FCF is Ineffective, Singaporeans Still Discriminated in Job Market

When the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) introduced its Fair Consideration Framework (FCF) in 2013, the SDP had predicted that the policy would not be effective.

Five years hence, Minister for Manpower Lim Swee Say revealed in Parliament this week that 500 companies in Singapore have been placed on an FCF watchlist for having “pre-conceived ideas that local PMETs are either unable or unwilling to do the job”. This is a 100 percent increase from last year.

The FCF requires employers to advertise PMET job vacancies for 14 days on the Jobs Bank before submitting applications for Employment Passes.

The Minister told Parliament that the companies put on the watchlist did not give Singaporeans fair consideration for employment before going ahead and hiring foreigners.

In launching the scheme, the MOM said that it “expects all firms to consider Singaporeans fairly for jobs, based on merit. All firms are strongly encouraged to advertise their job vacancies and must ensure that jobs advertised are open to Singaporeans.”

Then-Minister for Manpower Tan Chuan-Jin added: “What we are doing is to put in place measures to nudge employers to give Singaporeans – especially our young graduates and PMEs – a fair chance at both job and development opportunities.”

What do words like “expects”, “consider”, “strongly encourage” and “nudge” even mean? Why would businesses feel compelled to adhere to such a wishy-washy request, backed up by weak penalties, when the pull of lower wages that comes with hiring foreigners is so much greater?

Moreover, many foreigners already working in Singapore have the tendency to recruit workers of their own nationality.

If the FCF is an effective tool to eradicate such discrimination, why is there a 100 percent uptick in the number of businesses flouting it? Singaporeans are being discriminated against in our own country and this is unacceptable.

Before the advent of the FCF, the SDP had proposed the Singaporeans First policy which requires all foreigners wishing to work in Singapore to apply and furnish details of their qualifications, skills, experience, etc.

The applicants are then ranked on a points-based system and only those who meet the cut-off point-level will go into a pool from which employers can hire. Employers can only hire from this pool after they have demonstrated that they cannot find a local to fill the position.

The SDP’s plan is also supported by our minimum wage policy and fair wage policy which will extend to foreign workers.

The two-pronged approach will eliminate the incentive for companies to hire foreigners first either because of lower wages or nationality bias. The people who benefit from such an approach are Singaporeans. (For details of this alternative policy, please read Building A People: Sound Policies For A Secure Future.)

The SDP had also taken issue with the fact that the FCF does not apply to the hiring of employees with salaries of $12,000 and more.

In our alternative plan, the SDP ensures that all Singaporeans regardless of salary levels compete fairly with foreigners.

On this point, Minister Lim Swee Say announced in Parliament on Monday that the FCF will be amended to cover PMETs with salaries of more than $12,000 but less than $15,000.

While still putting higher-income earners at a disadvantage, this is nevertheless a step in the right direction. The SDP is gratified that the PAP has followed our lead on this point. However, it needs to do more – much more – to ensure a level playing field in the job market between Singaporeans and foreigners.

Singapore Democrats



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15 Responses to “FCF is Ineffective, Singaporeans Still Discriminated in Job Market”

  • opposition dude:

    The FCF was always a wayang, netizens saw through this smokescreen when it was first announced, when it wasn’t even implemented!

    I’m pretty sure that the 500 number is, as usual, under reported by the papers to make it look like a small issue. We aren’t given more information like who the bosses of these companies are, what sectors they operate in etc.

    We can clearly see it for ourselves that PAP is letting more non Singaporeans with each passing year, the numbers speak for themselves. This FCF is just a guise to fool the dafts into thinking that opportunities are available for them.

    If the FCF was even half as successful there wouldn’t be that many Grab/Uber drivers out there.

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  • M LuHsien Wrong - woof!:

    This PAP G is a joke!

    MOM could only tell companies “you must do this!”. But if the companies ‘bo chup’, heck care them, all they can do is “We’ll put you on the watchlist.” That’s it?

    Already there’re 500 companies placed on the watchlist! A 100% increased from last year! And all they can do is still keeping watch? Oh man! How unbelievable!

    Now, I really wonder who is scared of who?

    Does this not tell us that companies do not seem to respect the PAP G now? Instead of listening to what the G told them to do, they seemed to be sending a message to the G – “We do what we wish!”

    And the fact that G can only keep watch and dared not do anything to the companies is clear sign of G showing fear of companies closing down and relocate! So, how many more companies would still be bothered with the stupid FCF anymore? How many more companies are expected to join MOM’s watchlist?

    FGS, MOM! Grow some balls and do what is right. Can’t believe you guys fix the oppositions like a pack of wolves but dare not do anything to the rich towkays. Please step aside and let SDP show you the way if you’re still clueless and ball-less.

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  • NotMyProblem:

    One very important requirement for companies is bar all HR Managers to be foreigner not even ex-foreigner. There is not reason for HR Manager to be foreigner. Only Singaporean Managers can understand MOM’s requirements and regulations.

    Any Head of HR must report to MOM if the boss wanted to employ foreigner.

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  • HarderTruths:

    Every $G local should realise that the pappies are actively making sure that FT get the jobs. They are avid pappy supporters and will take any compensation and no complaints. Plus no issue with social backlash.

    FT will carry out any and all pappy policy without question as it does not affect them in the longer run – they are here for the money.

    FT are now the mainstay in the public sector. Because of which the private sector has followed suit. This is not an old policy – this has been happening since 1980′s. LKY lied about his plans for FT. He set the plan to bring in boatloads of immigrants from Malaysia and Aean first to ramp up the false economy whuch was then carried on by Unholy Goh.

    The pappies cannot survive without the FT policy. The FT are crucial for GDP, debt creation and long term asset rise. Therefore FT will keep increasing to ensure the economy keeps going for as long as possible before collapsing.

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  • Vote Dr Chee into Parliament:

    Vote Dr Chee into Parliament. He got a better far-sighted than any PAP idiots especially this silly toothpick thief.

    GD Star Rating
  • Do more please:

    More need to be done to ensure our PMETs ,especially Seniors are given a fair chance before Employers are allowed to go for any FTs.
    Make sure FTs that come here have talent that Singapore is really short of.

    GD Star Rating
  • Upturn the downturn at MOM:

    Minister LSS and his ministry MOM are both huge failures…
    Like many of sg’s ministries , it needs a massive overhaul.

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  • LIONS:

    So why do sgs even need to have a FCF in place for them in their OWN COUNTRY unless they have indeed been discriminated?

    This is OUT OF THE WORLD.
    SGS xenophobic?


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  • Amos exposed PAP hypocrisy:

    FCF is a joke. It will not work as long as foreigners are exempted from CPF therefore much cheaper to employ than Singaporeans. Using the FCF employers can always find a reason to hire a “cheap” foreigner instead of a Singaporean. It is all about money. Greedy, self-serving, money-faced PAP should know this.

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  • Concerned Singaporean:

    Dear Fellow Singaporean,

    Paying millions to the Party Against People, all these MPs, ministers, and so forth are incompetent and fail in their duties to serve Singaporean besides sleeping in parliament, not attending parliament sessions while “kow-tow” to their “Master Lord over Singaporean” and suck up to FTs.

    Today Party Against People is a failure to Singaporean.

    We must unite to vote more opposition parties into parliament just like Li Sheng Wu said so to protect our livelihoods, our children future, and Singapore as a nation next 100 years.

    Otherwise, Singapore will explode due to dictatorship and oppression like central America countries in the 80′s and 90′s.

    Mark my words …. it is like a pressure cooker …. one day, cannot tahan and we all live like slave with no jobs, monies, ….

    GD Star Rating
  • rukidding:

    You people can trust those words and promises from those Pimps and prostitutes ( P.a.p. ) meh ?

    GD Star Rating
  • CECA!:

    Is this job sucking FTA with India still in place? If so, SG continues the obligation to ensure job for India nationals.

    GD Star Rating
  • What is FCF:

    Fair is never a practical word. Even in ministries, promotions and recognitions are biased and based on preferences and likings of your immediate superiors even in education sector. What is FCF in private sector when own consideration of who should be given merit is not fair also. End of day is to them there is a framework to follow but reality of who is following is sill fathomable.

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  • Change We Must:

    Lets see. Hopefully his new initiative will work.

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  • sensible or workable ideas:

    Since when has Lim Swee Say been able to come up with any sensible or workable ideas?

    Will any PAP sycophant name us any? You’ll see how they will remain silent for they cannot come up with even one.

    GD Star Rating
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