Sylvia Lim is a victim of bullying

I express my opinions as a Singapore citizen and I will be straight talking.

I refer to the ultimatum issued by Grace Fu, leader of the House, to Sylvia Lim to apologise to the House for suggesting that this pap government has floated “test balloons” before the Budget 2018 announcement and then backed down on an immediate GST hike due to negative public reactions. Sylvia Lim is a fully elected Member of Parliament riding on the back of a mandate from her electorates. She isn’t somebody who sits in parliament courtesy of the pap government’s generosity or toying with the constitution etc.

Being a MP, she has a sacred role to play, to be a voice for her residents, to bring their concerns, their worries and their fears etc to parliament and she has played that role exceedingly well without fear or favour.

The announcement that GST will be increased has indeed created genuine concerns and worries among our citizens and that well paid pap ministers may not fully understand or empathise as much but the concerns and worries among our poorer citizens are real although they may not be able to articulate or express themselves too well going forward with the GST hike, the extra financial burdens imposed on the lower income earners will be heavy and permanent.

What Sylvia Lim said in parliament about the GST test balloons etc are exactly the suspicions of many Singaporeans too, including her electorates. She merely echoed their concerns in parliament. I ask what is wrong with that? Or do her electorates prefer her to merely collect her fat MP allowances months after months and shy away from saying things that might upset the pap ministers? I support Sylvia Lim and I think that she should not apologise for being real and honest. She has brain, she has conscience and she has spine. I cannot say the same of the many today’s pap MPs. If Singaporeans can elect more MPs like Sylvia Lim into our parliament, it will be their good fortune and blessings.

Our Parliament must forever remain a respectable and dignified place where elected politicans can discuss and debate freely matters of the state. It must never, never be allowed to degenerate into a place where MPs have to look over their shoulders or are afraid to speak up freely for their residents for whatever reasons or agendas. Petty and gutter politics must have no place in our Parliament. To me, demanding a fellow MP to apologise for bringing her residents’ concerns and suspicions to parliament is petty politics. No less. Our Parliament can be, should be and must be a better and a more dignified place that all Singaporeans can be proud of.

In conclusion, I will just say this to my fellow citizens and I hope that they can understand it better because although Singaporeans are largely an educated lots, they are far from being street smart. Bullying can happen to anybody and it can also happen anywhere. It can happen in schools, inside army camps and at work places etc and when I say bullying can happen anywhere, I mean, anywhere.

What happened in parliament to Sylvia was downright bullying by immature adults who have no class or finesse to debate on any issues that have merits or otherwise. Such people should not come forward to serve the public and demand unwarranted out of the world pay packages.


Singapore citizen



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20 Responses to “Sylvia Lim is a victim of bullying”

  • Well said!:

    Well said!!

    Glad to see Sporean putting forth their thoughts!

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  • Big big bully!:

    Exactly my thoughts and that of my friends.

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  • Concerned Singaporean:

    Party Against People never care about Singaporean. Being a Singaporean, you can be bullied as you have no way to go. So, modus operandi of Party Against People are:

    Jobs for FTs, Unemployment for Singaporean
    Scholarships for FTs, Tax for Singaporean
    No canning for FT-robber, Bullying and Suing for Singaporean

    Educated Singaporean, please wake up and vote more opposition parties, WP, SDP, Singapore Fist, No NSP (sabotage party) please to protect genocide against Singaporean by the elitism, out-of-touch, self-serving, cronyism, Party Against People.

    Otherwise, one day like pressure cooker, it will explode which is a doomsday for Singaporean being oppresses until CANNOT TAHAN anymore.

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  • Sylvia says it all:

    QUOTE: SYLVIA Lim – “I do not accept the over-characterisation the PAP ministers have put on my words and intentions, based on their own interpretation, borne out of over-active imagination and oversensitivity.

    The essence of PAP!
    She is spot on..painted them so accurately.


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  • PapayasCanNeverBeWrong:

    They really must think that Singaporeans are all fools and idiots unable to see through their wayangs and argue for the sake of arguing.

    Every time Chut same pattern all the time even a primary school kid can see through this, dont they have any new ideas??

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  • 鸟龙的人:


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  • Grace Fu choose who to attack:

    HSK anyhow said that WP Pritam Singh suggested the selling of 20% land and Sporee will have no more land to sell within 5 years. He actually purposely twisted Pritam’s suggestion of allotting 20% of the Land Sales to fund Govt Expenditure. How come the House Leader Grace Fu did not asked him to apologise and withdraw his truly dishonest statement.

    KBW mentioned that for those earning $1000 per month, their transport expenses is only $20 per month. All of us know that this cannot be the case. Did House Leader Grace Fu jumped in and asked him to apologise and withdraw the truly dishonest statement?

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  • Diversions not necessary:

    As honorable members of parliament, and by now they should be aware the widespread annoyance this whole episode had caused, they should apologize openly to Ms Sylvia Lim for this waste of time and also to all those concerned for insulting their intelligence and their sense of propriety.
    And please keep political manoevres and power-play out of serious issues that should be backed up by reasonable explanations and facts.
    People can judge for themselves.
    Thank you.

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  • 72 years old senior:

    I wrote this long long ago.
    My elderly lady neighbor retired nurse about age 80 years plus whenever she talks to me about current local political affairs will always look over her shoulders with eyes darting left and right afraid that somebody will overhear our conversation. And there was no one around. I could not help laughing at her behavior each time.
    True story.

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  • M LuHsien Wrong - woof!:

    What do we expect from the YES-MEN when their LEEder says he’d spend all his time thinking what’s the right way to FIX THE OPPOSITIONS? “Yes Sir! Yes Sir, we’ll make them look like fools.”

    But how if the Yes-Men can’t outsmart or fix the oppos? With the power and status they’re given – they BULLY! Hmm….. I can’t tell the difference between BULLY and “abuse of power”, can you?

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  • N.Jungne:

    Ms Grace Fu, you’ve just floated another balloon it is disgraceful. We demand your apology and resign, your performance has been substandard

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  • holding the moral high ground:

    definitely a bully. white idiots trying to wayang define everything – childish nitpicking in the pretense of holding the moral high ground – most likely a diversionary tactic to shift away from the actual budgetary debate.

    and also to ‘kill a chicken to scare the monkeys away’ (setting expectation) for future proceedings so that their opponents will be put off in any similar situations. that is why must VT the white idiots O no matter what becos the behaviors are not good for the nation.

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  • NotMyProblem:

    Singapore’s parliament has become a place for Li ShengWu’s uncle’s dogs to bark. It is an echo chambers for MPs to support the boss.

    It is place where the country’s leader used to cover up any allegation of abuse of power and wrong doing.

    It is no more a place for debate of country’s policies. MPs are not supposed to ask questions and clear any doubt for the constituents. That’s the reason why PAP’s MPs ask NO questions!!!

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  • Be real:

    Hello disGrace woman, stop your b*tching and bullying while your colleague Chee Hong barked like a mad puppy as he did during GE. Do some real productive works to bring jobs for citizens and improve our economy as you clowns are paid with humongous salaries, ok?

    At least Lau Goh is now doing something positive and came up quickly to say and warn Singapore the serious implications from Uncle Sam trade tariffs.

    So, get your priorities right and stop acting like kids.

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  • PAPees or Sinkies will blink ?:

    1. SL is more like an abused victim by the PAPees
    2. Politically, PAPees are actually giving a tight slap to S’poreans via SL. It is one of the PAPees way of putting down its citizen. If SL say sorry that mean S’poreans are saying sorry.

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  • Bapak:

    Can’t blame PM’s brother goes self-exile. They can put anyone in jail without trial.

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  • Political Mafia:

    Monkeys see monkeys do. If the electorate at large continues to support such kind of politics, then ultimately, the society and even descendents will adopt such politics, be it againts siblings, parents and seniors. Remember the words of Lee Hsien Yang ” what more will happen to the common man if ….?”

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  • Howard Gardner says:

    If you are not prepared to resign or be fired for what you believe in, then you are not a worker, let alone a professional. You are a slave… We need to focus on the kind of human beings we want to have and the kind of society in which we want to live… While we may continue to use the words
    smart and stupid, and while IQ tests may
    persist for certain purposes, the monopoly
    of those who believe in a single general
    intelligence has come to an end. Brain
    scientists and geneticists are documenting
    the incredible differentiation of human capacities, computer programmers are creating systems that are intelligent in different ways, and educators are freshly acknowledging that their students have distinctive strengths and weaknesses.

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  • WTF!:

    When you have a useless and petty leader put in place by connection and surrounded by yes men and women who are more keen to keep their fat pay, this is the kind of quality you get!

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  • pap selected INDIAN president:

    Ms Sylvia Lim is Prime Minister material.

    the pap others all pap Ljs and pap Cbs who yes men yes women for pap S$m.

    what is there to compare? non starter to begin with.

    every pap Lj and pap Cb lie by omission or by commission.

    they don’t care about welfare 70% sheep. they care only to make pap departed evil scum lky clown prince happy.

    if clown is happy they all get S$m. so pap Ljs and pap Cbs do NOT bother telling the truth which clown does not like to hear. WTF.

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