Singapore a Them-Against-Us society?

In case you haven’t realised it the PAP ruling party has created a Them-Against-Us society. From one united people we have become a badly Divided people. The PAP eggs on their supporters like the IBs to battle against those who are against their style of governing.

And their fervent fans like Jason Chua and CC et al make things worse as they in turn urge their leaders to become more vicious and repressive. It is a worsening problem.

This is no longer a government that truly cares about the greater good of the people nor do they desire (unlike the old timers like Toh Chin Chye) to improve the lot of Singaporeans overall.

To the current group of PAP leaders we are but economic digits easily replaceable by foreign immigrants and so called imported transient “talents” (recall how ministers and IBs have taunted critics to leave the country if we are unhappy here).

When the ruling party has torn apart the citizens’ trust, hopes and harmony are they still fit to govern? When the ruling party treats fellowmen and women as enemies merely because we speak up critically of their unethical behaviour and bad policies are they still fit to lead us?

To put things in perspective it has only been 50+ years since our country’s independence and we have gone from a high of glorious days to hitting bottom with dashed hopes and a crater full of worries for our future.

What has gone so wrong and what should We do about this? Singaporeans need to really think about this Now.


* Facebook post by Jentrified Citizen.



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7 Responses to “Singapore a Them-Against-Us society?”

  • Amos proved PAP hypocrisy:

    Singaporeans cannot think. PAP made sure of that. Remember “Thinking Schools, Learning Nation.” Those that can think are spineless.

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  • Titiana Ann Xavier:

    The PAP government comprises disorganised, dishonest and disoriented leaders. They led the country with divisive policies. Cronyism and nepotism are the fuel the PAP runs on. It has created a society that has lost any semblance of decency and fair play. PM Lee has created a nation where the government excercises a monopoly of legitimate violence. The manipulation of the majority by a minority is pervasive across the country. The PAP leaders suck.

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  • Do good do together?:

    Just hope it doesnt come to our sg going into social unrest or worse.
    The whole world has become in a worst state than it ever was since after WW2.
    All due to power hungry leaders n greed.
    Even the gods have given up!

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  • LIONS:

    Them are the DAMNED PAPie$ n their ALIEN$$$.

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  • Python 5:

    Do good do together?: Just hope it doesnt come to our sg going into social unrest or worse.

    social unrest is very dangerous.

    once there is social unrest internally, the whole country is at risk of a foreign invasion. this is what happened to Iran.

    Iran experienced social unrest during the revolution in 1979.
    Then power-hungry Iraq led by Saddam Hussein invaded Iran, resulting in the Iran-Iraq war lasting from 1980-1988.

    go search wikipedia and youtube.

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  • rukidding:

    I have always said that P.a.p today stands for Pimps and prostitutes.

    These group of people are doing things for $$$ and Power and they will use whatever means avail to them,….playing best frens out,…pimping away own frens,…selling their souls,….selling away the people who trusted them….etc.

    They have somehow managed to “secure” a foothold ,…maybe in business,…bought a freehold house during those earlier years,…and thus have “changed” their behaviours to others…where others are just mere “pawns and tools” !

    Like father, like So,…both have “betrayed” their people and both are “traitors”.

    Well,…they may have many “dogs” currently “defending them and their cronies”….but the day will come when perhaps amajor disastor, epidemic or even terrorist attack.

    When this happens again,….that is where ..those “supporting blindly”,…those Dafts will wakeup.

    Not to forget,…..we have many New Sillyzeans that are “hell bend” to “succeed, protect those stolen turf”…..all “encouraged” by Pappy.

    I do believe,..this place will be “ton apart” before it can move forward correctly again !

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  • INDIAN malay INDIAN president:

    not a single CHINA dynasties lasted. at the dying stage of each of them, there was oppression of citizens. still the dynasties died. because as soon as citizens nothing to eat yet being taxed, as if blood can be squeezed out of stone, all manner of revolts started. the dynasties died.

    same here in once great small island Singapore. at its dying stage, all manner of suppression put into high gear. as more and more citizens jobless yet having to pay rising GST, as if money grows on trees and can be plucked at on whim and fancy, all manner of dissents start. then pap dies.

    as sure as the sun rising and the sun setting, once great small island Singapore is at its dying stage under pap. clear as day. it is a fallacy to think 70% sheep remains sheep. as soon as nothing to eat yet having to pay rising GST, pap dies. GUARANTEED.

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