We definitely do not need shrilly shrews and Latin thugs in our August chamber

Dear Fellow Singaporeans,

Having watched the Parliamentary debate yesterday I’m afraid dat Disgrace Fu has been worsted and sounded more like a burst balloon than a trial balloon.

Psssst- all the winds left her sails when Sylvia Lim stood her ground and refused to apologise to Parliament simply because she has done no wrong and has adhered to the highest standard of debate expected of a opposition leader.

From the altercation it is clear dat Disgrace Fu’s ears need to be checked for she hears things which feisty SYLVIA LIM never said n cannot take in things dat she repeatedly said.

Sylvia Lim does not owe her or the House any apology whatsoever. It is the so called Leader of the House who owes her one for all the bullying tactics dat she and her Latin spouting Indian bloodhound colleague tried to impinge upon her.

The standard of government is falling each day. Why is there a need to announce a proposed GST increase 3 to 6 years in advance? Is it not stupid for the gahmen to let the cat out of the bag so early? Would it not create a situation for the wealthy Sinkies to do the heavy duty things in advance to avoid having to pay the hefty 9% GST? Or not to die so early to escape the Estate Duty?

Any reasonable person would smell a rat at the flip flopping of the gahmen these days from the Oxley Gate to the China Gate to the Water Gate and to the Flood Gate.

It is clear dat it has not done its homework thoroughly forgetting the very words of DPM Tharman last year dat there is no need to impose any new taxes during the current decade. If dat is so why raise the issue so early in the game?

The PUB water hike is another example of its wishy washyness. Again why announce it so much in advancewhen it will only take place in April this year?

Is it to allow more lead time for the People to better accept the bitter medicine?

But of course for the increase is 30% and not 3% and will cause another big dent to people’s pockets at a time when the economy is still in the doldrums and PMET’s are getting entrenched and retired before their time?

The country is drifting under the increasingly inept rule of the son who without his father is increasingly a hostage to the whims of misfortune. He cannot even settle on his own successor when he so dearly wants to retire at 70 again fuelling much speculation on whether it is his own son or the unsuitability of Chan Heng or Ong dat is causing the delay. Even ESM Goh is getting impatient n frustrated at PM Lee’s indecisiveness.

Whether it be failing health lack of vision nepotism or floundering of the crony system dat land us where we are now the omens are not so good. From Oxley Gate to the Halimah Gate to the Water Gate to the Keppel Gate to the Flood Gate the PAP is lurching from one drama episode to another.

The latest chapter of thin skinned underlings demanding apologies and threatening duely elected MP ‘s from speaking their minds is something dat sets us back to the last century. We definitely do not need shrilly shrews n Latin thugs in our August chamber.

Thank you.

Patrick Lowinski



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10 Responses to “We definitely do not need shrilly shrews and Latin thugs in our August chamber”

  • Reinstate estate duty:

    “Or not to die so early to escape the Estate Duty?”
    This estate duty If I noted, has long been removed. I think it is just before death of LKY’s wife. This estate duty should be bring back if Spore needs more revenue. It is also the reason for huge influx of the rich into Singapore to escape the estte duty in their country! Why is the estate duty removed in the first place.

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  • N.Jungne:

    Wah!!! High Standard Hooligans

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  • HarderTruths:


    This is to be taken as a sign that the pappies fully believe they are untouchable. Neither the electorate or the law can touch them. The current political system is based on the full control of the economy and despotian punishment of those that do not kneel to this regime.

    The regime say are right because they are who they are. Which in their minds means everyone else is wrong. Opposing points of view or even forbearance cannot exist in a despotic utopia.

    $G is now a police state like Ukraine or the old USSR. The only problem is 70% of the voters prefer it that way and most of them are locals. It will not be long until they too get replaced by ‘cheaper better faster’ FT.

    No country can escape economic ruin if the majority elect despots into power. History has shown that despotic regimes only know how to destroy, not create.

    It is only a matter of time. Be prepared.

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  • Sylvia fully responsible 4 vot:

    Sylvia is constitutionally voted into Parliament by the constituents. Her respnsibility as she has sworn on oath to serve the Constituents to her best with dignity and integrity. She needs not submit to the filth of power as long as she serves with honour and uphold the dignity of the house and constitution. It does not mean that the ruling appointed leadervof the house has the constitutional right to succumb any member of the house just because the ruling party has near absolute power by their shere number. In fact the majority ruling partyv does not embraces the power to enforce and subjugate any MPs (esp the opposition MPs who have their own party whip) to their wishes and desire against their sworn oath to serve their constituencies they know best. What Grace Fu is doing now has overstep the power of the opposition members to serve their constituents. To make derogatory remarks and character assessinate is abusing the constitutional rights of the honourable member ofvthe house. The alert sounded by the recent sibling accusation still ringing loud and has not been refuted with evidence in the Courtbof Laws as stated in no uncertain by the past and present prime minister.

    Singaporeans should now be awakened to the evil of one party rule withoutvany self restrains as publicly promised by late MM that they could execute by checks and balances on their own which many political critics arevmostly sceptical that it is possible and the many recent events prove these critics were infallible that the young studs have neither the maturity nor wisdom to rein their desire and evil of absolute power.

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  • Concerned:

    Thank you for this spot-on sum-up of the situation now, Patrick.
    From its behaviour and over-the-top reactions, it would seem the
    govt feels severely threatened, for reasons best known to itself.
    It really has not explained its thinking and the reasons for its
    decisions and actions, and when it attempts to do so, what it says
    does not make sense. Tragic that things have fallen to this level.

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  • oxygen:

    PAPpypolitics IS ABOUT TO DIE FROM A SUDDEN HEART ATTACK for one lousy reason – a deficit of urgent apology demanded not met, first from Amos Yee, then Li Sheng Wu and now Sylvia Lim.

    Soon, there will be no apology from over 1 million peasants for disagreeing with PAPpys failed policies.

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  • LIONS:

    My teacher once told me,dont argue for argument sake.
    It seems so true of arrogant GRACE FOOL.

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  • Great Asia:

    The Great Asia already said many times: The feudal lord blinded himself, blinded his 呆 son, and blinded PAP; they all got stuck in the 20th century.

    Ha ha ha!

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  • Amos exposed PAP hypocrisy:

    This just proves AGAIN that it is really time for REGIME CHANGE. Get rid of the arrogant, self-serving, greedy, incompetent and pro-alien PAP. “Clear the swamp”. VTO

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  • omnitaufoo:

    So having failed to get Sylvia Lim to apologize, the PAP has to up the ante by getting the AGC involved. We all know what happens when the AGC gets involved. The last time the AGC was pulled in much to my disgust, it had something to do with the Oxley saga if I recall.
    This time around I am again truly disgusted at the length and extent of this attack against Sylvia Lim by the PAP. Can any of the PAP Ministers say in all clear conscience that the PAP has never in their entire political history floated ‘test balloons’ to gauge the ground sentiments in respect of an impending policy and legislation?
    Isn’t testing the waters a politically savvy thing to do? Why would any politician take offense to the idea of ‘floating balloons’ as if it was a despicable act of throwing soiled condoms in the face of FU Grace, and the rest of ‘notables’ in our parliament?
    All Sylvia Lim did was to articulate the sentiments on the ground with regards to the GST hike issue, a responsibility any elected representative of the people is expected to do. For a simple act of office, she is pummelled for an apology?
    What is even more troubling is the fact that even the most sensible of Ministers in the PAP camp (I’d like to believe there are some) chose to remain silent even as this obnoxious bullying played out its full course! Did they not see fit to lend some matured wisdom and sensibilities to their lesser colleagues even in private? Obviously not. Otherwise, why would such an inconsequential matter go all the way to the AGC. All this misdirected enthusiasm for an apology. How desperate can desperate be?
    Clearly, all is not right with this government. It does not augur well for Singapore!

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