Shouldn’t ‘Action not words’ apply to helping low-income Singaporeans?

I refer to the article “Call for ideas to help low-income Singaporeans” (Straits Times, Apr 2).

It states that “It would be useful to have a national conversation about how to help low-income Singaporeans who find themselves “without opportunities, unable to pull themselves up”. ..

He made this call for companies, institutions and schools to “try our best” and come up with ideas on how to address this issue, in response to questions on social inequality at a youth forum organised by clan association Singapore Chin Kang Huay Kuan and partners.”

Acta non verba

Some suggestions:

… explore the possibility of a minimum wage – still many people working for just $5+ an hour

… spend more to help the low-income – ComCare only gave $130 million to 87,000 beneficiaries

… spend more of the record $9.6b (2017) and $12b (2016) overall Budget surpluses


Leong Sze Hian



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6 Responses to “Shouldn’t ‘Action not words’ apply to helping low-income Singaporeans?”

  • Amos proved PAP hypocrisy:

    Here is a BEST suggestion.

    VTO Throw out the arrogant, greedy, incompetent, self-serving and pro-alien PAP. No point dealing with a bunch of HYPOCRITES. It is a waste of time.

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  • opposition dude:

    This “helping the low wage workers” nonsense is repeated every few months but as we all can see, the effects are just not there.

    Because if PAP sincerely wanted to help this group there wouldn’t be a need to constantly say so with the often mentioned wayang phrase of “doing more to help”.

    All the wayang schemes like Workfare and occasional rebates are just for show, PAP does nothing to control the high cost of living in Singapore. They would rather raise the price of water 30% across the board and raise GST to 9% instead. Do not forget this affects those who are low wage earners, there isn’t a discount on the price of water nor GST for these people.

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  • LIONS:


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  • Where got hope?:

    When the gov decide to help the old, our CPF get locked up forever.
    When the gov decide to help the poor, GST goes up for the poor.
    Now they want to “help the low income group”, we better watch out!

    Someone could be thinking of accumulating more reserve to help the low income.

    Be scared, be very scared.

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  • Doctor progenitor:

    “The provision of health care facilities must be accepted as a social responsibility. It is not that an individual who has the misfortune to be inflicted with some particular disease is solely responsible for searching the facilities to cure his illness. This is a social responsibility which is accepted by governments all over the world. This is part and parcel of the organization of individuals into societies. It is a measure of the degree of civilization.”

    -Founding father Dr. Toh Chin Chye

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  • The Educated Dafts:

    Why would action be needed if dafts are easily satisfied with words?

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