I agree with Lim Tean’S view on Innovation!

I came across Lim Tean’s speech at Hong Lim Park, honestly I felt he spoke eloquently and was captivating with his articulation of the issues with Singapore. Even the clown and his team of ministers with their scripted speeches cannot hold a candle with their speeches. I also saw the GE debate on TV and Lim Tean came across as cool and confident on national TV and was sharp on questions and answers, ahead of all the participants.

Remember the government is a business, they treat citizens like digits, they have no loyalty over citizens. To move us to 10M, generous policies towards foreigners were dished, even bank robber is spared canning, unless you are blind, this is obvious. For their open leg policy, more than 50% are now foreigners (including PRs and new citizens) and we are still importing non stop.

Close to 50% of our economy is in the hands of GLCs, I am not sure if this is deliberate or they are innocent. Perhaps I would think if people working in GLCs just like in civil service, they would believe they work for government and worried if they voted for oppositions, their career would be jeopardised. This is true when I chatted with many GLC employees. They rather be replaced by foreigners than vote against because they fear the repercussion although we can tell them voting is secret. If this is political strategy of our government to win election through using GLCs indirectly controlling the employees, I only say we are going to die a slow death. The signs are showing, the likes of M1 selling (no taker), NOL sold and massive losses outside Singapore (no one really knows) et cetera.

If you look at Taiwan, its a “free market” unlike our “fake market”, a lot of Taiwanese tech SMEs have become global, the likes of Foxconn, Acer, Asus, HTC and many others. What about Singapore? Remember IPC or Creative? Where are they now? Recently there was a tender for government projects, China companies and SBS Transit were involved. If we do now, the projects are mostly awarded to lowest bid but since a GLC was involved, it was awarded to highest bid, needed to say who won. There is no consistency in business practice. Remember we always hear if you have a private business and doing very well, the government knows about it, the GLCs will come compete directly and make sure you sink. So this is why we have GLC even involving in selling coffin. What I want to say is our SME or private businesses are not growing or not growing into a global house because the government and its GLCs are competing to eliminate you. So after many decades, we have not produce as many global companies and GLCs just got bigger and bigger. And with GLCs controlling most of our economy, they end up milking us, raising prices of necessities as they like.

Tell me, why do we need three GLCs in the same industry? M1, SingTel and StarHub and for them to build 3 4G networks and now going to 5G? And 3 to bid for 4G licenses and then 5G? Do you know how much of our CPF and tax payers are going to pay? And how these 3 companies continue to coordinate and milk maximum profit from locals? You know how many billions are invested? This is one sample of astronomical wastage and greed.

Most of the GLCs are planted by their closely affiliated politicians or what they called scholars with close alignment and party to the party. All these so called management are collecting millions and never had really done a start up or run a business but thrown into key appointments. As you can see the problems of SMRT and NOL, aren’t they classic? Yes in Singapore, they control the market, they can any how raise prices and milk and we can’t do much. Outside Singapore, they compete with real competition, as a result you know they can’t compete. This was what happened to Suzhou industrial park and NOL. Putting paper general or management without real business experience to run a company is only good for political affinity but nothing good for the business. It may work in Singapore where you have 100% control but not elsewhere!

Today, our population hits 6M and still importing, there are not enough jobs, we are seeing more and more PMETs being replaced by incoming FTs and the only thing the government would tell those replaced is to go retraining (WSG/E2i) to be UG, security guard, insurance or property agents or taxi drivers. And our Kee Chiu said Singaporeans need to go outside and work! But then our SME has not grown into regional or global powerhouse and if they have, jobs would have grown outside Singapore and Singaporeans would have access to more jobs outside Singapore. In fact, SMEs are struggling to stay afloat because GLCs compete directly if they find the business is profitable. This you can go and check all the SME bosses, they will tell you the truth or fear of GLC rushing into the same trade.

Innovation in Singapore is dead, it won’t go anywhere, we have been talking decades about innovation and what has happened? Who can tell me any good invention to be proud of? Remember the famous inventor, Dr Ting? The story of the man who went to court and lost and then harassment law created to ask him to stop talking. You tell me, if you are an inventor, would you invent anything in Singapore? Also remember the famous JV between US and Singapore, the researchers said Singapore is not a place for innovation or research, it does not have the patience nor the mindset, so after a few years, they packed and left.

I agree with Lim Tean, GLCs is killing innovation, Singapore SMEs continue to shrink due to GLC’s competition. GLCs are ran by unfit for business politicians which continue to sink the companies. Yes they may have successfully control the voters’ fear of voting against but they have lost bigger. Today, Singapore is slowly sinking, a slow death, the smart people see it, the sheep still believe in SG100 dream.


Hon Lip Eng



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2 Responses to “I agree with Lim Tean’S view on Innovation!”

  • Bapak:

    Taiwanese are breaking down all PAP doings and analyses it. They also discuss at length why China (via HK & ONEBELT) slapped LHL tight. They are all laughing not only PAP but the stupid citizens here.

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  • Romeo Tan Juliet:

    I don’t think they like innovators. Peasants cannot outshine the masters. They have to be the ones spearheading, providing direction. The initiatives have to descend from them.

    Long ago I was advised that if there are any ideas, I have to make it seem like the boss’ vision and direction. Like it came from them.

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