators, engineers, illustrators – some may even find a need for middle managers.

Pumping more money into the economy also means people spend more. It means businesses manage to move their inventory, which means more revenue, which again means expansion and better jobs.

People with higher wages, who are incentivized to develop skills because there are positions waiting for them, and people willing and able to innovate and take risks – countries that have these qualities don’t just survive hard times. They have the ability to seize opportunities in hard times, and countries like these thrive rather than merely survive.

If your only solution to hard times is “hoard all the money”, then you’re frankly not qualified to lead. That’s the strategy of a chipmunk, not a visionary.


* Facebook post by Ryan Ong.



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7 Responses to “Chipmunks are not qualified to lead”

  • PAPs dont make sense anymo:

    Building huge unneccessary infrastructures and making the struggling citizens pay for it thro various n new forms of taxes..and the rich, very rich n the poor n the very poor all pay the same rates.
    Even the air we breathe is not free anymore.( carbon tax).
    Last time we used to say that nothing is free in this world eccept LOVE n FRESH AIR.
    so are they going to invent a new tax on how many times people make love or not?

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  • patriot of Temesak:

    HOARDING and the NOT Revealing = Non-existence of “RESERVES”

    What is CONSIDERED as Secret is the LIES that the GIC is Zero in “RESERVE”

    all LEEgally Corruptly spent and KEPT elsewhere in “God Alone Knows” whose account…since it is SECRET and cannot be REVEALED…

    The TWO keys are held by the LeeDynasty from father to son NOT even the seat warmer who never had the privilege to caress the key..the other being a Rubber key that cannot open the VAULT held by a Beholden President happily collecting her Pay that only other Presidents can dream of!!!

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  • pkk:

    the secret figure was only witness by a few in our history.

    How much we have in the reserves? our president (not trained in any financial education in reading figures) have no idea and her job is SAFEGUARDING THE RESERVES…

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  • They don't care:

    Remember our Ministers are not lowly paid. For these people who are rich and wealthy, it does not hurt them one bit to adopt this “chipmunk” mentality. On the other hand, continuing to hoard money and implementing various indirect taxes will make the lives of struggling citizens much, much harder. They don’t care!

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  • Something smells really bad:

    The reserves belong to every sgporean…theyre acting like it belongs to only them..everyone worked hard to put that money in the reserves bank….so !
    Is the monies still there or got gambled away???

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  • Ac:

    It can see hard times ahead the
    No need proceed ahead.because you will
    Have a fear.and stay or turn back.its natural.

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  • Why never a democracy:

    Sg has never qualified as a democracy because :

    1. There is a perfect reason why Democracy is also called People Power.
    In the beginning, no ruler will ever give the people power. It contradicts his ambition to Rule the people. This means democracy will never be given to you unless you FORCE the ruler using COLLECTIVE FORCE.

    All true DEMOCRACIES came about through much people sacrifices and through revolutions and uprisings.

    In sg, the peasants all want to be safe and No One wants to be the sacrificial lamb. This is why the People are disunited and have no Power. They are so TIMID they surrendered every iota of power to the ruler.

    2. The TIMID people cannot Afford democracy.

    3. A Powerless and weak people does not qualify for democracy. There can be no democracy when the people do nothing about it.

    This land is NOT WORTH DEFENDONG BECAUSE YOUR PEOPLE ARE SO TIMID, there is no social justice. They do not have your back . They are not worth your sacrifice to defend them.

    I am preparing for migration to escape from Singapore.

    It’s just not worth my time and effort.

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